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  2. I would assume you could get one off a new rag joint. pb
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  4. The 12-point screw on my '63 Avanti that secures the clamp at the rag joint on the steering column has seen better days. I understand it is not available. What do others do when substituting the screw? Ref.: Illustration no. 1301-7, p/n 1557280. Thankns, Bill
  5. LOL, Thanks Jim, but I think I will pass.
  6. I am in the final leg of my 78, body off restoration. I have all of the interior pieces including the floor carpet and the trunk carpet. I even have some of the cardboard backers. I also have all the old nuts and bolts as I replaced everything but those are going to metal scrapper. I can't guarantee that all the pieces are there as some disintegrated and some got ripped uninstalling. But I used them as the templates for my new interior. If anybody wants them, they can have them but they either have to pick up in the Chicago area or pay shipping. Otherwise I will discard them
  7. Javier, Good luck with getting that changed! An AOAI moderator has to do the change and I sent a message out months ago with no response from AOAI. I’d edit your signature to add the Avanti information.
  8. I’ve used Jon Meyers for the trunk seal with good results. Some of the others may get them from the same supplier, but mine is done and works well.
  9. On my User Profile there is a "Your Avanti" section. I filled this out about a year ago as I was looking for one, and now I can't find any way to update this. 😞 someone must know. help a poor fool.
  10. I could use the stainless steel console trim as I seem to have lost mine somewhere. Headlight buckets if they're not pitted I could use them also. 973 945 6849 my name is Pat . thanks
  11. Hey so I've seen some people complain that some replacement trunk seals are too stiff. any recommendations? i've seen a few at various prices but not sure which supplier might be the best? http://avantiparts.biz/trunk-seal-avanti-1963-to-1985/ https://www.studebakerparts.com/studebakerparts/store/s/agora.cgi?product=rubber7-rubbera&keywords=3177X3 https://collectorsautosupply.com/trunk-rubber-weatherstrip-seal-for-studebaker-avanti-63-68/
  12. T-56 six speed should get you 450 lb/ft but to go higher just go to Tremec. https://www.tremec.com/
  13. I just found this post doing a search for transmission information. Like tjl2244 I'm working on a "blank slate" project that I want to convert from automatic to 5 speed. I'm having an R-3 engine build now and have been told that a standard T-5 transmission won't stand up. Looking at other transmission in the line that are rated for more than 300 foot-pounds of torque, they all seem to have a very high first gear ratio, which would put a lot of load on the clutch off the line. Does anyone know of a five speed transmission that can take the load and has a lower first gear ratio?
  14. The drivers door on my 1987 Avanti stuck out just like that, paint was stripped off of the door by the wind. After years of fighting the adjustment I replaced the upper hinge, shuts great now. Door is signed and dated on the inside by one of the factory workers, so I know the door is original. On the 1987 they used an aluminum hinge that is twice as thick as the Studebaker steel hinge. I used the Studebaker steel hinge with my mounting bracket because the Studebaker bracket was bent at a different angle at the door post. The picture is my original hinge and Studebaker bracket, parts I didn't u
  15. Thanks folks. Appreciate the info and ideas. Im betting on past over-tightening as the cover is otherwise in excellent shape. I do believe I will grind it off some better way than using the clutch pack LOL!
  16. I am not convinced using the larger 2 1/4" caliper has any benefit. After all, the brake pads are not changing from the stock size of the 2 1/8". It seems to me that a larger caliper would require more pedal pressure as well.
  17. If you want a different cover there should be plenty available for a Dana 44 housing from the 4X4 community. Realistically, I'd take some material off the plug base and move on. You could also measure the OD of the base and go to a Big Box store and see if they have a larger one in their inventory. Not all plugs are threaded to the same depth so I'll bet there are ones that will fit better. Your cover could also have the threads opened up by overtightening. Several ways to reduce the problem.
  18. I am unaware of any previous work. There were two previous owners. There are cracks on top of the front fenders above both wheel wells. I suspect it may have had a hit at one time.
  19. There is not a different cover. Perhaps you could try a new plug or grind a bit off the end of the existing plug. The TT is close. One way to check for TT is to put your finger in the plug hole. If your finger hits something right away, you have TT.
  20. The '70 I owned had Sumitomo calipers on it. Avanti Motors must have purchased them when the Bendix made calipers were either unavailable or too expensive.
  21. Rear axle oil change for the first time. Original T-T car. Unexpected stripe on the T-T clutch pack. Turned out to be the filler plug screwed too far in. On this Stude Dana 44, the clutch pack comes very close to the cover plate. Add a loose-ish plug thread and the plug easily hits the rotating stuff. Was there a deeper-dish cover for Twin-Traction axles and maybe this axle has a non- TT cover? Meanwhile, extra teflon tape has solved the problem for now. Glad I have not driven any before looking at this.
  22. Thanks, guys. Had larger Sumis on a '72 Datsun Z I used to autocross back in the 80's. Never knew about the Avanti replacement.
  23. I note that the Sumitomo pictured is labeled 2 1/8 (2.125), not 2 1/4 (2.25).
  24. Sumis are a direct replacement. May be the only ones you can buy new. Of course, the originals were labeled Bendix. I have a few of those. Dunlop were an early replacement, not sure if any Studes came from the factory with dunlop. The sumis, used by some Datsun (Nissan) cars seem to work just as well as any of the others.
  25. Likely just an Asian replacement for the original. Toyota used the same (Sumitomo) system on their Crown model, and it was 2.25" vs the 2.125 used by Studebaker. You can upgrade to the 2.25 pistons on your car also. The parts list is is on studebaker-info.org
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