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ASR Sunroof repairs/parts

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Seems there is a shortage of info on the sunroofs in our cars.

I found a guy yesterday that has extensive knowledge and experience with these sunroofs.

I had him make the body seal that goes around the front and sides of the sunroof,

between the roof edges and front and sides in the closed position.

He has the parts and knows where to get parts for the ASR sunroofs, drive cables, motors,

seals, etc..

He says these same units are still being used by Mercedes as he has worked on them.

Contact info is:



Located in Grand Prairie Texas, between Dallas and Fort Worth.

Possibly this info can be archived for everyone's benefit.

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Sky-top roofs were originally manufactured in St. Louis, Mo. They provided a lot of the sunroofs directly to Avanti. My 84 had a Sky-top roof, I am not sure when they discontinued using these in Avantis. Ernie retired and sold the business to Midwest Metal Fabrication of New Haven, Missouri in late 1991. They are somehow associated with Wenning Enterprises which has a website. They are located at 201 E Industrial Dr New Haven, MO , 63068


I talked to them earlier this year and they indicated they still make and supply parts for the roofs but no longer repair them.

They indicated that the son of the former skytops parts supplier also located in St. louis, Auto Air Company now has a repair shop in Union Missouri and will repair these. I have misplaced his name and number but calling Midwest should provide that information.

I also know that Dan Booth has parts for Sky-tops.

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Hi.  I just bought a 1985 Avanti and the Sunroof is in disrepair (tree branch hit it and it got dislocated in one corner).  I'm considering removing current system and installing a moonroof.  Has anyone done a similar swap and what are your suggestions on this matter?  Vehicle has original 62k miles with the 305 HO.  Most likely will upgrade to a 350 or 383 later this year.

I will also be needing a complete interior (dash, interior panels and seat replacement or reupholstering).  Any suppliers and experiences you  can share are equally appreciated.


Miami, FL

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I've always understood a sun roof is a solid part of the roof that retracts or a canvas screen that does the same.  A moon roof is a smoked color window in the roof that retracts.  I could be wrong but that's my long-term understanding.  You can also have a fixed moon roof as well...my Ford Explorer has both a retracting moon roof over the driver and passenger and a fixed one over the second seat.  

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I was the national account manager for Skytop.  I not only signed franchisees but trained them as well.  I also had a shop in Norwalk, CT.  We had the distinction of being the only shop able to install power moonroofs in Maserati Biturbo's. Anyway I am located north of Boston not really in the sunroof business anymore but if you have an Avanti with a Skytop there is a very good chance I can repair it and have the facilities to fabricate parts.  To address an earlier comment, in the trade a moonroof is a glass panel and a sunroof is metal.

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Biggest cause for consternation I've seen regarding '70's-'80's Avanti moonroofs is the entire assembly breaking away from underside of fiberglass roof panel as factory bonding agent weakens and releases over the years, due to sun's heat and road vibrations.......Moonroof assy drops causing all sorts of bad issues!:(

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