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  1. Both answers are correct. 1963 Indiana registration.
  2. This is the number when the Avanti was registered in Indiana to the Studebaker Corporation in 1963. In 1965 the Avanti was registered in California to Egbert with the number NGZ-589.
  3. The 289 production number is not the total for 1983 Avantis. It is the total production number for 1983 & 1984 Avantis built in calendar year 1983.
  4. That number is 1983 calendar year production, not 1983 model year production.
  5. 1964-1966 Studebaker Lark Hawk Avanti NEW Bendix Power Brake Check Valve | eBay
  6. Each mounting plate is made with two separate pieces.
  7. Based on the wording of the question the answer is 10.
  8. The holes were not open, they had a wick in them.
  9. In May of 1963 Studebaker offered a new all black Interior that included black carpet, trim # 813 BKV. The other available black interior for 1963 was Fawn & Black, with Fawn & Black, Turquoise & Black, or Red & Black carpet options.
  10. A 17 inch long positive cable will not reach the starter solenoid. You need to check the Endurance Built Product website for the correct length of the 2 positive cables available.
  11. The battery cables on my Avanti are the factory installed originals. The ground cable is 17 inches long. The reproduction ground cable from Endurance Built Products is 17 inches long. A 17 inch long cable will not reach the block off plate.
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