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  1. Move your wires around the cap in either direction to make clearance from the vac pot. Move the distributer base in the same direction you move the wires. Then set the timing again. The base does not really care where it is positioned, make it have clearance and adjust timing accordingly
  2. My intake is off now and the loop pipe appears to be stainless. I doubt it has a leak, just plugged up.
  3. I had just purchased a Bowden cable with a nice chrome handle on the end on Amazon. After cutting the external sheath to the correct length I used a cable "B" nut from Aircraft Spruce. Bend the excess internal cable over (90 degrees) after the "B" nut for a safety against ever slipping.
  4. Do you have the panels that go on the forward part of the console that have the side outlets for air-conditioning?
  5. “Rogers Protofab” makes the very best one out there. Superior quality. He is in Canada and has a website
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