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  1. Thom, Assuming you have an external fuel pump (as opposed to a high pressure pump installed in the fuel tank), could the sensor be installed between the fuel tank and the high pressure external fuel pump?
  2. Tom, is the backspacing really 9mm (which converts to 0.35" or roughly 3/8")?
  3. Because of the gear ratios.....................😊
  4. That is very nice! But......to me at least, the fenders/nose in front of the tires looks sort of 'heavy', not sure why (maybe the long low roofline?)
  5. r1lark

    Avanti Belts!

    True! At least, I have a couple of NOS belts with the p/n printed on them. Whether all of them had the p/n, I can't say for sure.
  6. Thanks for posting Lew! Lots of great video and pictures -- lots of Studebaker pics, Andy G. pics, various STP race cars, etc. Even though I was big into NASCAR in the '70s, I did not know about Paula's speed records set at Talladega. I also didn't realize she did so much drag racing in funny cars. Very informative video.
  7. r1lark

    Avanti Tech!

    Silent Sam..........
  8. r1lark

    Avanti Shoes!

    Ed, please email me at r1lark at aol dot com so we can take this discussion off this thread.
  9. r1lark

    Avanti Shoes!

    Ed, I tried to send you a message thru this forum, but it said you cannot receive messages. What do you need measured?
  10. r1lark

    Avanti Shoes!

    I'll say 3) 1953
  11. r1lark

    Paxton R4!

    Came across this today in my picture files, the 'museum' R4:
  12. r1lark

    Paxton Metal!

    Ed will probably say #3 is the right answer, but I'll try #4) aluminum (even though I've never had a Paxton myself, I've seen them polished up and they sure look like aluminum ).
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