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  1. Aardvark, I have been looking for a 2001-2004 Avanti for about 3 years. I know of a yellow one (out East somewhere) with a red interior & 6-speed stick trans and I know of a a red one in Waco, TX. Both are available in the $40+k range. Those showing up at dealers and on Gateway's sites are in the $50+k range. I bid on a near new Supercharged 2004 yellow conv with black interior on B.A.T. last May. It sold for $32.5k, a real good deal. These cars sold for between $75k & $83k when new. Getting a 2002 at what you and I paid for them were great deals. Even paying another $10k for additional work (body/paint and/or mechanical) still place these great cars as a good purchase for us both (IMHO). As far as people saying negative words about them (just a reworked Camaro or Firebird, it's just a kit car or it's not an Avanti) I have permission from Lew Schucart to quote him from a reply of his on B.A.T.. And that is (again, quoting Lew): “Nothing competes with the work Tom Kellogg did in 1961-62 with Loewy and team in Palm Springs. But, these 2001-2004 Avantis were designed in 1997 by Tom Kellogg himself, with the AVX (AvantiExperimental), 3 prototype cars built and sold through the efforts of Jim Bunting. They used the GM F-body platform with all body panels replaced with fiberglass. These cars have the Avanti DNA, as continued by one of the four original Avanti designers”.
  2. Hey Aardvark, Gun & Randy are correct, these cars were fitted with Magnaflow Exhaust during the build. I've been in touch with John Hull lately about my car and have learned a bit more about these cars. The yellow Brake Calipers on your car were not factory items. Per the Hagerty Valuation Guide our cars have a #2 Value of $34k and a #3 Value of $23.5k. I insured mine as a #2 and feel that it is no worse than a #2.5 ($28.75k?). I can't say what I paid for mine but it was a bit above the $19k you mentioned for your car. Mine needs minimal body & paint work to be near perfect. Mine had very dark sun blocker film on both side and the rear windows. I don't like driving at night looking thru that darkness so I removed the film. Now I have to get the glue off of the glass. Not a big deal on the side glass but an issue on the heated rear glass. All that I can say is, I'm working on it. Only had it out for a drive one time since its arrival. I drove it on a 20 mile round trip to a Cars'nCoffee First Saturday Monthly Event. It was a blast to drive. Geddes Road is 2-lane blacktop mostly straight with 2 Roundabouts each way. This car is so very different to drive than my '71 Avanti II. Still have a few items to take care of before taking my Mrs out for a drive (and, have her drive it too). She was the main reason of going after a more modern Avanti. She wanted a car with Airbags and other modern safety items. So far she like what she sees. (Photo taken Apr 6th at the C'n'C).
  3. Never thought that I'd see it on a '02 .... but, mine also says STUDEBAKER ! 🤔
  4. My Black Beauty was delivered yesterday. It's all that I had hoped for. It rumbles on start and sound fantastic. It came off of the trailer filthy so (45f degrees out) I washed it. I have hot & cold water in my garage so the wash job was ok. Got to be touchy-feely with my baby during the wash. There's a few little items that need attention but overall.... what a car! I can't believe how thick & heavy all of the fiberglass panels are. Also, the data plate does say STUDEBAKER Avanti ! Added an "artsie" levitation-like photo, just for fun.
  5. You guys with your talk and photos of the 2001-2007 cars got me going. The photos of Randy's sharp 2006 coupe doesn't do it justice as his car is fabulous in person. The one photo shown (next to the black 2002 Convertible) was at an EyesOn Design car show a few years ago. We had a 14 vehicle Time-Line (1963-2006) that was a big hit at that show. I had my gold '71 there at the other end of the line-up. I just bought a 2002 Avanti Convertible. Like aardvark said in another topic, he was awaiting delivery. That's where I am right now. I just can't wait to see my new (new to me too) car. It's in Boise. Sure hope that it ships soon. Now my '71 will have a stablemate. Won't be soon enough for me. Life is too short ..... drive an Avanti !
  6. I wonder how accurate this list is? I refer to it often. https://theavanti.com/production1.html
  7. Lew, Our AOAI Magazine Editor is almost done with Issue #204 which will have about 5 pages about next year's AOAI Nationals in the Detroit area. He is also working towards updating the website and adding an on-line Meet Registration Form. Sept 17-21, 2024 ....... Host Hotel is the Embassy Suites in Livonia, MI. ....... Hope to see you all there !
  8. We are very glad to have been with Warren last month in Manitowoc at the SDC Int'l Meet there. My fellow SDC BOD Member was a very cool guy who will be missed by all who knew him. Thoughts and prayers go out to Sue and their family.
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