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  1. VERY interesting!.....Thanks for that info!
  2. mfg

    Avanti Gauge!

    Good deduction!...CORRECT!
  3. mfg

    Avanti 63R1025

    A very interesting Studebaker engine is under the hood of this Avanti!!!!!!
  4. What kind of gauge was the stock manifold pressure gauge replaced with by the Granatellis on the #9 'Bonneville' Studebaker Avanti? 1) Supercharger Oil Temp......2) Aux Engine Oil Pressure.....3) Engine Oil Temp.....or.....4) Fuel Pressure
  5. Yep!...false is CORRECT!
  6. Well, that sure narrows it down...however, the correct answer here is FALSE!
  7. Yes, you're speaking of patterns for the special R3-4 heads, exhaust headers, and the aluminum intake manifolds, both single & dual quad...Well, I'd guess it was all scrapped.
  8. Yes, if the Studebaker Drivers Club "term limited' their forum administrator position to, say, a three year maximum, I believe many frustrated former forum members would see that as a positive step, and no doubt participate once again.
  9. mfg

    Avanti 63R1025

    Hey that's GREAT!!...you now own one of the "rare ones", right up there with #8 & #9!....I was thinking that Nels Bove might have ended up with it, as he has a taste for the rarest and the most desirable postwar Studes. Hopefully you'll return its original 'Avanti Turquoise" exterior paint......and bring it back to HOT ROD MAGAZINE condition.......Best of luck, and KEEP US INFORMED!!....Ed
  10. mfg

    Avanti Volume!

    Yep.....MUCH BETTER!.........My info, taken from a letter from the Studebaker General Service Department dated 1/8/63, indicates 61cc's. (possibly an earlier version of the head on the "A Series" 299ci R3 engine?) Your much later info indicates 66cc's.....So I'll 'split the difference' with you and call the answer 63.5 cc's, in hopes that someone like Brad Bez, who has rebuilt a couple of these engines, will chime in with the definitive answer to this AVANTI TRIVIA question.....Ed
  11. Very true!...big job all-in-all!
  12. Well, it actually could if you want to go to the trouble of 'unshimming' the body...and set it on the frame the same way a Studebaker Avanti body is set onto its frame. It's been said the Chevy engine sits higher than the Studebaker engine, however, many have also said that isn't the case, and Nate Altman simply wanted to 'level' out the Avanti ll body. It's been said that Mr. Altman really didn't like the Studebaker Avanti's nose down 'rake'! To each his own I guess!
  13. mfg

    Frugal Avanti!

    The (then) Carter Carburetor Company of St. Louis, Missouri.....whom apparently used that combo as original equipment in their Studebaker 'economy' 3540S AFB carb. (Not sure if they were considered first or second step 'lean' when installed in a, for example, 3589S carb) (And, to be clear, 'lean' meaning capable of passing less fuel than jets and rods termed 'rich')
  14. mfg

    Avanti Volume!

    Looks like combustion chamber volume 55cc's ??...Do you want to go with 54cc's now?
  15. I noticed today the administrator of the Studebaker Drivers Club Forum eliminated an interesting thread posted by John Hull, explaining details for the 2022 AOAI 60th anniversary International Meet. This type of behavior is quite typical of this guy....an authoritarian egotist...... He's the main reason I left the SDC a few years ago...and will stay away until that club sets term limits for their forum administrator position.
  16. True, I don't know what I'd do if Dave Thibeault called it quits!!!!!
  17. No problems encountered on Friday, although the snow was coming down quite heavily on my way in! (around 6AM)
  18. No one remembers this Studebaker?
  19. A VERY SPECIAL car though....I must say I'm disappointed!
  20. You got this one Gary!
  21. mfg

    R3 Option!

    You have to put your detective hat on and "read between the lines here" regnalbob!, Obviously, sales, at that time, was trying to pressure Paxton into setting aside their racing efforts, and get as many R3 engines as possible into production....How best to do that you may ask!...Say there are 'many' orders for these engines! To put it another way regnalbob.......SHOW US THOSE "FEW" 1963 MODEL YEAR CUSTOMER ORDERS!
  22. mfg

    R3 Option!

    Ha ha!...Avanti R3 powered Studebakers built for stock?...I DON'T THINK SO!!...No Gary, you will have to show us customer orders for R3 powered Studebakers that were refused by the Company before 6/10/63 for your view to be seriously considered!
  23. Looks real nice!...and with your other parts a Studebaker Avanti owner wishing to convert his automatic car to a four speed would be 90% there! (driveshaft?)
  24. Yes, Nostalgic has always come through with an obscure Avanti part no one else seems to have!
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