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  2. I'm looking for a radio bezel. I have the carcass of an am/fm radio that was rebuilt with modern technology but the radio was missing the dash bezel. i have no idea if they were marked with part numbers but I think I'm looking for 1558985X1. any help locating one would be much appreciated. Mark
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  4. I am a Facebook person (due to Business,,, I hate it) but it only shows the aoai info and no info on the car itself.
  5. Thanks John Hull for the Info supplied in the Trivia section... Dan O'
  6. Hey John....Thank You Sooooo Much. I knew if there was someone out there (you) the numbers could be dug up somehow. Even as just a memory. Glad you actually have substantial records... This means a lot to me.. I'm a little anal about records I keep on a few of My Collector Cars. This Info will go into my file for this car, and added to the last page of Your Book. Again... Thanks... Yes, YES ""YES!!!" Dan O' Oh, By the way, My car is in a new Posting in the 2001-2007 section of the forum.. I took Her up to the Blue Ridge Parkway a few days ago for a run in the Twisties.
  7. Those of us who aren't registered on Facebook can't see anything. I am not aware that any convertible Avantis were built in 1970. I assume someone has cut the top off? --Dwight (two '64 Avantis)
  8. Had some time and located my records from my time and afterwords at Avanti in Villa Rica and info from Cancun I now have detailed production info for both 2001 and 2002 will summarize and share the actual information next issue Magazine 2001 Avanti Production 14 cars 2002 Avanti Production 33 cars Total 47 cars See next Avanti Magazine for details as to models built and numbers
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  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/avantiowners/posts/10159376348075916/?comment_id=10159376516810916&reply_comment_id=10159377555065916&notif_id=1713478966320733&notif_t=group_comment_mention
  11. mfg

    Avanti Due Cento!

    Sorry Anthony…. not sure how to send PM’s on this forum.
  12. Removing an even number of load springs, which are located inside the pressure plate assembly of a Paxton ‘SN’ supercharger, is an accepted way of lengthening the life of the ball drive unit……True?
  13. mfg

    Avanti GTO!

    As far as modified Studebaker Avantis go, one of the nicest examples I’ve seen was a car modified by a high school auto body/ mechanics class from Rhode Island…. This round lite Stude Avanti had no body mods excepting for a small hood scoop, similar to the one the Granatellis installed on the Due Cento…This Avanti also had a real nice (non stock color) lacquer paint job. Under the hood the students had installed a 389 cubic inch 1965 Pontiac GTO engine, featuring the optional tri carb setup… and a four speed transmission….. All the worked look flawless… it looked like a ‘factory’ installation! Would anyone in the New York/New England area remember this very interesting modified Avanti? It was light green metallic in color)
  14. mfg

    Avanti Due Cento!

    Thanks!…..I love the look of the aerodynamic panels which the Granatellis installed on ‘Due Cento’…. especially the small hood scoop which looks, I think, quite ‘mean’!! If that Avanti is ever brought out of retirement, I sure hope it’s displayed with all those purposeful Bonneville body modifications!
  15. Good question. My first thought was fiberglass. I think they were held on with twist cam lock fasteners which might or might not mean anything. Good to see you back.
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  17. Being we live about 6 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway, here in the Western area of north Carolina. , it was time to Run This Baby Out! Rt-276 our main road down around 2500 ft elev. is quite the challenge IF ya wanna play. It s a very curvy road with a few switchbacks and some real Road Challenges. 15mph the next 4 miles??/ Phhhhtt...LETS ROLL !!! I hit em all at about 45 50mph with the tires near chirping. We arrived at the Top at about 5500 ft elev. We stopped at a Scenic Lookout called Sliding Rock. Now it was time for the Scenery and the feel of running up around the 60mph mark on the Parkway (speed limit about 40ish, since the road is also twisty with major drop offs IF ya screw up) We stopped in at the Pisgah Inn and had a light breakfast. Then it's time to repeat the run in reverse...and back to home. We stopped at one of the Hundreds of Waterfalls around here, for a quick Pix,,, an then rolled home. That was My first hard road test for this 2002 Avanti. It passed with a 98% grade and a smile.
  18. I think the response indicating the two different bases might be correct . I did use all the same bases but do believe the two bases might work but don’t have a clue what they are - I think someone earlier in the post may have noted them
  19. mfg

    Avanti Due Cento!

