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  1. Don't forget redline tire too.... they became popular in 64 but look great with the Real Rodders Wheels on my 63....
  2. I have a set of four Avanti wheel hub covers custom crafted from Ford Mustang GT hubs that I would like to sell. They are pictured on 2005 Ford Mustang GT Wheels but will fit any wheel with a 2.25 inch hub opening. I am asking $60.00 for the set, plus shipping. If you are also interested in the wheels I am open to selling them as well but should be near Phoenix AZ as shipping would be prohibitively expensive. They look great on an Avanti (see pics) If you have any questions, text me at 480-544-5925. I also have a lot of other Avanti parts I need to get out of my shop as I attempt to clean it up. If you have a need for anything listed below let me know and we can discuss condition and prices..... Power steering pump (rebuilt) PN 1558689 may also have pully (chromed) and reservoir Main 3 belt pulley and single large engine pulley (chromed) Starter for parts or rebuild only Expansion chamber Heat sink transigniter PN 1569561 folding handle for jack and lug wrench Exhaust tips/deflector. B pillar SS trim piece. Hood hinges and trunk hinges Door hinges Water pump impeller no housing Back glass and drivers glass Door glass. I think driver side Vent windows full hardware and glass Radio AM. Steering column Hood ornament with. plastic insert, which is a bit glazed Rear seat S emblem Brake booster bracket and master cylinder - no booster Avanti interior console plate PN 1351080 Vent windows with frame Fiberglass Body Part, Doors, Trunk lid, Hood, left outer fender, front nose for '64 round light and complete body still on frame that has had sections removed. Two Dana 44 still on frame Two Avanti/Lark frames with some rust issues but also have new Frame Rails for repair. The two frames also have the full font ends including breaks.
  3. Aardvark... I understand your question. I think the problem is on your end. I just looked and the home page for AOAI that you were asking about and all of the menu options that you can click on at the top of the page are still there and working. So must be a problem with your browser or something.
  4. Just saw this thread for the first time. Some amazing stories. When I was only 12, my best friend's dad bought a brand new red '63. I remember getting to ride in the high backseat on our way to swim practice and was amazed by the airplane cockpit stylings of the instruments and light switches. I fell in love with the car not really knowing what it was until years later. I asked my friend at a high school reunion if they still owned the car. He indicated his dad had kept it but lost it when a forest fire hit the town and burned down their home with the car in the garage. At any rate, I always wanted one and finally purchased a red '63 in 2001.
  5. If you're still looking for one, I have one. Not sure if it is still working, although it was working when I replaced it for an AM/FM about twenty years ago. Been sitting all the shelf since then.... Jim
  6. Hello All: After reading about the Borrani chrome knock off wire wheels and their value in the recent Avanti Magazine I thought I would post the following. I have a full set of these wheels with all four hubs, nut caps and a wrench, no lead hammer.. BUT, and this is a big but.... the wheels have most of their chrome flaking off and are rusting, I have attached a few photos and have no idea if these wheels are salvageable or even safe to try to restore and use. Others thoughts on this would be appreciated. They were on a 1963 Avanti parts car I purchased about 20 years ago and are currently located in Arizona. If anybody has any interest in these wheels I would be glad to discuss and send additional pictures. I am interested in selling them for a fair offer if anybody is interested or wants to take on a project. I have also been thinking about cleaning up my shop and getting red of all the extra parts I have laying around. Below is a short list of some of the "big" stuff I have laying around. Fiberglass parts, doors, hoods, trunk lid. 63 Avanti Frame with front end and differential, some rust on frame rails Another 63 Avanti Frame with front end and differential with some rust, but most of the fiberglass body still attached. 3 sets of flanged axles of various length and spline. Have lots of other smaller part and will list out later when I get the energy to inventory them..... Jim
  7. Did you ever find a rear end. I have two of them, still bolted to the frames with break drums attached.
  8. How did you remove the old lights to replace them. I have looked at mine to replace with LED as you have but cannot figure out how to access them to pull the old ones out. Thanks,
  9. I took the top side of the air box to a machinist and he used a milling machine to shave a 1/4 inch off of the sealing surface. Don't remember what it cost but worked out well. See Photo
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