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    RQB 3263/81/305 ....THEY probably are but I dont have an owners manual .....thanks ....BILL
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  4. Aren't the OEM bulb numbers listed in the owner's manual?
  5. I believe the 82s still used the Dana 44. Very common rear end, also used in many Jeeps and GM trucks. Any 4WD shop can swap the gear ratio for you.
  6. That hose on my 74 did me the favor of giving me early warning by starting to drip. As you can imagine, the smell in the garage was pretty strong, but it at least wasn't a flood. I drained the tank right away and fixed it a week or so later.
  7. Is the rear end in a 1982 a Ford? I would like to change the gear ratio. Thanks Howard DAVANTI (0ut Front In Italian)
  8. Both answers may be correct, but that is a regular issue Indiana passenger car plate, albeit with a low number. 71 is the county code for St. Joseph County. Indiana manufacturer's plates have the numbering format 1234M5 and are not county-coded.
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  10. Check out the pictures in post #29 of this topic. There may be more on Bob Johnstone's website where I found this one. https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/general-studebaker-specific-discussion/1882149-studebaker-avanti-front-seats
  11. As an aside....when I bought my first '63 Avanti I was just a young guy 'starting out"....That Avanti had seen hard times, and the bucket seats were a mess.....the driver's seat back rest was broken badly, and supported by a 4-way lug wrench! Anyway, I purchased a pair of '65 Ford Mustang bucket seats, (almost same red color), and installed them in the Avanti...I remember how easily it was to fit them...almost like they were made for the car!! (only obvious giveaway to the casual observer was the pleats on Mustang seat were horizontal, while Avanti pleats are vertical!)
  12. Hi, Nels, I haven't done this (I'm a '64 man), but we have a member in the GVC chapter who had to do this repair on a '63 Avanti. I'll ask him when he returns home early next week from FL. He bought the car to fix a few things & resell and found that the previous owner had had someone make that repair at considerable expense. The repair wasn't adequate, so Lin redid it. He is a retired master locksmith and does whatever he does well. I doubt that he took pix (unfortunately), but perhaps a verbal description will help some. --Dwight
  13. I will be having my front seats reupholstered in a very early 63 Avanti. I know the seat shells had some problems and needed reinforcing. I’d like to do this work before they are upholstered and before they fail. The problem is I’m uncertain what needs to be beefed up? Anybody done this or have photos?
  14. I have seen this on other cars with automatics. Can you stop it with your hand or a board?
  15. mrfeez


    1963 Avanti rear wheel turning while off the ground in neutral when engine running, is this normal ?
  16. Mine is OK, but not this nice. Have you priced it yet?
  17. Thanks Jim! That gave me a starting point to look at pictures online. Appears that this knob was used from 1972 until at least 1985, maybe 1986 but I couldn't find any 1986 interior pics. In 1987 they went to a completely different heat/ac control panel. Now at least I know what years to advertise it as fitting. Thanks again!
  18. R4849..the December '22 AOAI CALENDAR CAR.....What a car!!! I first saw this Avanti back around 1968 when it had less than 7000 miles on it...Always considered it to be one of nicest Studebaker Avantis around.....then AND now! I actually patterned my own '63 Avanti after this car...same color, wire wheels, other details... I've asked its current owner that if ever decides to part company with it to...PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL!!
  19. Yes, that knob is identical to the one on my '78. There is a mate to it that is marked "AIR" that controls the fan speed.
  20. Good to know if somebody changes the Vin Number Plate and make a fake. There is a correct hidden one.😁
  21. Interesting picture!...Thanks for posting!
  22. Thanks - why didn't I think to look in the workshop manual???
  23. My mechanic just caught the same potential issue on my 1975 while rebuilding the brakes. Good preventative maintenance.
  24. It’s not a Studebaker part but one sourced by Avanti Motors…sometime from the mid-70s or ‘80s. I may have some lists that give a more accurate time frame but I don’t have access to it at the moment. One way to tell whether a part is originally a Studebaker part and still used by Avanti Motors is the part number…most Studebaker parts numbers began with “15xxx” and parts sourced later for changes by Avanti Motors were “17xxx”. Avanti Motors would change parts for several reasons…a genuine improvement…they ran out of original Studebaker parts…a changed forced by government requirements…forced by circumstances such as General Motors changing engine and drivetrain specs.
  25. I have a NOS temperature knob that I "think" is from an Avanti II....... maybe for the air conditioning? The p/n on the bag is 1701162. This came as part of a bunch of Studebaker parts, but I'm not knowledgeable at all on the post-Studebaker Avantis. Can anyone help with an application for this p/n? A picture is attached. Thanks in advance for any guidance.
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