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  1. mfg

    Vented Avanti!

    CORRECT!...answer false!
  2. Concerning a 1987 model Avanti, a power window motor originally made for the right side door of a similar year Chrysler will interchange with a right side '87 Avanti window motor.....True?
  3. Original Studebaker Avanti steel wheels weigh approx......?...... lbs. 1) 12......2) 16......3) 21.....or....4) 25
  4. On the Dana '44' rear axle, as used in Studebaker Avantis and later Avantis through 1985, there is a small vent hole at the top of the right axle tube to release any built up internal pressure inside the axle assembly as it heats up......True?
  5. Interesting question!....I always thought the timing cover was painted black along with the rest of the long block....Even on the showy Avanti engines, it's difficult to think Studebaker would take the time to mask off the timing cover in production.....or install the timing cover after the rest of the engine was already painted black. I do know one thing for sure .... those aluminum covers do not like to 'hold' paint very long, especially after many heating and cooling cycles!
  6. Looks very well done......Sharp car!!
  7. mfg

    New Gaskets

    Wow....those valve cover gaskets look 'cushy'!!....Count me in for a set for my '63 and my Speedster.
  8. mfg

    Avanti Flywheel!

    Good guesstimate!.....#3 is CORRECT!
  9. That setup is about as custom as custom gets!!
  10. mfg

    Avanti Flywheel!

    Nope, not 25 lbs.
  11. mfg

    Last Avantis!

    Agree with your conclusion!.......A former owner of '42' says they were both completed on the 26th.....if he's indeed correct, the answer would be TRUE!
  12. I remember that same Eagle Ottawa leather tag between the front bucket seats of a gorgeous very low miles '89 Avanti a friend here in Mass. used to own....(Car in New York now)
  13. Years ago, when I owned my first Avanti, (Studebaker Avanti R3623), I used to drive it from Boston to Augusta, Maine frequently to visit friends....As that Avanti had an R2 engine, I would remove the blower belts before leaving, ( approx 500 mile round trip), to save wear and tear on the Paxton supercharger. That Avanti seemed to cruise very well at 60-70 mph, although no doubt the R2 carb pushed through more fuel than was necessary!! Back in the day, did any of you Avanti owners 'pop' the blower belts before heading out on an extended trip??
  14. The last two Studebaker Avantis, R5642 & R5643, were completed on the same day.....True?
  15. Aftermarket aluminum flywheels made for the Studebaker Avanti engine weigh .....?.... lbs. less than stock Avanti flywheels.... (stock weighs 35 lbs.) 1) 10.....2) 15.....3) 20....or....4) 25
  16. No other thoughts on this one?
  17. Sounds interesting...but I have no idea!
  18. mfg

    Avanti 'Lifts'!

    Good memory!....CORRECT!
  19. mfg

    Banned Avantis!

    OK...I was looking for the straight through exhaust...CORRECT!
  20. mfg

    Avanti Power!

    And 325Hp is CORRECT!
  21. mfg

    Avanti Power!

    Sorry, 275HP isn't correct.
  22. Good reasoning, however $ 8500 is not it.
  23. mfg

    Avanti O'Clock!

    And the 7 o'clock position is CORRECT!
  24. mfg


    Nice photos!....as an aside, in the second to last photo......although headrests are a safety feature, I do like the look of your front seats without them!
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