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  1. Correct. I guess reliability was paramount and running the blowers too fast was just not worth the risk.
  2. Did Studebaker use the high output blower pulleys at Bonneville in Oct 1963?
  3. Position of the Avanti emblem on the front.
  4. Drip rail standard equipment?
  5. Turn signal or running lights from white to amber?
  6. Color from red to maroon.
  7. Nelson

    Avanti Hood!

    Lower the frame to engine mount?
  8. You mean maroon not red? I thought 5640 was gold. Just simply remembering an ad for it thirty years ago but that was a long time ago and my memory isn’t always accurate anymore.
  9. The valve covers stayed chrome. The center valley or lifter cover went from chrome to black in 64.
  10. Nelson

    Avanti Pump!

    Black wrinkle finish.
  11. Nelson

    Avanti Hood!

    Cut the hood brace for hose clearanc
  12. Mike. Do you know what “A” number it might have been? If there was an A10 you would have to think there were at least nine others with the A prefix.
  13. I always heard it was fitment problems but I seem to remember a few had it added in the backyard.
  14. Nelson

    Avanti Gab!

    Probably disc brakes
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