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  1. I had sent you a message expressing interest in the steering wheel and dash. But I really don't want to arm wrestle for it so I will move on. Thanks, John C.
  2. Terre Haute,IN. Where are you? Check your messages for contact information.
  3. Hello Jerry, Just sent you a PM. Thanks John C.
  4. Hello Tom, The wheels really look nice! I think the non coated wheels do have a sharper appearance but I think they would require more maintenance than a coated wheel. With no coating on the aluminum they would tend to oxidize and require frequent polishing. My preference would be a coated wheel because I don't like to polish wheels that well. I would rather just clean them. Let me know when we can order some. I think they will look great! John C.
  5. I believe it was a2005 thru 2012 Ford Escape spare. The bolt pattern is 5 x 4.5 inches as is the Avanti. I don't recall the OD of the tire but it was very close to a stock Avanti tire if memory serves me well.
  6. Hello Tom and thank you for the update. Could you tell me if Dave Kinney supplied the spinners to Jon Myer that he had marketed or did Myer have another supplier?
  7. Take it to your radiator shop and have them clean it with a little acid and then fill the voids with solder. Then you can file it and sand it smooth. I have done this to steel and brass flanges and never had an issue. I would use solder with at least 60% tin content or 95/5 plumbing solder. Best of luck with it, John C.
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