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  1. This shows power mirrors as standard equipment.
  2. The production numbers you quote are for calendar years 1962 & 1963 not model years 1963 & 1964 and the total of 4647 is incorrect. There were 4643 production Avantis built. 1963 3834 1964 809
  3. Here is an Avanti at Ford.
  4. It looks like all Avantis starting with R-4892 had the cooling kit installed at the factory. The parts catalog shows all the parts listed were used for all models. The cover over the automatic gear selector started in production after 5400 units. The cover is included in the kit. It's interesting the kit only applies to cars without air.
  5. The Service Letter is dated 12/5/63. Console cooling kit - Avanti models without air conditioning. Quote: "Current production Avanti models, identified by square headlights, are equipped with a cooling device for the console, transmission tunnel, and shift control lever." This may indicate that all Avantis without air conditioning (R1 & R2) starting at R-4892 had the cooling device installed at the factory. The cooling kit described in the service letter is for Avantis with both automatic and standard shift transmissions.
  6. Is this what you need? Fuel inlet fitting gasket, 72 and later nylon style - Quadrajet Power Store
  7. Here is the link to the website. Scroll down for phone and email. https://turner.enationwebdesign.com/
  8. This may help. https://studebaker-info.org/Tech/Psteer/valvehose.html
  9. Steve is correct, the answer is false. The 1961 bell housing (1552737) is used for the Chevy T-10 bolt pattern. The 1964 T-10 uses the Ford pattern and Studebaker bell housing (1539373).
  10. From John Hull's book. The 2007 Avanti was off to a grand start. Avanti also established a U.S. headquarters and dealership in Morrow, Georgia, not far from its original Villa Rica location. Sales and marketing of the new Avanti in the U.S. would be handled here. At least 13 new vehicles were sold from this location.
  11. Avanti Workshop Manual, page 9 of the Engine section and page 4 of the Gasoline section.
  12. This is a factory replacement headliner installed in 1966.
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