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  2. Hi, Please help. I have this Surge Tank in my Avanti R2 -63. To me seems to be wrong one. Touching also hood/bonnet and body is not even low. I dont find original one in good shape. Is the 1963-1969 Surge Tank Eliminator Kit SI offers, correct and good choice? (untill I find good original one)
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  4. Hi, my carpet need to be replaced. According to the born report the color is a "Swathmore tan". This color is not offered by https://www.automotiveinteriors.com/. Does someone knows what color comes close? I am attached to the current color. Ernest Loga from Loga Enterprises quest it could be Camel. That could be right but how can I be sure?
  5. Swampboy posted a topic in 2001-2007 Avanti models: Good news; I think I've found solutions to my quest to replace the window sweeps on my 1988 Avanti Convertible, so I'm passing on these resources to forum members who might need the same. I found this video by "tuscancmh" on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQdvpEwl2ro This video covers changing sweeps on a 1989 Caprice bodied Avanti, but procedure and parts are the same for 87-90. Here's a place to purchase the sweeps - www.ocautocarpets.com and directly to the item: https://www.ocautocarpets.com/wn-product/beltline-kit-front-door-12pc-19384/1988/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw7pKFBhDUARIsAFUoMDZJWZM0l5KdJ_HhhFjKBJ_W5poQHZNzWgb3jDyX0F0puxZPFkijoyAaAtK_EALw_wcB The sweeps fit the Monte Carlo and Caprice platforms. I've ordered them, but have not rec'd shipment yet. If there are any problems, I'll let pass it on. I hope this is helpful should you need it. Swampboy did it worked out with the parts you ordered? I am planning to change my side window sweeps to, but as I have to get the shipped to Europe I want to know that they are good replacement parts. Intresting video, it is not a"bult on" operation.
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  7. There's a radio service product called De-Oxit that is a great switch cleaning solvent. I suggest getting some and trying it. Those switches are pretty expensive
  8. I believe the 3720 was the carb used on 65 Corvettes with a 300 HP 327. The lesser HP 327's had an WCFB carb. The service replacement for the 3720 was a 3721(s). I can't find the CFM rating but the jet sizes are almost the same as a 3506, as is the CFM, which is around 630.
  9. Sent off the carb from my '63 Avanti R1 to Dave Thiebaux for rebuilding assuming it was the Carter 3506s OEM carb. TUrns out, it wasn't. It's a Carter 3721SB that was used primarily on Vette 327's in the early 60's. Not certain why the previous owner made the swap. I had driven the car for about a year before putting it on the lift recently for some brakework, with no fuel-related issues that I can recall. My question - what are the differences between this carb and the 3506s? Am I setting myself up for future problems if I re-install it? BTW, an absolutely beautiful rebuild job by T-Bow!
  10. I suspect these things were put in with LocTite or a similar product. I was able to get mine out with massive quantities of PB Blaster and a beater bar - don't attempt it with a socket wrench. If you can get it to move a 1/16 of an inch either way, keep at it. That slight movement will allow the penetrating oil to seep down the threads. Do NOT use a blow torch to heat the bolt head - fiberglass and open flames are a deadly combination. Persistence and patience will do the trick!
  11. I was not able to attend this years Avanti meet in Indianapolis. Does anyone know if the tech session was recorded, and if so where/when it will be available for viewing?
  12. IndyJimW, how did the disc brake conversion go? I just purchased my 1987 Avanti on 7-28-21 and i am considering the conversion. I am a "Driver" and in no means mechanically inclined so I will definitely have the work done for me.
  13. Mine has a South Bend tag and I have a copy of the original Customer Order dated 2/16/87. Order number 84, The Customer Order show The New Avanti Motor Corporation 765 South Lafayette Blvd. South Bend, Indiana 46634 I lived in South Bend until 1979 and my father worked at Studebaker for 26 years up until the plant closing near the end of 1963.
  14. Looking for replacement exterior door handles for a 1987. Mine work fine but the handle part is extremely loose.
  15. Hello Everyone Due to some life changes this project is for sale. Things have changed and just dont have the time for it. Currently is at my mechanics as I was getting ready to put the 200r4 I have for it in. Has Turner Brake upgrade already done, tilt steering column and new gauges and all of the fiberglass pieces to do the 63 conversion round headlight conversion. Hog troughs and frame are mint have lots of parts to go with including extra dash and rear package tray. Let me know if you or someone you know is interested. Cheers
  16. Thanks Leo. Looks like you have the same bolts in place where the seat belts attach. I am having a heck of a time getting them out! Persistence is needed... Tom
  17. I have two holes for rear seat fastening. No holes for seat belts which I don't have. Nothing like you show in the circle. Check attached photos.
  18. mfg

    Tached Avanti!

    That's CORRECT Dwight!
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  20. Hi, Found! Here as attached fike.
  21. Trying to identify some items behind the rear seat of my Avanti. In the picture I believe the 4 bolts labeled "SB" are seat belt anchor points. The two bolts in the circle have rubber bumpers on the other side and I have no idea what they are for. I also do not know what the hole next to the arrow is for. Thanks for any help identifying these items and if you see anything else in the photo that is odd please let me know. Tom
  22. Hi, I saw a page or list Avanti production quantity per color. I dont find it again. I have Avanti Grey and interested to know the number in 1963 model. Should be original color.
  23. Hi, Thank you all. Rebuilt SN92 is on its way. 👍
  24. Yes, you are correct. I was too fast with my answer.
  25. Production R3 tachs have a pointer; prototype tachs do not. -Dwight
  26. mfg

    Cold War Avanti!

    Close enough!....(actually.... Control of Electromagnetic Radiation)
  27. And answer #4 is CORRECT!
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