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  1. Was that the date that Jim Lange set his 223.238 mph record at Bonneville 2009 Speed Weeks?
  2. I'll guess the thickest material -- 18 gauge, since it was located inside the body itself.
  3. r1lark

    Avanti Tach!!

    Dixco.............here's a pic:
  4. r1lark

    R3 Number!!

    Hmmm..........thought it was B15, but that's not one of the choices, so guess I don't have an answer.
  5. 'Cars' magazine had an article on the '64 R4 convertible, still wearing it's #3, that they said was clocked at 146 at Bonneville. Supposedly the car came straight from Bonneville to the 'Cars' editors for the road test. Serial number of this car was 64V1003. So, false, it was #3. And, by the way, Andy G. set 12 records in this car, but many many more were set in this same car by Vince G. and Barbra Nieland. The January 1964 Hot Rod Magazine 'Bonneville Wrap-up' article has a lot of info on the records set by this car. This same article has a cool pic of the car at speed:
  6. Gosh Ed, better get your eyes checked! Here is a zoomed version:
  7. So here is my source. When this is done, you can upload your source and we can compare.
  8. "thought" by who, Ed?
  9. Service Bulletin SB-201 from Paxton dated 7/1/64 says 66cc +/- 3cc, so I'll say #3, 68 cc since this falls into the tolerance range.
  10. r1lark

    Happy Avanti!

    Was that the day Sherwood became President of Studebaker-Packard?
  11. r1lark

    R3 Option!

    Is there a Studebaker Sales Letter that announces this to the Dealers? It's one thing to tell the AMA that the R3 will be an option (to make 'back door' hand-built engines legal for various forms of racing}. But if no official Studebaker notification was provided to the Dealers informing them of the option, cost, ordering info, etc how could that be a true option? I don't know, maybe more knowledgeable folks can carry on this debate.
  12. Dick ran the car in USAC competition in 1965, and did not finish the race at the 3-mile Greenwood Roadway at Indianola, Iowa due to suspension issues.................so I'll say lower control arm.
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