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  1. Try listing the From address for these posts in your gmail address book or contact list
  2. A 1987 Avanti convertible with original mileage of 922 miles is being offered for sale on Hemmings Make Offer website. It is currently receiving an offer within $9,500 of the asking price. Very unusual, because of the low miles and like-new condition. there is no wear on any surface, body, soft top, interior, chassis or engine compartment. Wire wheels are pristine too. The tires even have their original South Bend air inside ! 😎 Here is the link: https://www.hemmings.com/auction/1987-avanti-ii-396173
  3. It should work now. I don't know what the original link didn't work. but I fixed it above. https://www.hemmings.com/auction/1983-avanti-ii-788071
  4. Not mine: This was just posted on Hemming Auctions, this belonged to a longtime St. Louis area Avanti Owners Assoc. member who spared no expense into making this 1983 Avanti II both look and drive excellent. It is the last year of the chrome bumper Avanti and drives as well as it looks. Click on the picture for details and many more pictures and videos. https://www.hemmings.com/auction/1983-avanti-ii-788071
  5. Here are a couple of pictures from Friday photoshoot at the Inn at Saint Marys
  6. During the AOAI's June 2022 national meet in Milwaukee, Wisconsin celebrating the Avanti's 60th anniversary meet participants got a chance to listen to Jim Bunting about what transpired in the creation in 1997 of the AVanti eXperimental, otherwise known as the AVX automobile. Because of the three prototypes created, John Seaton and Mike Kelly were able to continue Avanti production in Villa Rica, Georgia beginning with models in 2001. Enjoy the 35 minute presentation from this year's meeting.
  7. Greenfield man restores classic sports cars he fell in love with as kid People from all over the country take their classic sports cars to Mike Baker in Greenfield at Avanti Restoration & Service. This story and video ran on Indianapolis television station WTHR on May 13, 2022. Link: Avanti Restoration and Service
  8. On the way home from last week's Milwaukee 60th anniversary meeting, we grabbed a a few photos after exiting I-55, and promptly had to wait for a the very long freight train of coal cars. We got off Interstate 55 and headed to historic route 66 into Carlinville, Illinois for the last leg of the trip to get some scenic photographs. This first two shots are while waiting for a train to pass heading into Carlinville, Illinois. The next two shots are in Staunton, Illinois by a old shop. There is an old 1962 Lark along the building. The final two shots in Staunton show the car along Illinois Route 4 in front of the Historic Route 66 signs at the corner of Pearl and Hackman streets. Last photo is getting gas for the last time in Glen Carbon, Illinois, off of Interstate 270, about 35 miles from home. Before leaving the gas station, a younger guy took a photo of the car with his phone and asked about it, and an older guy asked about the car and I handed him one of the informational cards about AVX 1!
  9. I don't think Dave Thibeault will be at the meet.
  10. DONT MISS OUT -- June 14-17, 2022
  11. You can also rebuild your original R2 (or R1) fuel pump with a rebuild kit from https://www.deadnutson.com/carter-high-performance-x-fuel-pump-rebuild-kit/ They are same kits that Ford and AMC use and work great. I've rebuilt several original Carter fuel pumps for Avanti, and the diaphragms and internal valves are good to use with modern fuel that contain ethanol.
  12. lschuc

    Avanti TT!

    And the very first production R3 came from the factory with a 4:55 TT rear axle ratio. Within a couple of months after it was sold, the first owner replaced the high numerical ratio with something less, I believe it was 3:73
  13. The were just mailed this past week, February 18 or 21, so you should be receiving your magazine soon, probably within the week.
  14. I must agree!! 🤗 🤗 🤗 😎
  15. #2: 1970 to 1973, He was also a longtime Avanti Magazine editor, responsible for stepping up the quality from a newsletter to a full fledged magazine.
  16. I say Nancy Egbert
  17. But also to compensate for the weight of the driver, and probably a heavy battery on the left-hand side of the vehicle.
  18. False. The last Avanti, R5643 was displayed on the National Mall, but is not on the National Historic VEHICLE Register. There are 30 cars listed on the National Historic Vehicle Register, administered by Hagerty, but not the Avanti. Hagerty National Historic Vehicle Register Historic Vehicle Association
  19. There is a very good, step-by-step 7 page article on Avanti dash pad replacement in Avanti Magazine Issue 189, winter/spring 2020, replacing the dash pad that is made by Nostalgic Motorcars using original molds and tooling. Here is the first page of the article:
  20. There were sketches by Sherwood Egbert and Raymond Loewy of a targa-type roof for the Avanti, but none such car was produced. The first owner of this car above, 63R-2833 in Pasadena, California had his Avanti modified with a targa style roof. It was auctioned in March 2019 at the RM/Southeby's Fort Lauderdale, Florida auction for $104,500, including buyer's fees. We had two articles on the car in Avanti Magazine Issue 186, spring/summer 2019.
  21. That story is pretty good with a few of the. usual errors at the end, but actually was published on the site almost 2 year ago, April 2020.
  22. I can't make out the serial number on your production order, but it begins with R-45xx so what is the full serial number? Your production order says that your Avanti was tagged 99 Las Vegas Driveaway. So it should be listed among all the driveaway cars on pages 20 and 21 of Avanti Magazine Issue 195 last fall. Because it is a 1963 model, it would have had speckled carpet, black and some other color, probably black and red speckled carpet. Over 60 years of use and several owners, it very well could have had the carpets replaced with all black carpets. What color is the carpet on the. bottom of your door panels? Since you're in Finland, email Dan Booth at avantisrus@gmail.com and you can ask about his Born reports and see if anything mentions carpets.
  23. Often the selling dealer applied the undercoating as an extra cost way for the dealer to earn more.
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