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  2. Rodgers Protofab does make a exceptional product, but it does not take the York compressor and allow conversion to a Sanden. The attached photo is the type of bracket that allows use of the existing Studebaker Avanti factory bracket and convert the York to a Sanden unit. This one is a Vintage Air unit . Bob Caser
  3. “Rogers Protofab” makes the very best one out there. Superior quality. He is in Canada and has a website
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  5. Dwight...That is correct, that was a test and you PASSED! I also use NON-OXY FUEL. Thanks for your reply
  6. I assume you bored it out 0.010 in. oversize. If you installed hardened valve SEATS then you should not need a lead additive. In fact, I have heard little about problems with valve recession in stock Studebaker V8s when running straight, unleaded gasoline. But, I suppose, that might depend on how many miles you drive the car and how hard you drive it. But, with hardened valve seats, I don't think anyone will recommend a lead substitute. -Dwight
  7. PICS AS PROMISED ...ITS THE BEST I can do this earlt.....good luck.....BILL RQB3263
  8. Good morning Steve and all Avanti folks...... HEADERS.... Installed a set of OEM factory GM headers on my hot rod a few years back.... they were tubular stainless steel !! from 75 to early 80s chevy trucks and of course a factory perfect fit.......I found them in a local salvage yard for $50...yes stainless steel for $50 bucks......salvage guys and hot rodders know about them..... might be tough to find but i feel worth the effort....I will post a pic if I can find it.... Bill RQB3263.....
  9. JLBKY


    Nothing now that I know they were all sold. I wanted to buy them as well. Ruth was not the best communicator. Thanks for the reply John
  10. 1inxs


    I purchased all of the original parts from Ruth! What were you interested in?
  11. Last week
  12. I completely remanufactured the engine (289 R1). Pistons 10,000 over size. Hardened valves, valve springs. All engine bearings replaced and all internal parts such as pistons, rods ported and polished. I'm using Vavoline Racing Oil VR1 SAE 20W-50. My question. Do I need to add a lead substitute (CD-2) on gas fuel up? Thanks to all in advance for your comments!
  13. JLBKY


    Has anyone that responded to this posting heard from Ruth? Are the parts available? Did she sell them? I'm still interested. John
  14. *SOLVED* 😣 Using a Dremel I was able to cut out the panel between the two holes for the OEM vent tube, and eventually (rotating locking pliers against the panel for torque) I removed the hidden length of the original tube. It was nearly 2' long! Unfortunately I can't simply push the new tube up the gap because there is a second plate behind the panel I just cut, between the two holes. I can't see it, because of the tiny space, but I think it's fiberglass. I also am not sure if I should cut it - but it will be much more difficult because of the size of my cutoff wheel and the
  15. Thanks, Brad, for the tip. I've seen that before but had forgotten about it. 1inxs: I had a (second) spring setup similar to yours which I felt wasn't doing much besides making the pedal pressure required greater. The air cleaner is what came with the car when I bought it 12+ years ago. Its bottom edge is below the level of the carburetor; hence, the need for the bent linkage. Perhaps I should try to find a different air cleaner which will accomodate the PCV system. Thanks, guys.
  16. The 87 I believe is not the Chrysler LeBaron regulator. It is a mish mash of sorts custom blended together.
  17. By looking for a 1988 Chrysler lebarron conv rear 1/4 glass repair parts i found this: backlite part and gear Don't know if this will ork for your application, I had the same company repair my 1991 1/4 windows and they also said mine was a 1988 Chrysler lebarron conv part.
  18. That's a sweet looking Avanti ll!
  19. For Sale 1975 Avanti II, RQB-2259, runs and is drivable, 400 GM engine, Body is solid, no cracks or visible damage. Hog Troughs appear solid based on inspection without a lift. Interior needs a complete restoration. Glass is all good. Bumpers need to be re-chromed or painted. Luggage Rack is missing, unknown miles, California car. Dealer is eager to sell. Call for interior photos. Dunton Motors, Kingman AZ ask for Alek @ 928-530-4292, $8,000.00 OBO
  20. Studebaker International is showing them for $299.95. Confusing is that the sale ended 4/27.
  21. Some Avanti IIs came with tapered axles. When parts were being pulled they simply pulled what was there without regard to which type of axle.
  22. I believe we are discussing 2 different things. A tapered axle has a separate hub that is affixed to the axle via a key and nut. For flanged axles, the hub is part of the axle. It seems like you are talking about a tapered seal?
  23. I couldnt find a clear answer searching the interwebs. The shop I'm having press the bearings on ordered me some. They are tapered. The tapered end expands to make the seal so theres no pounding the seals in. When I pick them up I'll post them up for archival purposes and keep the thread updated with how they hold up.
  24. I hate to tell you, I just went through what you are going through with my 87. I reached out to the far corners of the Avanti world, and there seems to be nothing out there to fix that regulator. If you have any success, bravo and I hope you share it! Good luck!
  25. Are you sure about the tapered axles? I believe all Avanti IIs and later used flanged axles.
  26. Does anyone has an grill laying around for the Avanti? As you can see it is missing...The car is on its way to the road again after sitting in a shed for 27 years. I live in the Netherlands, that could complicate things a bit. Thanks, Kodjo
  27. Still having trouble with passenger side quarter panel window regulator repair. It was rebuilt about 10 years ago by Window Motor World, but they are out of parts and can not now repair. Have been told it uses 1988 Chrysler Chrysler convertible regulator, but can not find such a unit. Motor is OK, cable and bakalite part are not. Would like to get car back in operation, any ideas? Ken, Deltaville Va
  28. It’s a simple Dana 44 rear end with tapered axles. Any parts supplier should be able to get seals and bearings easily.
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