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  1. I’m have zero knowledge of the speedo and there is nothing on the web. I have 2 160 MPH and both are seized solid. I wouldn't’ know the first thing about getting them to move, short of a super large hammer. A pro would hopefully have the needed parts to get them working.
  2. Y’all have been fantastic!!!! Super quick to help with great information. It appears that this is a numbers matching 1963 Studebaker Avanti R2. All of this information gets me closer to striking a deal on the 4th Avanti for my collection. I really appreciate your help. Robert
  3. Okay, The block serial number is RS 1695 the supercharger is MS 2160
  4. I posted this question on the SDC forum because it’s for my 1963 Studebaker GT Hawk R1, but received no replies, so I thought I’d try here. The 160 MPH speedo in my GT Hawk is frozen solid. I removed it from the dash and on closer inspection the black paint around the ring under the glass is flaking off. Because of this I have decided to send it out for a complete rebuild. Somebody has surely dealt with this issue. I am seeking recommendations for how to rebuild it or where to send it for a quality job. Thanks for all you do Robert
  5. I really appreciate the pictures and information! Thank you
  6. Leo, Where is the filling hole in the original that you posted to compare, under the label? I was told the one that I posted had a tapered plug that’s in one of the boxes of parts in the car. I don’t see a fill hole in any pictures I find.
  7. The head number is 535976. I believe the engine serial number is 1557144. I look forward to yall's wisdom! Robert
  8. Does anyone know what the block number and head number should be for an Avanti R2?
  9. Trying to locate the block and head number locations. Any idea where they are located?
  10. Yes,They took the shielding of to work on the engine and put it in a box in the front seat. Good information on the filler cap. Crap, I looked at 1960 a Studebaker 289 and it could be a match! That would possibly explain the black fan blades instead of the orange Avanti. OK, now if it’s an engine from another Studebaker, I would be more likely to pass on it. I really appreciate all of you guys comments and insight!
  11. Perfect! Yeah, it looks like the same unit as your photo.I’m currently going back and forth using pictures while I’m negotiating a purchase. I believe the item on the supercharger is a coolant jug cap or similar. I’m not quite sure what the extra breather looking item is all about. I’m waiting for him to answer a few questions and send more pictures to clarify the condition. He says it runs and drives, so that’s a good point. Thanks for the picture and info. I’ll be looking for block number and other items as soon as I get some more pictures of interior. I’ve checked VIN and it’s and R2.
  12. I have verified that a 1963 Studebaker Avanti I’m looking at purchasing is a true Avanti R2. I want to verify the supercharger installed on the car is in fact the correct unit. When looking at the part connected to the fan belts, does it look correct? Thanks for the replies. Robert
  13. Kelly, I’m messaging you a contact information for a guy close to you that I’m quite sure has what you need. Robert
  14. Ouch! 6 months in storage would drive me up a wall. I drive mine nearly all 12 months to shine and show around here. Safe travels to SDC and AOAI and enjoy that beautiful 76 Avanti!
  15. That sounds like a great idea! It should be pretty straight forward. Now you got me thinking.
  16. Between my 8 automobiles and 16 jukeboxes I have been busy. Today I finally had time to take my 1981 Avanti out for the maiden voyage. I probably put 15 miles on and drives like a dream. It’s been great weather for driving classics.
  17. Thanks for your comments and kind words!
  18. Hi Dwight, I learned something new. I didn’t know the GT Hawks cam with anything but disc front brakes. I can agree 100% with replacing front drum with the Turner disc conversion.My 1963 Studebaker GT Hawk R1 has the factory front disc same as my 1964 Avanti. I really like them. Alan, I think you’ll be happy with replacing the rotors with Avanti original. Enjoy the ride!
  19. Bite the bullet and put a new set at $160 each. They would probably be the last set you ever need to buy. I have a new Turner kit on the shelf to remind me to leave it the way it was built by Studebaker. It passed the fed laws then and stops on a dime. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!
  20. This is the Studebaker Avanti of my post!
  21. I appreciated the insight! The car didn’t get moved around a lot since the tires were put on a couple months ago. Maybe that was enough to cause temporary flat spots.
  22. An update to the front end vibration. I have reached nearly 200 miles on the Avanti since becoming roadworthy again. Today I took it out on the highway and reached speeds of 75 mph and I had no front end vibration. My goal is to drive until I reach 500 miles and then I’ll do an inspection of the car and drive train. The car is driving and handling quite nicely at this point. Thanks again for the suggestions Robert
  23. Dwight, Kind of what I thought. When I rebuilt the calipers, I installed them the same as they came off. Shimmed same as factory install, but I thought I’d gauge it like the manual suggests. Kodjo, I’ll take a closer look at the steering play, but it seems pretty tight. The car only has 50k miles on it. I will have the tire balance checked to see if it tossed a wheel weight. PackardV8, I have went through and made sure every zero was removed, cleaned and reinstalled to accept grease properly. I’ll have to research the steering gearbox and make sure to service it. I don’t recall seeing anything in the manual to give me a heads up on servicing it. I appreciate the heads up.I serviced my bearings. It’s funny that you mention alignment because I was going to take it in for one just for a baseline on when it was serviced. Still has the steel wheels and tire size as close o original as I could get. I will have the balance checked and if that doesn’t work,I’ll switch them front to rear and verify the outcome. Gunslinger, I checked for out of round or flat spots but there was nothing obvious. I appreciate you guys suggestions. I will check those mentioned items and when I correct the issue I will post a follow up. Thanks Robert
  24. I have finally completed getting my 50K mile barn find 1964 Studebaker Avanti out on the open road. I have driven the car for a near 100 mile road test. Since getting it back on the road when I reach 60 MPH I start to get a pretty stout front end vibration and it is major at 65 MPH. The new tires have been balanced and it doesn’t appear to be tire balance. The car had been sitting since 1969 and part of what I had to do is rebuild the front brake calipers. At some point I seem to remember that in order to set up the front disc brakes properly, I was supposed to used shims and verify the calipers were centered perfectly with the rotors. Not something I would usually do, but I ignored that step of my front break installation. Now my question is- Does it sound quite possible or even likely that my front end vibration would be due to the centering of the rotors in the calipers? Has anyone got other suggestions for what may be the cause? Thanks in advance, Robert
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