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  2. Hmmm....then he must've worked 25/8!
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  4. Granatelli was going to be my next guess.🤔
  5. If you look near the bottom, he listed his contact number in the same #17 post for you to call and order your wheels! Good luck Ron
  6. Tom...saw that the prices are expected to be $295 each and the spinners are $425 perset of spinners... Are these firm prices? Exactly how do we order? THanks Ron Husak
  7. Oops!😮... not Eugene either....In this case it was Andy Granatelli that invented the 25 hour day. (at least according to Buck Rogers he did!)
  8. Yesterday
  9. You may find something similar at your local hardware store.
  10. Nope, not Raymond either!
  11. mfg

    Slippery Avanti!

    You nailed it man! 😄
  12. My seats were so rusty that the smaller springs in many cases have fallen apart. Any idea where to get replacement springs?
  13. I'd like to second the recommendation on Dave Thibeault, he's been a pleasure to work with and has gotten me everything I needed.
  14. White Castle hamburgers
  15. mfg

    Slippery Avanti!

    Not exactly...... HINT.....lunch! 🤔
  16. mfg

    Avanti Tech!

    That's the name! 😊
  17. mfg

    Slippery Avanti!

    Nope!...B1 had not been invented yet!😒
  18. Sorry. Sherwood definitely fits.....but not in this instance!
  19. Dave's done some awesome things over the years for us Avanti/Studebaker owners! 🙂
  20. I have one of Dave Thibeault's Hurst shifters in my '64 Avanti. He cuts off the flat Hurst lever and welds on a round rod to look like the original. He told me that the only way one could tell it is that his lever is not tapered like the original. --Dwight
  21. During the Avanti years at Paxton in Santa Monica, what were the mechanics working there referring to when they used the term slippery bombers?
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