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  1. Freeze plug replaced. Back flushed the engine block while it was out. Tightened up the oil pan bolts. Discovered the trans was a 700r4, the pan bolts were only finger tight. Fresh filter and fluids. got some shine juice on the Avanti. It really shined up.
  2. Good to know. That’s what was happening.
  3. I’m going down a list of things to check while I learn up on this transmission. After reading up on the tv cable I noticed that the bracket looks diy and there’s too much slack in the cable. Also, the plastic clip that holds the tv cable in the bracket has broke and is held in place with a zip tie. Ha. I believe this is why 1st and 2nd almost seemed like one gear before. First went into second at around 5-7 mph. What I was chopping up to a malfunction carb was intact, possibly, the tv cable. or just the nature of the 700 from what the members have wrote. The Rochester four barrel has been rebuilt and running great. Still was getting the strange 1st/2nd gear and an occasion hesitation into what would be overdrive. Going to call summit and Monster transmission in the Monday to see what combination of bracket and corrector kit I will need to get the tv cable operating correctly. Hoping that will get the trans shifting properly. opting to wait on getting the center console to look correct at the moment. The letters and number line up relatively accordingly.
  4. Thanks all. Just put in a call to Dan.
  5. When I bought the 1970 Avanti last year I assumed it was the original transmission. Well I saw the previous owner last month and he mentioned that the transmission was a 4spd. I thought maybe he had misspoken or was talking about another car of his but low and behold it is a 700r4. Are there modifications that can be done to the center console to allow for me to manually shift into first? Something that looks stock? I know my junebug shift knob doesn’t look stock but I’m so curious how the tires will smoke in 1st gear
  6. Came across this picture on Instagram and I am wondering what wheels these are. Any help identifying them would be appreciated.
  7. Thanks @wildfelr. If I was near Myers I would definitely take the car in for suspension but I'll be doing it myself when time permits. Placed an order with SI.
  8. Thanks for that. I’ll call them tomorrow.
  9. The last piece I need for my suspension refresh is the rear leafs. I’ve been waiting on Flex-a-form for months now. Last I spoke to them, “the springs are scheduled”, but no more information beyond that. Three weeks ago. It’s challenging to get anyone on the phone there. I’ve done a search for traditional steal leaf springs but come up with only the “heavy duty” springs. Not sure that I want the “heavy duty”. any other suggestions and or experiences with the HD springs?
  10. Thanks both of you. I saw that YouTube that was posted about opening the gauges. Much appreciated.
  11. As I was attempting to figure why my tach wasn’t working, contorted in some strange way under the dash, I decide it would wait and more research was needed. @KodjoSo getting at the bulbs is possible then. How about removing the gauges with the dash in place? Say I wanted to clean the glass, your gauges look great!
  12. This one won’t be for everyone but I had to try out this krylon glass paint. I can always take the paint off but for now I like the hotwheels look it gives. Also had to replace the starter. Oreillys gave me the wrong one but found what I needed at Napa. unfortunately I also discovered the freeze plug behind the starter is weeping so that will be next.
  13. Okay thanks. I gave it minimal effort with the seat in and felt tweaked with in minutes. I try with out the seat installed.
  14. I think I’m getting to my wits end with not having an illuminated dash, well only the tach and clock light up. Looking under the dash it looks like pulling the dash maybe the easiest route, is that correct?
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