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  1. They are from the 1970 or so, they are Mercedes. They are all over eBay
  2. I used flush head aluminum aircraft rivets to put the fuzz back on. Worked quite well
  3. I bought the fiberglass headliner panels and then covered the face with material. I simply glued the material to the fiberglass panel. They look great]
  4. Anyone wanting an automatic trans that was working fine is welcome to it. Just needs to picked up in Woodland, CA. I won't ship. I put in a 700r4 to have overdrive.
  5. Jerry has lied several times saying they were being shipped Thursday. No replies to phone, email or text. I am out $1083. Avoid. BBB has many complaints and now mine too...
  6. Still has not created my seats. He had no problem taking my money. I have demanded a refund and there is no response. It has been almost a year now.
  7. I have the Protofab bracket and it is too tall for my 64 Avanti. The hood hits with the compressor installed. I ended up making my own. I will sell the Protofab bracket for half price if someone can use it on another Stude.
  8. Does anyone know where I can have seat covers made? Auto Custom Leathers INC. owned by Jerry Zalucki appears to have taken my money and then closed their doors.
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