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  1. brad


    I have a couple of those here too. (no brace, and left prop rod)
  2. They do not do CADMIUM plating. What you had done was bright ZINC plating a totally different metal. CADMIUM is no longer legal due to toxicity of the chemicals.
  3. brad

    Late Paxton!

    Belleville spring washer and shims.
  4. The passenger side (wire shielding) has to be loosened and up out of the way to install the passenger side valve cover.
  5. If you have stock exhaust (notR3), then you can extract the starter without removing anything else. Slide it rearwards until the nose clears the opening, then tilt it down and the far end up.
  6. #7 is the trunk floor corners under the carpet.
  7. You have to remove the center steering linkage. Then you can drop the pan in the car.
  8. brad

    Storm damage

    John Hulls' home was hit by a tornado today, and the building is condemned so he can't live there anymore. He and his wife are OK .
  9. The boost goes up as a square of the RPM. double the RPM get 4 times the boost. Up to a point when the tips of the impeller reach speeds where there are shockwaves, the boost stops. (The tips can actually break the sound barrier).
  10. Often a poor ground on the switch will mess with proper wiper operation. Check by clipping a ground jumper wier from the switch case to a known good ground. Then if it doesn't still work try adjusting the park position tab on the wiper motor itself.
  11. Did you not read where the pads have to be special and NOT the Bendix Type? Stock pads will NOT work with these pistons. You need the thicker backing plates of the new pads.
  12. brad

    R3 Problem!

    We use spiral locks to retain the pins in the pistons. It's less weight.
  13. brad

    R3 Problem!

    yes, the wrist pin is shrunk in the rod and sometimes works loose.
  14. Make sure it is an R series starter. They have four field coils for higher torque.
  15. Maybe under battery reinforcement?
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