    Anyone know whether the rear fender skirts, which were installed on the Due Cento on some of its Bonneville runs, were fabricated out of fiberglass or metal?
  20. Anthony. I just sent you a private message..
  21. The April ‘24 AOAI Calendar car is truly an outstanding example of a low mileage, unrestored Studebaker Avanti …. and also an ultra rare ‘Avanti Black’ model! As Mr. Rippa indicates, R4175 was displayed at the 1975 Autorama show in Boston… and I was there! I babysat that Avanti during the three day show whenever it’s then owner, my friend Paul Savard, wasn’t there. R4175 sat right beside my 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk at that show… the car which I bought back in 2021, and am presently restoring.
  22. Well after finally loosing it while removing the seats of RQB-3616 some weeks ago I did some damage to the non-locking sliding rail that I am pretty sure I can't recover from. Anyway through my efforts I found out that the seat rails are the same one that were in use on the Porsche 944/924 in the early 80's..... NOT sure that I will go down that road. Used Set that look to have fought both Gulf Wars single highhandedly are looking like $150 post shipping.....
  23. Well my seats are done and back from the shop!!!! i will not say how long or how many times it took me to get the driver's seat in and set so that I could crawl into the car but I will say that I do like the end results. I tried a new set of universal sliders but they were a NO-GO on the driver's seat. They were 1/8in two wide so they sat lower than the originals and caused the seat to sit higher. The results were my knees barely getting under the steering wheel. So original sliders it is. I will use the universal set on the passenger side. They will be going back for as there are some issues with the rear seat and the headrests. I will swing by the shop as soon as I get the passenger seat installed to show them my concerns and then let them have it after Iron Chariots on 4 May. I did get it out on the road and it ran well especially considering it hasn't been on the road since last summer....
  24. Hey Gold? Wanna go out for a Run Tomorrow,? Bring yer Camara !
  25. Gold. Thanks for the feedback. Nice Quote.. Yeah. I fell into the purchase I made. It came available and I jumped on it immediately. I wasn't searching for one, it just appeared and I knew instinctively the pricing was low, and after some short research I glom'ed on it. . So It arrived and I found a few minor issues needing addressed like the front bumper needing a repaint, a door hinge no good, and some small scratches in the clear-coat. All easily serviceable items. She's got 40k miles on Her. 3 years is a long wait for one,..I hope ya come up with something.. Availability is sparse and pricing (to me) is an unknown, since they are widely misunderstood,,, even unknown by the general Car Buying Public. So I'll hold to my $50k ballpark and someday in the future, lI'll list it for that,, What will it bring? I don't have to let it go and won't accept less than $45-46k after my repairs are done to Her. She can stay here for years for all I care. I have not as of yet gotten ANY negative responses. If I do, I have to assume it would come from Studie Purists. Owning a '63' R2 Avanti. I could claim, anything after '64' isn't really a Studie... It's a GM Based car.... But that would be narrow minded and discounting efforts that led up to what I own now. I look at the Production Numbers... This one is 1 out of 53 in 4 years (or 1 out of 11-13ish in '02'.) A quick personal experience at 2 different Store Locations.... 1 at Walmart and the 2nd at Ingles Food Store. ... I don't park in their parking lots. I'll pull up to the front of the store and stay in the car as Wifey goes in and does Her thing. Both times the car has been flooded with people of all ages and genders wondering what the car is. Then the Phone Cameras come out. The conversations get extensive and always to the point of me describing the car in detail.....I normally will do a few local venue Car Shows, but that hasn't happened yet. This should be interesting this year. Canton Mich? My old stomping grounds... I'm originally from Taylor. MI... After numerous moves, I'm now in a different Canton (in NC). Dan O'
  26. Aardvark, I have been looking for a 2001-2004 Avanti for about 3 years. I know of a yellow one (out East somewhere) with a red interior & 6-speed stick trans and I know of a a red one in Waco, TX. Both are available in the $40+k range. Those showing up at dealers and on Gateway's sites are in the $50+k range. I bid on a near new Supercharged 2004 yellow conv with black interior on B.A.T. last May. It sold for $32.5k, a real good deal. These cars sold for between $75k & $83k when new. Getting a 2002 at what you and I paid for them were great deals. Even paying another $10k for additional work (body/paint and/or mechanical) still place these great cars as a good purchase for us both (IMHO). As far as people saying negative words about them (just a reworked Camaro or Firebird, it's just a kit car or it's not an Avanti) I have permission from Lew Schucart to quote him from a reply of his on B.A.T.. And that is (again, quoting Lew): “Nothing competes with the work Tom Kellogg did in 1961-62 with Loewy and team in Palm Springs. But, these 2001-2004 Avantis were designed in 1997 by Tom Kellogg himself, with the AVX (AvantiExperimental), 3 prototype cars built and sold through the efforts of Jim Bunting. They used the GM F-body platform with all body panels replaced with fiberglass. These cars have the Avanti DNA, as continued by one of the four original Avanti designers”.
  27. It is definitely a leaky rear window. The hard part will be finding someone competent to replace the seal.
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