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  1. That is not frame damage. Here are pictures of an NOS frame.
  2. This may be some help. https://studebaker-info.org/rjtechjan2023p1.html#HogTroughs
  3. An AM radio was not standard, it was an $85.00 option. AM-FM was not an option for 1963. The following is a note from the 1963 Studebaker dealer price list. A rear speaker could be ordered without a radio for $12.95. Factory installed AM-FM listed for $154.50. Dealer cost was $117.50. Uninstalled dealer price was $149.50. Dealer cost was $113.62. 106 AM-FM radios were installed in 1964 Avantis.
  4. 63 RQ-1639 could be a replacement body and never installed on a chassis from the factory.
  5. John Hull created a list of South Bend bodies with serial numbers and body numbers, no engine numbers. This was published in the August 2014 issue of Turning Wheels. I don't know of any list for Ashtabula bodies.
  6. Yes, this is all he has since he was banned from the SDC Forum.
  7. If you are going to quote me make sure you post all of it. I made an effort to find out if it was or wasn't. Thats more than you are capable of doing!😁
  8. Part of the deviation. Without the production order you have no proof it was built without an engine. An Avanti came with an R1 and 3 speed manual as standard equipment. Since this was a special order Avanti the R1 and 3 speed would have been deleted and not a Powershift. The 19 indicates this was built with a Powershift. Until a production order or some other documentation is found there is no proof that R-4795 was built without an engine or transmission.
  9. It doesn't. Item code 19 indicates it was built with a Powershift.
  10. Studebaker used item code 99 on the production order to list any changes. Item code 19 is for Automatic Floor Shift. A few examples of the use of 99. 63R-1001 Install antenna. 63R-1025 Install antenna. 63R-1014 Install antenna, send to engineering, tag Granatelli. R-5373 Tag Granatelli. R-4513 Deviation Permit 5550 Captive Air tires. R-4130
  11. We must be the only ones who do not believe it was built with no engine or transmission.
  12. This Avanti was not bought out of inventory, it was a special order.
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