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  1. If anyone with a Studebaker Avanti is contemplating making this master cylinder change, let me know if you are unclear about the hydraulic brake line routing....Ed
  2. Your welcome Nelson...Sorry about the diversion, but it's irritating when a certain member will only post when he feels the opportunity to correct me. (and yes, I do make mistakes)... He has been at this for quite some time. I have blocked him (again) and If he desires to pester someone else... best of luck to them! The split brake master cylinder, set up properly, is a positive safety improvement over the original Stude Avanti single piston master cylinder...and the mid seventies Mopar cylinder has worked very well, for many years, in my '63.
  3. Don't let the door hit you in the butt !
  4. Whoops!... time to put your big boy pants on son...sometimes we get a bit rowdy on this forum!!!
  5. Ther should not be a residual valve in it, as by the early seventies disc brakes were standard on Road Runners. (disc/drum as on Stude Avantis)
  6. Okay thanks...I guess I had it backwards....Next time I see my friends Daytona I'll take a closer look.
  7. Yes.... brake booster on factory Hemi Mopars is indeed smaller due to those oversize heads...Bob was confused about that.
  8. mfg


    When dealing with a vehicle restoration needing 'everything' as I'm presently doing on a 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk, I find that doing one small project at a time, even something as trivial as refinishing bumper back bars, is actually quite rewarding...and eventually these small daily projects add up, making the eventual complete reassembly of the vehicle easier.
  9. Bob......do I need to block you again? If you're happier on the Studebaker Forum, by all means go there!
  10. The stock Studebaker Avanti brake booster, as long as it's in good condition, works just fine with the Chrysler master cylinder. The master cylinder is activated by a pushrod which protrudes from the front of the brake booster...the pushrod is adjustable...and if I remember correctly, it had to be adjusted slightly to give correct pushrod 'travel' with the Chrysler master.
  11. If you order a dual brake master cylinder for a '74 Dodge Coronet you will be happy! I installed one on my '63 Stude Avanti approx 20 years ago, it's still working well, and brake performance could not be better (without updating the disc brakes themselves.) Anyone still using the factory single piston master cylinder, on anything other than a seldom driven show car, is putting themselves and their Avanti at unnecessary risk
  12. You are no doubt speaking of another Mopar brake booster..Nice try though Bobby!
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