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  1. If you have the stock air cleaner, the engine gets air via the gap between the base plate and cover. That air goes through the filter into the carb. The air hose from the oil pan is the part of the PCV system that scavenges crankcase gasses. This is very similar to PCV systems on other makes and years. The other part of the PCV system is a much smaller hose that connects to a valve at the base of the carb. All very well engineered. Adding additional fresh air to the system does no harm as the engine will only use as much as it needs.
  2. The "breathing from the oil pan" is part of the PCV system.
  3. I would change out the 6 blade fan. I tried one on my 64 and the noise was unbearable. Went back to stock 5 blade. Problem solved.
  4. FWIW, the standard fan, with or without A/C, is 5 blades.
  5. Ok, keep me posted. Plan on being in the Atlanta area this Saturday in the afternoon.
  6. IIRC, the inner fenders were undercoated.
  7. Let me know how much and where we can meet. I will be in the Atlanta area this Wednesday, September 7th in the morning. I will also pass by on Saturday September 10th in the afternoon. If you can find the calipers ...
  8. I am still interested and will be in Atlanta September 10th. Would like to know the thickness to determine if they are serviceable.
  9. I had a similar issue once when I purchased a new clutch disk and pressure plate. I had the old disk relined and the pressure plate rebuilt. That took care of the problem. I believe the facing material was too thick and/or the pressure on the plate was too high. If you look in the parts manual, you can see which pressure plate assemblies match up with which disks. There was also a service bulletin about a replacement rod that did not flex as bad.
  10. The air comes in from the vent(s) at the top of the cowl. At each side vent, there is a door that is controlled by the cable. Check to be sure the doors are opening and closing correctly.
  11. Amy idea how thick the rotors are?
  12. The context of this thread is distributor rotation.
  13. Mopar use chains and also have CCW rotation.
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