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  2. Thank you for the information Marcus, no worries about mm they can be converted to inches! Tom
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  4. So maybe no one ordered them with the "standard equipment"
  5. IIRC, it is a Borg Warner type 10. Very similar to Ford O Matic and auto trans used in AMC cars.
  6. I have measured the height in the front to 215mm and in the back to 260mm. The measures are taken from the top of the air cleaner to the top of the ridge in the centre of the valley cover. The valley cover and the air cleaner are not parallel. Sorry for not measuring in inches, but I'm from Sweden......... Marcus
  7. Would someone be so kind as to measure the distance from the top of the valley cover to the top of the Air Cleaner on a 63 R1 engine? I am trying to figure out the air cleaner filter size for my setup with a Sniper EFI and want to make sure I clear the hood. Thanks! Tom
  8. The shop manual calls them a Power-Shift Automatic Transmission.
  9. mfg

    Avanti Magazine

    I had to think about this (with 63R1001's Boston connection) but in the end I would also choose R5643.
  10. mfg

    Avanti '84!

    Although I agree with you guys, according to a factory brochure for the '84 Avanti, the answer here is TRUE!
  11. Stacey & Pantera are Correct...styling was #1 !
  12. mfg

    Leno Avanti?

    It does seem that way.
  13. Mine is completely frozen. Would love to buy one if you have it. 1963 R-1. But will use a R-2 if it will work ? Thanks ,Steve
  14. Taking my Avanti to have trans work. What type or name for the automatic transmission?
  15. I agree. I have never seen wire wheel covers. Just Dayton wire wheels
  16. Yesterday
  17. I think the answer would have been styling as the reason, so the answer to the question is false.
  18. Stacey

    Avanti '84!

    I don't think so, I think they had aluminum wheels as stock from the factory so false is my answer
  19. Any of you ever replace these, if so, do you have any installation tips? Thank you
  20. Jay doesn't seem to like Studebakers.
  21. mfg

    Avanti '84!

    Wire wheel covers were standard equipment on 1984 Avantis.....True?
  22. NAPA UP89000 https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/UP_89000?cid=paidsearch_shopping_dcoe_google&campaign=GSC-Brakes&campaign_id=8659198719&adgroup_id=106304766654&adtype=pla&gclid=Cj0KCQjw1vSZBhDuARIsAKZlijRXoGFnzDbaJDsvDQy7OlxVwxlPOQWeCLNdy4jIbLSFAnzoGUYKhAIaAohAEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&
  23. Did a little mock up with the Sniper and Air cleaner today - you might think I like fins...
  24. 1964-1966 Studebaker Lark Hawk Avanti NEW Bendix Power Brake Check Valve | eBay
  25. The last...if I remember it's a R-3 which makes it double rare....last Studebaker Avanti plus last factory R-3.
  26. Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors is your guy for this.
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