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  1. I think you can get pistons from Fairborn Studebaker in Ohio. Phil Harris, ‭(937) 878-1576‬
  2. David Hodges, Grapevine, Texas

  3. Here is another line drawing that was done by Robert Andrews
  4. Sorry to report that longtime SDC and AOAI member Edward Burris died January 21 at his home in Roswell, Georgia. He was 98. https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/atlanta/name/edward-burris-obituary?id=54209561
  5. Fawn and black carpet is a speckled carpet with fawn and black threads. Here is a picture from the sample book showing Fawn and black, Turquoise and Black, All black, and red and black.
  6. they look like old Appliance brand wheels.... What is the serial number on the frame plate. That would let you look up the production order and see how it was originally equipped, ie: color, interior, etc.
  7. There were only 3 AVX automobiles. All were 1997 models. The first is a coupe, the second is a convertible, and third is a t-top model. the 2001 to 2005 Avantis were based on the three AVX models and look similar, but I heard that none of the body panels on the 2001 to 2005 Avantis will interchange with the AVX models. https://www.theavanti.com/avx.html https://www.theavanti.com/bunting.html
  8. If your web browser screen is on the narrow view, then the page options to click on are in a dropdown list at the right hand corner of your web page. If your browser window is wider, you'll see the various pages spread across the page under the page header. Here is a screen show of what I talk about, if your web browser window is too narrow, or maybe on a smaller screen like a tablet). I circled in red the drop down menu: If. you click on those lines in the drop down, you'll see the various pages to go to: Here is the same homepage on a wider screen:
  9. lschuc

    R3 heads

    Dwight, try Phil Harris at Fairborn Studebaker. He should have what you need.
  10. Try calling Nostalgic Motorcars in Wixom, Michigan. They probably have the bracket you need.
  11. lschuc

    MCACN Show!

    Here are photos of Nelson and his 1964 Bonneville Daytona Convertible at the MCACN show last weekend. The tire in the first photo was actually used at Bonneville and was in the trunk of the #1 Daytona convertible. AOAI and SDC participants at the MCACN show. Nelson Bove, left and MCACN Studebaker organizer Ed George next to the photo poster of Bob Palma.
  12. When you get the used brake booster, send it to Power Brake Booster Exchange in Lynwood, Washington. Their website list a $250 price to rebuild the Avanti brake booster. https://www.powerbrakebooster.com/services
  13. Most of the pieces you mention were cadmium plated. I've found a very good place for CAD plating in the Chicago area. Look up Grove Plating in Fox River Grove, Illinois. They usually charge now about $85 for a bucket of miscellaneous parts. Some larger parts are prices individually. It helps if you can clean all the parts first by bead blasting and cleaning up with a wire wheel. Either ship the bucket or large sturdy box to them, or if you're anywhere in northern Illinois, even within a couple hundred miles, it's usually worthwhile to drive there with your boxes and parts, and let them ship them back to you, one way.
  14. Some sad news to report to our club members Just heard from SDC president Denny Foust that he was notified by Sue Thompson, spouse of Warren Thompson (SDC Board of Directors Member from Australia) about 1:30 EST time this afternoon, that Warren died of massive heart attack Sunday morning, October 8, 2023. Please keep Sue in your prayers in the coming days, and when more information is available. Several years ago, Warren purchased a yellow 2006 Avanti convertible with under 1,000 miles from AOAI member Don Linder.
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