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  1. That's a sweet looking Avanti ll!
  2. On the rear of my '85, the composite bumper fits up to the existing bodywork....unlike at the front where the factory, (as IndyJimW says), cut the lower fenders.
  3. Hi Geoff, how have you been?.....How's 63R 1025 coming along? (awesome Avanti!!).....I don't know of any Avanti's (as you describe) for sale right now....You might want to give Dave Thibeault a call....He may know of something in this area.
  4. Gary makes a valid point......The additional interior noise generated by headers can also get somewhat tiresome on a longer drive.
  5. mfg

    Avanti NOS!

    Had a car buddy, who owned a '63 Avanti years ago, call Thursday.......He's moving & clearing things out.....Called me because he found a NOS left side glass headlamp cover and outer ring for the '63 Avanti, both still in the Studebaker packaging.........I purchased them for $50......Such a deal!!
  6. Just reading that the 1956 Studebaker GH engine had a cylinder bore spacing of 5"....... apparently huge by (then) industry standards.....Room for a possible 500 CI with additional stroking.......Imagine If, at the time, S-P had the resources to keep that engine in production & develop it.........What unreal speed records an engine like that would have set under the hood of a Studebaker Avanti!!! ..... (no blower needed!)
  7. The '87 Avanti is no doubt different, but on the Stude dashboard Avantis through 1985, it's not uncommon to cut a hole in glove box 'roof' to gain access to passenger side pivot.......In reality though, you may have to pull dashboard forward.....OUCH!!
  8. Kind of interesting....Frank Ambrogio sent me a copy of this Hawk's Studebaker production order.....Now, when I owned this car years ago, I lived in Roslindale, Mass.........Production order states this car was originally delivered new to a Studebaker dealer in Roslindale , Mass!.......I didn't have a clue about that!
  9. I've had trouble posting pics on this forum before, but I'll give it another shot ASAP!
  10. Not unusual for Avantis on drivers side wiper.....you really have to check out where the play is from inside the car while a helper moves the arm.....I would imagine the wiper linkage is the same on an '87 as a '63, although the wiper motor itself is different......Good luck!.....Ed
  11. Good move!, and the brakes do not need to be bled if you carefully unscrew the old switch and immediately install the new one.....Good luck!.....Ed
  12. Nice clean engine!....I'd replace the hydraulic stoplight switch....They fail on a fairly regular basis.
  13. If the original 58 year old Avanti carb is totally remanufactured with bushed throttle shafts, new floats, etc., you would be in good shape....otherwise, it's hard to beat a brand new 500 or 600 cfm Edelbrock carb for smooth operation!
  14. Never saw that one.....sounds interesting!
  15. Brought the car home today.........125 mile round trip.......mostly highway........Boy, that Packard engine sure looks big if you haven't seen one for awhile! Fixable dent on right fender....Will be needing a right front wheel opening moulding, and a right fender side moulding.....car all there otherwise!
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