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  1. But also to compensate for the weight of the driver, and probably a heavy battery on the left-hand side of the vehicle.
  2. False. The last Avanti, R5643 was displayed on the National Mall, but is not on the National Historic VEHICLE Register. There are 30 cars listed on the National Historic Vehicle Register, administered by Hagerty, but not the Avanti. Hagerty National Historic Vehicle Register Historic Vehicle Association
  3. There is a very good, step-by-step 7 page article on Avanti dash pad replacement in Avanti Magazine Issue 189, winter/spring 2020, replacing the dash pad that is made by Nostalgic Motorcars using original molds and tooling. Here is the first page of the article:
  4. There were sketches by Sherwood Egbert and Raymond Loewy of a targa-type roof for the Avanti, but none such car was produced. The first owner of this car above, 63R-2833 in Pasadena, California had his Avanti modified with a targa style roof. It was auctioned in March 2019 at the RM/Southeby's Fort Lauderdale, Florida auction for $104,500, including buyer's fees. We had two articles on the car in Avanti Magazine Issue 186, spring/summer 2019.
  5. That story is pretty good with a few of the. usual errors at the end, but actually was published on the site almost 2 year ago, April 2020.
  6. I can't make out the serial number on your production order, but it begins with R-45xx so what is the full serial number? Your production order says that your Avanti was tagged 99 Las Vegas Driveaway. So it should be listed among all the driveaway cars on pages 20 and 21 of Avanti Magazine Issue 195 last fall. Because it is a 1963 model, it would have had speckled carpet, black and some other color, probably black and red speckled carpet. Over 60 years of use and several owners, it very well could have had the carpets replaced with all black carpets. What color is the carpet on the. bottom of your door panels? Since you're in Finland, email Dan Booth at avantisrus@gmail.com and you can ask about his Born reports and see if anything mentions carpets.
  7. Often the selling dealer applied the undercoating as an extra cost way for the dealer to earn more.
  8. Can you post an image of the production order? The best way to contact Dan at Nostalgic Motorcars is by phone.
  9. Both would have been painted black.
  10. For all 1963 Avantis, the headlight bucket behind the glass cover were all painted body color.
  11. To be certain of how your Avanti was originally equipped, you should purchase the factory production order from the Studebaker National Museum, or from Nostalgic Motorcars. This production order will show how your car was equipped when it left the factory.
  12. Both of my early 1963 Avantis (#'s 1122 and #1250) were bare fiberglass under the car. I think most were like this
  13. It has been sold some time ago.
  14. lschuc

    Avanti R4935!

    Paul, you are correct!! The car is on this month's December monthly cover of the 2021 Avanti Calendar. You can read all about this car's history on the calendar page. If you don't have a 2021 Avanti calendar, some are still available online at https://aoai.org/shop/cart.php?target=product&product_id=60 And the Avanti 2022 calendar can be ordered at: https://aoai.org/shop/cart.php?target=product&product_id=61
  15. Attached is a the announcement of the annual Turlock, California Swap Meet for 2022, shared by AOAI member Stephen Montgomery. Sponsored for the Modesto Area As the 55th annual Turlock Swap Meet will be held January 29 - 30, 2022, at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, Turlock. In the past, I’ve found some good things for his Avanti there.
  16. Last I heard it was still in the Studebaker National Museum.
  17. From what I have heard, both cars were very similar. The #8 Avanti was supposed to have been the record-setting car, but for whatever reason, the #9 Avanti ran faster and so the #8 car was changed to the backup car.
  18. And if anyone else has not yet ordered a calendar for 2022, here's the link to get your own copy: https://aoai.org/shop/cart.php?target=product&product_id=61
  19. If you were not at the Muscle Car and Corvette National show last weekend in Chicago, here are a few photos of the Studebakers. Thanks again to Ed George who does not get enough credit for all that he does. He was everywhere doing everything. We are lucky to have him champion the Studebaker brand.
  20. Found this 1987 Avanti convertible on Bring A Trailer today. All original from the tires to the cloth top, 922 original miles. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1987-avanti-avanti-2/
  21. Call Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors in Michigan. He may have an NOS rod. 248-349-4884
  22. Actually, online one bedroom at Avanti House #1, across from the Studebaker museum, is named for two designers, Room #4, the Kellogg-Loewy room. The others are named for Avanti owners, cars or factory locations: Newman; Blake; Seaton, Cafaro; Silver Hawk; Golden Hawk; Avanti; Villa Rica; and Cancun.
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