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  1. mfg

    3EE Battery

    Yes, highly recommend 'gutting' 3EE battery and leaving it in place..and then installing modern battery in trunk....Your Avanti will thank you!!
  2. The sixteenth Studebaker Avanti off the line...VERY INTERESTING!!!
  3. Nice job Bill!...I'm a bit surprised it fits under the hood.... BEAUTIFUL CAR!!!!
  4. Yes, there was one of those covers advertised a few years ago in its original Stude parts box.
  5. mfg


    Thank you Mr. Andrews..RIP Gary.
  6. Only remember California requiring more numbers/letters than what's normally found in factory Studebaker Avanti serial number.
  7. In my opinion, the Studebaker Drivers Club needs to clean house at the top.....Term limits on all paid positions would be a good start.
  8. Looks like you'll need to do a custom job...The only metal inside an '81 Avanti door is the window regulator!
  9. I run an aluminum water pump pulley on my R2...Happily there's a considerable weight difference between that and the factory cast iron pulley.... I think the lighter aluminum pulley takes a bit of stress off the water pump bearings.
  10. Very interesting story...One never knows what will turn up next!
  11. You may be correct..just going with the info I had.
  12. Actually, you can set up distributor for #1 firing in any of the eight locations on cap as long as you begin with crank set at TDC of #1 firing stroke.
  13. I did the same to a '64 Avanti I used to own...I ended up re-installing the power assist as the 16-1 ratio power steering box made the steering VERY heavy!
  14. mfg

    1962 Avantis!

    1389-1390 CLOSE ENOUGH ! (Do they still make TANG?)
  15. 50/50/90..is working for you today!
  16. mfg

    1965 ll's!

    45 is CORRECT!
  17. mfg

    1965 ll's!

    Nope, not 39
  18. mfg

    Bare Frame

    Looks great!
  19. mfg

    "B" Series!

  20. ......?..... model year 1963 Studebaker Avantis were made in 1962. 1) 562.......2) 865.......3) 1140.....or.....4) 1389
  21. In 1975, the removable front center armrest option for Avanti ll's could be had for an additional ......?.... 1) $35.......2) $46.....3) $50.....or.....4) $75
  22. mfg

    1965 ll's!

    Total 1965 Avanti ll production was .....?..... cars. 1) 24......2) 32.......3) 39....or....4) 45
  23. Sorry no, not June either!
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