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  1. Does anyone have any information on the Convertible? Was it part of the Jerry Ball collection? Some confusion as to what engine is in this car, i.e, I heard it was a 350 but only 305 were used then. Any input appreciated as I'm looking for an Avanti convertible. Thank You
  2. Is this the same 1989 Convertible that is now for sale (06/08/2022) on ClassicCars.com ??

    Can anyone verify?


  3. I posted this ad in the 84-91 forum. I've had 3 , Avanti's over the years, one for 26 years which I sold (mistake) and truly miss it. They have all been chrome bumper cars. Never had a convertible and it's time for another Avanti. The BOSS wants a convertible as she gave up her Miata some time ago, so help me out if you can. Since I've never had an Avanti convertible I need the pros/cons of what year to get AND any help finding the right car is appreciated. No asking the wife, $$ waiting, just want the right car. Thank You, Jim in MN. Contact me via email at ashie1@charter.net with Avanti in subject. All emails will be answered. Mike, if you still have my Avanti and are willing to sell it back to me... you have my number. Thanks to all.
  4. OK, I sold my Avanti (owned 26 years) and I truly miss it. The caveat is the BOSS wants an Avanti Convertible. Never had a Convertible as I prefer the chrome bumper cars however I understand as she gave up her Miata and wants a replacement. So, all leads appreciated and any input from you convertible owners appreciated. I'm in the Midwest with cash in hand. The BOSS likes the Avanti Convertible so all is good. Thank You Kindly. Contact me via email with Avanti in subject line at ashie1@charter.net.
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