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  1. In August '17, I had the 400 SBC in my '76 rebuilt when a cracked head was found in preparation to put on an MSD TBI.  Motor is now 408 cu in. with aluminum heads, new pistons, rods, roller rockers, roller cam, aluminum intake manifold.  Motor was dyno-ed on a stand before going back in the car. Best torque was 522 @ 4400 rpm's, Best HP was 458 @ 5400 rpm's. You can get good HP and Torque from the 400 motor. Engine has been running great with the TBI the past 5 years, capable of 20+ mpg on the road with the 200R4 AOD trans behind it. 

  2. Well, I'm not so sure Avanti Motors lied to us.... They claimed 390 ft lbs of torque from 400 cubic inches.... In '56, Studebaker claImed 380 ft lbs of torque from 352 cubic inches... What's up here? 🤔
  3. mfg

    Avanti Filter!

    That's true also!
  4. mfg

    Avanti Filter!

    Dwight, your first sentence summed it up!.....Studebaker learned this with their supercharged Golden Hawks!
  5. So Avanti Motors lied to us??? 😄
  6. What was the technical reason Studebaker chose to employ a 'dry type' engine air filltration system on their R2-R3 Avantis, as opposed to the 'wet' type?
  7. mfg


    Wow!...I even fooled Regnalbob with this one!!! 😏
  8. That's terrible....I can see giving 10 or 15% down on an item that has to be custom made....but I'd never completely pay for the item, and then cross my fingers!!
  9. mfg


    Well, the question indicates to count the entire group of nine cars.... Each factory Studebaker Avanti R3 was equipped with five breather caps... Each breather cap had an 'STP' band applied to it..... Each band has two 'STP' logos printed on it.... HENCE....5X2=10....10X9= 90!! ...
  10. mfg


    ANSWER......90! (ninety)
  11. Very good ideas! I'll do my detective work on this... Thank you gents!
  12. mfg

    Avanti Frame!

    Yes, that's correct ! 😃
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