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  1. The round headlight was not listed as a regular production option. However, it may have been a special order. The build sheet might verify if it was factory installed. They are available from Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motor Cars, 248 349-4884 Most likely it was installed by a previous owner.
  2. Those holes are not factory. The floor carpet had a vinyl strip attached to the edge and was glued to the edge of the spare tire well. The rest of the carpet was not glued. The carpet on the tire cover also had a vinyl strip and was stapled to the cover.
  3. The carpet is glued down. The only fasteners were the two screws used at the top of the trunk latch to hold the carpet. The pictures are not clear enough to reference the location of the holes.
  4. He was last listed in the 2009 Avanti Roster. Merle W. Jacobson 36 Sunbrier Road Springfield, MA 1129 From Google search. Merle W Jacobson resided in Cocoa, Florida. Merle died at the age of 80 years old and was born in May 1937 and died in June 2017. Associated Addresses 36 Sunbrier Rd, Springfield, MA 0112936 Sunbrier Road, Springfield, MA 01129419 Montcalm St Apt 107, Chicopee, MA 010204814 Chicago St, Cocoa, FL 32927
  5. 1529 is the correct Avanti fuel pump. All Avantis use the same repair kit. You will use all the parts shown except for one valve, gasket and spring. C 4024 has nothing to do with the fuel pump. If you look you will see a similar number on each plate page. As mentioned above that is not a diagram of an Avanti fuel pump, it is from earlier parts catalogs.
  6. This is from Bob Johnstone's website. studebaker-info.org/Avanti/AVparts/87mcold.txt
  7. goldhawk AOAI Forum Members 6 My Avanti:87 Avanti Posted June 16 Just need to know if there is a hidden nut up inside the trunk area where the antenna comes down. The top nut just keeps spinning and spinning, and only have about an 1/8" opening between the outer car body and the antenna base. Anybody know if there is a nut down under? regnalbob AOAI Forum Members 471 My Avanti:63R-2809 Posted June 16 There is no nut inside the trunk. A factory Avanti antenna has no nut inside the trunk. Place a mirror on the trunk floor under the antenna and you can see if you have a nut.
  8. Avanti Workshop Manual, Climatizer and Ventilating System section, pages 6&7. Avanti Parts Catalog, page 176.
  9. https://www.classicent.com/products/avanti-seat-anchor-repair-device
  10. There is no nut inside the trunk.
  11. Avanti and Jet-Thrust engines used two different starters. Early models used a 3-pole starter, model number MDU. Starting around May, 1963 a 4-pole starter, model number MDY was used.
  12. NOS Studebaker T10, 4 speed transmission (1558219). According to the parts catalog the 4 speed with that part number is only used for the 3.07 axle.
  13. 3.07, 4.09 & 4.55 axle ratios were Special Order for 1964.
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