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  1. Mine is 2 1/2” back. If someone could measure how far back the holes are to be drilled that might help too. Mike
  2. I bought the NOS metal pieces from Nostalgic and had them chromed in Spokane. I think you can buy repops from some sites. I also did the pirate buckles but left them black. I’ve seen the “S” and plain black emblems for sale, I just had this idea to do something a little different and I got lucky with the result. Mike
  3. I thought I would like to have the emblem on my 83 but didn’t think the “S” would be the right fit. I bought the NOS raw metal piece from Nostalgic and had it chromed. I made a silicone mold from an original “S” emblem. An engraving shop cut out and engraved the black base, and I put it in the mold and poured the hobby shop clear goop over it. It took several tries to get one free of bubbles but I finally got one that turned out pretty good. Thought it would be a way to pay tribute to Mr. Loewry. Mike
  4. The folks at Crutchfield are very knowledgeable and have been very helpful to me in the past. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-6DSqIdoTAIg/m_399/Car-Speakers.html
  5. Nostalgic has them but you need the hands of a surgeon to get them installed without tearing them. Mike
  6. Would make an interesting story to find out what it is, who painted it, and who now has it. Mike
  7. It would be nice if you could connect another temp gauge to make sure yours is accurate. Suppose it wasn’t and your engine temp was right but your heater core is restricted. Have you ever flushed your cooling system and back flushed the heater core? Just a thought. Mike
  8. Most auto parts stores will match them up for you. Mike
  9. Seems as if uncured fiberglass was the problem that it would have peeled all the way, and if the primer/sealer stuck to the fiberglass, the paint would have stuck to that. Whatever the cause, what a tragedy for Blake. Mike
  10. Did the paint peel off the primer or did it peel off clear to the fiberglass? Mike
  11. The last 25 cars in 83 were his 20th anniversary model with plastic bumpers. Mike
  12. Does it have enough clearance to go over a parking curb stop or would one need to be mindful about scraping. Looks nice. Mike
  13. I have 3771 and to avoid the extreme mental anguish of the exact number I’ve just been saying that there were just over 200 made in 83. I spend more time explaining that it wasn’t built in Canada and it isn’t a replica kit car! Mike
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