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  1. mfg


    There was another Stude Avanti/Pontiac swap done as a shop project at a trade school here in Mass around 1970.... A really nice install of a 389 Pontiac GTO engine into a '63 Studebaker Avanti...The Pontiac was equipped with the popular three two barrel carbs...I only saw that Avanti once, and really liked it!
  2. Some taller folks have found the Studebaker Avanti driver's seat adjustment range a bit limited, and have cured this by extending the ends of the seat tracks to get the seat to go further back.
  3. I've always run a 160 in my R2 without any problems.
  4. That's too bad....Very typical of how many Studebaker owners treated their front suspension parts back in the day when these cars were in regular service....A few shots of grease for the front suspension parts, on a regular basis, would have made the Stude/Avanti front end suspension almost bullet proof.
  5. Relocating battery to trunk gets all that 3EE weight off the front end fiberglass...Conversion is quite easy, and the obsolete 3EE can be gutted and left in stock location for appearance sake.
  6. mfg

    Avanti Frame!

    ANSWER.....False!!..... (Been there...Done that!)
  7. mfg


    No......it's just an open 1" hole.
  8. mfg


    Nope, it's at bottom center of bellhousing, around 6 inches to rear of oil pan drain plug.
  9. A bit unusual... Your upper & lower control arm bushings are all in good shape..could there have been earlier accident damage on this Avanti?... Bent suspension part?
  10. mfg


    Sounds like it may be the 1" opening (hole) at bottom center of the torque converter housing provided to access the torque converter drain plug.
  11. As most know, the two Avanti upper control arm's inner shaft holes are factory drilled off center...The shaft can be flipped over to gain (or lose) about one degree of camber....Probably worth a try before you start slotting the frame holes.
  12. Once you remove the inner steel sleeves from the bushings, they should 'pop' right in with a bit of silicone.
  13. Yes..saw it...I also enjoyed it!
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