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  1. NOS wheel covers are still out there, some of the vendors may have them? Happy hunting!
  2. 20 hours + & no reply. Wow.
  3. Someone is bound to extol the virtues of Autolite but I have older Champs on the shelf. Newer Champs do NOT have the same reputation.
  4. Ceramic coat the exhaust manifolds. They do the inside as well as the outside so it will make a huge diff. in heat as well as make them look great! It will, however make the rest of the exhaust warmer so some exhaust wrap could be in order. You have learned that these cars are stupid hot?
  5. My engine has been red for decades, might go back to Black. Kind of on the fence...
  6. Still looking for r2 heads? I have a set $500 plus shipping and freight.

    Walt 602-885-2216

    1. billsr2


      Intriguing. Where are you located?

  7. I have figured out most of the hardware. ready to torque things
  8. Searching the web for photos today. I took several photos of the water manifold hardware but I have nothing (as does the shop manual) of which head bolts go where. Ditto for which side the temp sender goes, various plugs & fittings... Maybe ya'll can provide some links or photos? I did not expect this engine to be apart for 13 months...
  9. A fresh engine will start around 5K, how much you can do yourself will affect price. To drop off the car & pick it up with the engine restored these days would likely start at 10K. And most of those jobs will require remediation. A cheaper option? an '86 Camaro!
  10. I might be game, mine has an ear sawed off
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