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  1. Yes, the Studebaker Avanti in the photo has what I believe to be a 'perfect' nose down-tail high original 'rake'......Gorgeous car!!!
  2. mfg

    R3 Option!

    This Avanti Trivia question goes to show how we should NEVER say NEVER when it comes to Studebaker automobile production....A good example is a 1955 Speedster I'm quite familiar with....It was special ordered with the 'normal' front fender top ornaments, and the 'normal' hood center spear DELETED......These deleted items changes the frontal appearance of that Speedster quite a bit from the stock 'look' Studebaker was trying to sell....... Did Studebaker build that Speedster to the customers spec.......OF COURSE THEY DID.......Studebaker, of all the American car companies, wasn't going to disappoint a customer and possibly 'blow' a sale!...(MONEY TALKS!) Hence, if someone actually ordered an R3 engine for his/her new Studebaker in late '62 or early '63....they no doubt would have gotten it!!
  3. mfg

    R3 Option!

    Hey...maybe we should all buy stock in "DEPENDS" !!
  4. mfg

    Avanti Bodies!

    Not so wild....you are CORRECT!
  5. mfg


    That's very true...although I'd like someday to check that engine serial number by peeking under the hood of R5643 at the Crawford Museum!
  6. mfg

    R3 Option!

    Good info Gary!....Although it was completely new at the time, there's no doubt Studebaker would have supplied its R3 engine if a customer insisted on it for a '63 model...although there would probably be an extended waiting time
  7. mfg

    Richard Vaux..RIP

    Some lucky person has purchased a VERY nice Studebaker Avanti!
  8. So how many years were you married?
  9. mfg

    R3 Option!

    I intended not to respond again on this trivia question, as it's postings unfortunately became quite negative........However, interesting information was provided to me that's probably worth mentioning regarding the 1963 Studebaker R3 engine option....... Studebaker Sales Letter (103), which I unfortunately do not have a copy of, apparently indicated the Avanti R3 engine to be available....Interestingly,the letter mentioned Studebaker felt the R3 engine was not ideally suited for city driving under heavy traffic conditions.... That statement could have had an impact on a customer who might have been considering ordering an R3 for his new 1963 Studebaker......This Sales letter, sent to Studebaker dealers, was dated September 27th, 1962. (Note the AMA letter mentioned above, which is dated JULY 23rd, 1962)
  10. mfg


    R3S M506 is the R3 engine that was installed in Avanti R5642, the second to last Studebaker Avanti built.....A typo?...possibly, I'm not sure. R3S 1496 is the R3 engine installed in Avanti # R5625. This info taken from Mr. Krem's April, 1978 TURNING WHEELS article...."NINE OF A KIND".
  11. Interesting!...Once again, my '63 is/was an Avanti Gold, fawn and elk car...but came with the tan & black 'salt & pepper carpeting.....It does sound though that more '63 Avantis with this same exterior/interior came with the solid black carpeting.
  12. mfg


    (Interesting older post)....No idea what the "B" numbers were...but the Studebaker factory engine serial numbers on those nine 'production line' R3's were......... R3S H320.....R3S J330.....R3S K309.....R3S H324.....R3S K301.....R3S K318.....R3S 1496.....R3S M506.....R3S M306
  13. mfg

    Avanti Hose!

    Come to think of it, I can understand the windshield washer solvent Studebaker used staining the paint....but it's a little hard for me to grasp how the material the hose was made from could cause paint staining.
  14. mfg

    Avanti R3 Power!

    All through here?
  15. Yes, I can understand why you were a bit upset...I would be too!....The last time I replaced one of those rear axle bearings I split the old collar with a chisel, then it was relatively easy to slide the old bearing off the shaft......no torch required!! After cleaning things up it was fairly easy to push the new bearing and collar into place. (using a press)
  16. Hi Leo, What a nice, factory looking, original Studebaker Avanti interior!
  17. mfg

    Happy Avanti!

    Yep!...there was a new sheriff in town!
  18. Go to your profile and hit 'RECENT BADGES'...and they will be explained.
  19. Well, if you read it in 'AVANTI TRIVIA', it HAS to be CORRECT!!
  20. February 1st 196i was a HAPPY day in Studebaker/Avanti history because ........?.........
  21. mfg

    Avanti Hose!

    Yes!...And thanks for posting that interesting letter!
  22. mfg

    Sad Avanti Day!

    Yes, the father of the Avanti automobile died..RIP!
  23. mfg

    Avanti Hose!

    I the spring of 1963, Studebaker changed Avanti windshield washer hose material because......?..... 1) Hoses splitting open.....2) Hoses too short (binding).....3) Hoses staining paint.....or.....4) Hoses loosening on nozzle
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