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  1. I recently purchased the fiberglass headliner kit from Meyer's Studebaker. A perfect match to the checkerboard headliner that was installed in my '71 Avanti. The headliner is not rigid, but very flexible and doesn't require adhesive. As far as the safety of fiberglass in the interior...guess what? The whole car is made of fiberglass, so what's the big deal? My two biggest challenges on the project so far are removing the crash pads over the driver and passenger side windows, and scraping off the adhesive used in anchoring the headliner (sound and heat proofing coming). The crash pads are attac
  2. Hate to hear what happened, as you did your very best to prevent that outcome. I purchased a new windshield for my '71 about a month ago, along with the rubber gasket. While Dan Booth was willing to talk me through the job, I felt it was well above my pay grade. A shop mechanic gave me the name of a professional installer who did the job in my driveway. From start to finish, about three and a half hours and $300. Well worth it IMHO. The only problem was getting the new windshield out of the shipping box. The glass was wrapped in plastic, then they spray foamed up to the top of the box. No dama
  3. Three is the correct answer for the number of AVX's built. One coupe, one convertible and one T-top. AVX 1 (coupe) is owned by AZ chapter prez Dale Sexton, who is the third owner of this stunning turquoise car. Dale has a lot of documentation on this car designed by Tom Kellogg, one of the original Avanti designers. Here it is alongside my '71 Avanti at a recent car show in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix.
  4. I pulled my rear seat a couple of years ago and decided to add a little sound proofing to the divider. The original pad was pretty nasty and falling apart. So the divider got hushmat installed and I glued carpet padding to the divider. The dimensions of the old pad were used on the new pad.
  5. David Bass can most likely help you out. He restores wiper motors and knows all things wiring. He helped me out on my '71 (the switch is exactly like yours) Dave can be reached at 503-551-0453.
  6. The intensity of my speedometer bulb is not as strong as that of the tachometer and fuel gauge, making it difficult to read at night. Both the tach and fuel gauges are newer, and the markings are sharp with no yellowing. But the speedo is probably original equipment. Any suggestions on more illumination, other than replacing the gauge? And any advice on how to get to this bulb without throwing out your back under the dash?
  7. I just had the gear box on my '71 Avanti rebuilt - bushings were shot, which resulted in steering slop. This on the heels of a new rag joint, king pins (see photo below), and a rebuilt bell crank. But finally after almost four years, the steering is where it should be at all speeds!
  8. This could be a great way to kill time while we all social distance...Name the parts you see on Kodjo's floor! I'll get the ball rolling...I see a disc brake in the lower right hand corner, and a drum brake by those stacked tires.
  9. Papa needs to buy baby new shoes. Those oldies aint goodies!
  10. I vote for this guess...one stop centering, as opposed to going from one wheel to the other. Tighter quarters, though.
  11. Definitely doesn't belong in the tank. Only thing that comes to mind is a hose fell in when the tank gage unit was removed. I'd think if the hose is still pliable, it fell in later than sooner in the life of your car. Your wheels and raised white lettered tires look so good on your car!
  12. Thx for the compliment..I'm really pleased with the look and how the car handles. I went from 205/75 R15 to 225/55 R17 tires. A little wider, but not as much sidewall. Net result is the overall height of the wheel and tire is just a tad less than what I had with the 15 inch wheels and tires! You see more wheel now, and less tire. I went with the same size front and back, but do know some Avanti owners who have gone with 18 inchers in the rear. I spent a lot of time researching this change (esp with Harvey Snitzer who owns a '71 as well). There are some scary stories about owners who have
  13. Just took the plunge to 17 inch wheels, and what a difference it's made! My '71 Avanti had the original Magnum 500 15x6 inch wheels, and when I purchased the car, Hankook whitewalls were on it. A spacer was used on the front wheels to clear the Turner disc brakes. I recently purchased 17x7 Magnum 500s and mounted new blackwall tires. The new wheels provided 4.25" back space, and all I needed was 3.75" - so off came the spacers. Perfect fit with no modifications necessary, or clearance issues. Cornering and tracking are so much better now, and the overall look is more muscular. I purchased the
  14. That looks nasty! But the heat coming off the exhaust pipes under the floorboards makes for a toasty ride! As long as you have it off the frame, spray Lizard Skin everywhere underneath. And don't neglect the transmission tunnel aft of the firewall. Not only will you cut down heat transfer, but you'll enjoy a much quieter ride.
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