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  2. RQB3263/81/305 ..... Well in my Sunday afternoon boredom I looked thru Ebay and this is what I found... it might be the solution to what we been discussing keep in touch .....BILL in Fl
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  4. According the the Service Letter, the problem can be caused by improper adjustment of the wiper linkage.
  5. well I just looked at Tanda62 ebay post..........wow and I have visited to this shop.... awesome equipment and very clean .... and 30 miles from my home.... being a long time hot rodder/fabricator/builder I dont believe you could build that chassis to that level for anywhere close to that price ....It looks like all the Avanti 50s/60s vintage problems have been solved..... its just one big check instead of many many small ones and no labor ( or in my case injuries).....BILL RQB3263
  6. One of several aftermarket systems available for other vehicles could probably be adapted into Avanti....Mustang II comes to mind...however...the complete front susp from Ford Crown Vic has been used by hot rodders for a long time and they bolt in to the CV ...a friend here in N Florida used it in the retro truck.... you can call SKIP WALKER 352-372-8697 for details but please keep in mind he is a very busy guy...in fact im on his waiting list for work on RQB3263 next week i hope....that is the route i would take if i was down to the bare frame and 25 yrs younger.....you all keep up the good work
  7. Now that is nasty. I don't have any access to the factory repair but I'd get on the phone to Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors and ask his advice. He would probably also be one of the best sources for the repair panel which would make the job easier. It also looks like some one tried to repair it previously due to the rectangular shape of the cracking at the base of the mechanism. Otherwise, IIWM, I'd probably make an impression of the drivers side area and duplicate it in fiberglass to patch this side. You could also reinforce it with a metal plate if necessary. A second person to ask advice is Brad Bez on this forum or at his business https://www.bezautoalchemy.com/
  8. Bill Define what you mean by a "modern front suspension" please
  9. I have a very early Avanti serial number R1016. The wiper mechanism on the passenger side had broken out of the cowl many years ago. Looking under the dash I can see that the wiper on that side is disabled leaving the only operative wiper on the driver’s side. I intend to make this repair but want to make sure it’s right. I seem to remember a service bulletin that addressed this problem and was hoping someone here might be able to copy and post it here. I think the factory actually beefed up this area in the cowl in a similar manner that was done with the doors due to the cracking around the regulators. Anyone out there familiar with the problem, repair and proper adjustment.
  10. BILL RQB3263.... AWESOME BIG PROJECT...The silver/gray color is beautiful I hope you retain it it is perfect....with the body off this is about your only opportunity to install a modern front suspension.... these opportunities are rare and you will love your Avanti even more....great keep the pics coming ... BILL
  11. In Avanti Magazine Issue 195, page 8, John Hull included a letter from L.E.Minkel about the letter "A" used in the Avanti serial number. Bob Langer
  12. I've got this one, fits great. It is older but probably available:
  13. mfg


    Thank you Mr. Andrews..RIP Gary.
  14. Dale Sexton has been an outstanding caretaker of AVX 1. A real class act, and a true friend!
  15. Only remember California requiring more numbers/letters than what's normally found in factory Studebaker Avanti serial number.
  16. ....regarding the rationale about appending either an "A" or a "B" to new car (Avanti) registrations in California, in 1962. Does anyone recall this discussion? Thx
  17. Thank you for your response & links!!! I’ve already forwarded the chassis link to the CEO & my kids as birthday gift suggestion.. Your project looks great & I hope you don’t mind imitation…
  18. What Saturn used these spoilers? Do they help with anything? Amazing that they look like they fit so nicely
  19. If it hadn't been for the invoices and pricelists that they had I would have figured the supercharger had just been removed and tossed aside at some point but the documentation is there. Another interesting Studebaker story. I believe they are leaning toward getting the supercharger setup and moving the compressor to have both. Rob
  20. That was the car in the hotel lobby. Looking at these pictures reminds me that Avanti was still ahead of it's time!
  21. On the way home from last week's Milwaukee 60th anniversary meeting, we grabbed a a few photos after exiting I-55, and promptly had to wait for a the very long freight train of coal cars. We got off Interstate 55 and headed to historic route 66 into Carlinville, Illinois for the last leg of the trip to get some scenic photographs. This first two shots are while waiting for a train to pass heading into Carlinville, Illinois. The next two shots are in Staunton, Illinois by a old shop. There is an old 1962 Lark along the building. The final two shots in Staunton show the car along Illinois Route 4 in front of the Historic Route 66 signs at the corner of Pearl and Hackman streets. Last photo is getting gas for the last time in Glen Carbon, Illinois, off of Interstate 270, about 35 miles from home. Before leaving the gas station, a younger guy took a photo of the car with his phone and asked about it, and an older guy asked about the car and I handed him one of the informational cards about AVX 1!
  22. Your build looks great! I got almost all the rubber I need from Studebaker International, front and rear suspension bumpers, A arm bushings, rear spring bushings and such. The body to frame pieces I have not been able to locate but will probably just get this (https://www.steelerubber.com/body-to-frame-webbing-20-1599-48) and cut to size. I also got larger sway bars from Studebaker International. When installing the rear I had to bend the frame attachments for the stabilizer supports to fit correctly - see my post here - https://aoai.org/forums/topic/42740-bare-frame/ If you want to go a little off the beaten path there is this - https://www.ebay.com/itm/263096998485?hash=item3d41cd9a55:g:xhcAAMXQVERS1wza Since you said you have considered replacing the front suspension. Have you decided what electric steering unit you are going to use? I am also going electric but haven't bought a unit yet. Hope this helps, Tom
  23. June Update: the body & frame have been separated…. FYI - the parking brake cable is strong enough to lift the front end if not disconnected…. Stainless hog troughs have been ordered…. the blast man comes in two weeks so removal of fuel & brake lines, wiring & climate control systems continues…. I only hope I remember how everything goes back together… i assume that the aluminum panel on the frame that the drill is sitting on is a shield for the cat converter…. I guess as she had true dual exhaust & no cats when I got it… it’s obvious that all rubber needs replacement…. any good sources??? sway bar seems small…. dare I ask if wishbones, tubular or regular are available anywhere…. I once consider replacing the entire front suspension & steering but there is some discussion about keeping the Studebaker design… & finally there is some time to enjoy occasion….
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