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  1. Anyone wanting an automatic trans that was working fine is welcome to it. Just needs to picked up in Woodland, CA. I won't ship. I put in a 700r4 to have overdrive.
  2. Jerry has lied several times saying they were being shipped Thursday. No replies to phone, email or text. I am out $1083. Avoid. BBB has many complaints and now mine too...
  3. Still has not created my seats. He had no problem taking my money. I have demanded a refund and there is no response. It has been almost a year now.
  4. I have the Protofab bracket and it is too tall for my 64 Avanti. The hood hits with the compressor installed. I ended up making my own. I will sell the Protofab bracket for half price if someone can use it on another Stude.
  5. Jerry called me back. They are on the way. He has been out on a medical leave.
  6. Does anyone know where I can have seat covers made? Auto Custom Leathers INC. owned by Jerry Zalucki appears to have taken my money and then closed their doors.
  7. I am trying to remove the rear sear armrests to reupholster but other than three crews I see no other attachment points. What am I missing? Also what holds the rear sail panels to the body other than the side rear windows? Any picture perhaps
  8. The oil pan will hit the inner tie rod ends if you try to use them.....I tried. Went to normal height one.
  9. Other than the rear windows what holds the rear interior sail panels to the body? Are they glued? Getting ready for paint and I need to remove rear exterior emblems.
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