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  1. Adjusted the transmission shift points.
  2. regnalbob

    R3 Option!

    Minutes of March 11, 1963 meeting of Studebaker department heads. R-3 Engine Mr. Detzler inquired as to when the R-3 engine would be available. He said Sales has a few orders and would like an indication of delivery dates. Mr. Hardig reported that Mr. Granatelli expects to finish one engine for Mr. Egbert by the end of March. Another six are in production and it is expected that basic production delivery of these engines will be scheduled for the latter part of April. Costs are being developed, and before selling prices are set, top management will determine the amount which the Corporation will absorb. Minutes of April 22, 1963 meeting of Studebaker department heads. R3 Engine Pricing Mr. Detzler wanted to know what the status of this is and when we are going to get the prices. We don’t have many orders for these engines, but they are old and the customers are crying for them. Dr. Lamberti indicated that we would be happy if we didn’t sell one engine. Right now, Mr. Granatelli says it will be in June sometime. He has given Mr. Egbert the date of June 20. He’s running his Novis in the 500. It won’t take him very long after the end of May because he has a lot of stuff in process, and he has almost enough material for the whole 100 engines. He has one engine ready that he will put into a car we sent out there. Pricing-wise, our suggestion is that we should cover manufacturing costs. Mr. Egbert has all the papers for the pricing for all the ranges, along with the comments of Sales and PR. Their price suggestions vary all the way from $500 to $1,000. Sales recommended $500-$600, and Messrs. Dredge and Granatelli said we could live with about $900. The price includes the whole kit. Our manufacturing costs run about $1,400. Dr. Lamberti suggested that Mr. Rickus write a memo to Mr. Egbert summarizing these points, showing competition prices, PR opinion, manufacturing costs, etc. Mr. Dredge strongly recommends that we have some engines pretty soon. We talked ourselves out of one blowoff, but he doesn’t think we can talk ourselves out of two.
  3. regnalbob

    R3 Option!

    If the Studebaker Sales Letter is wrong and the R3 was available before August 1, 1963 can you explain why no 1963 Studebakers or Avantis were built with the R3 engine?
  4. regnalbob


    Just a typo. From the R3 Engine Registry. B46 R3S M306 R-5642 B43 R3S M306 R-5643
  5. regnalbob

    R3 Option!

    I never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.
  6. regnalbob

    R3 Option!

    You never seem to be at a loss for petty and inane comments.
  7. regnalbob

    R3 Option!

    Here is the letter.
  8. regnalbob

    R3 Option!

    Sorry, the answer is false. The Studebaker Confidential Price List for 1963 does not list the R3 as an option for any model 1963 Studebaker. Studebaker takes precedent over the AMA and you.
  9. regnalbob

    R3 Option!

    Paul is correct, check your facts.
  10. The body number was not needed to order parts. Parts were ordered by serial number when required. The Avanti Parts Catalog listed parts by before and after serial numbers, not body numbers. Avanti running changes were listed by serial number, not body numbers. The body tag number was important to Studebaker if they had any problems with the Ashtabula or South Bend body.
  11. I doubt Newman & Altman requested body numbers. Studebaker used serial numbers and not body numbers in the parts catalog and Newman & Altman probably did the same. Do you have any facts to support your claim?
  12. The body number also indicates whether you have an Ashtabula body or a South Bend body. Ashtabula bodies start with RQ-101 South Bend bodies start with RQ-5001 The serial number was used for parts ordering, not the body number.
  13. The Production Order included with the article shows the correct serial number as R-4301.
  14. It is not a cut off date. Buyers would have been charged $63.00 until the price increase on 11/11/63. How can you regard the price change as the correct answer when you have nothing to support it? You have nothing to support your claim of a price increase. The $63.00 cost is also listed in The Studebaker Avanti Production Data with data from George D. Krem.
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