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  1. Dwight, Kind of what I thought. When I rebuilt the calipers, I installed them the same as they came off. Shimmed same as factory install, but I thought I’d gauge it like the manual suggests. Kodjo, I’ll take a closer look at the steering play, but it seems pretty tight. The car only has 50k miles on it. I will have the tire balance checked to see if it tossed a wheel weight. PackardV8, I have went through and made sure every zero was removed, cleaned and reinstalled to accept grease properly. I’ll have to research the steering gearbox and make sure to service it. I don’t recall seeing anything in the manual to give me a heads up on servicing it. I appreciate the heads up.I serviced my bearings. It’s funny that you mention alignment because I was going to take it in for one just for a baseline on when it was serviced. Still has the steel wheels and tire size as close o original as I could get. I will have the balance checked and if that doesn’t work,I’ll switch them front to rear and verify the outcome. Gunslinger, I checked for out of round or flat spots but there was nothing obvious. I appreciate you guys suggestions. I will check those mentioned items and when I correct the issue I will post a follow up. Thanks Robert
  2. I have finally completed getting my 50K mile barn find 1964 Studebaker Avanti out on the open road. I have driven the car for a near 100 mile road test. Since getting it back on the road when I reach 60 MPH I start to get a pretty stout front end vibration and it is major at 65 MPH. The new tires have been balanced and it doesn’t appear to be tire balance. The car had been sitting since 1969 and part of what I had to do is rebuild the front brake calipers. At some point I seem to remember that in order to set up the front disc brakes properly, I was supposed to used shims and verify the calipers were centered perfectly with the rotors. Not something I would usually do, but I ignored that step of my front break installation. Now my question is- Does it sound quite possible or even likely that my front end vibration would be due to the centering of the rotors in the calipers? Has anyone got other suggestions for what may be the cause? Thanks in advance, Robert
  3. Looks like it came out of mothballs pretty good. Good luck and enjoy! Updates on progress would be great.
  4. 2000 grit wet sandpaper, trigger spray bottle with clean water. One panel at a time using tri-fold sandpaper and an open hand thoroughly sanding lightly until the entire surface has been sanded. Rotate sandpaper and keep the surface and paper clean throughout the process. Follow up with a good compound using an orbital polisher and proper polishing pads. Stay away from your edges. This is the short version. I would recommend visiting your local detail supplier for products, tips and further guidance. Ask lots of questions and don’t proceed until / unless you are comfortable with the process. I would also recommend you do a trial run on an old used body panel to perfect your technique before you attempt the process on the Avanti.
  5. Lol! Yeah, You would think there would be a drooling emoji on a car site.
  6. @Gunslinger, Is this a good read? Are you selling this book? Thanks Robert
  7. No sand and buff yet, just wash and wax. It’s been under a car cover since 1969.
  8. Paul, That looks fantastic! Although I too have been painting cars for over 45 years, I jump at the chance to save original paint. Yours and my 1964 Avanti original paint have to be in the double digits as far as survivors in full originality.
  9. Congratulations! Looks very close to being a driver now. What a great project, post back with progress.
  10. 1inxs


    The spring shop should be able to consult you on spring tension based on the vehicle weight and what ride you would like to get. The shocks can be purchased through many of the Studebaker vendors. The project is looking good. Have fun!
  11. You stated bulb as in single. You need to switch out all of the bulbs in the stop/turn and park circuit to LED as well as the signal flasher to a LED compatible flasher.
  12. I would say “strange likeness”! Buyer Beware on this deal
  13. If my memory serves me correctly, I communicated with Lew and Avanti Magazine and AOAI have no connection. AOAI is a separate group with it's own administrators.
  14. Nice follow up to a super helpful post. Your headliner looks fantastic, Nice Job!
  15. Javier, Good luck with getting that changed! An AOAI moderator has to do the change and I sent a message out months ago with no response from AOAI. I’d edit your signature to add the Avanti information.
  16. I’ve used Jon Meyers for the trunk seal with good results. Some of the others may get them from the same supplier, but mine is done and works well.
  17. Have you found the parts that you are searching for yet? If you are looking for the A/C ducts for the footwell, I believe I have a set from a 1963 Avanti. If you’re looking for the Console A/C controls, I can’t help.
  18. Javier, Is your Avanti not drivable? As I stated in my last post, “any good locksmith can make you door keys”. The lock cylinder does not need to be removed for the to make a key. Just the car and a proof of ownership.
  19. Javier, You may already know, but any good locksmith can make you door keys.They just start out with a brass blank and when done, cut you standard keys.
  20. Too many federal regulations will prohibit another Avanti production or any other auto production for that matter. It was much simpler when all that a new owner had to do is retool and start producing the previous cars.
  21. Ken, I appreciate the quick response. Thank you Robert
  22. Which direction does the power window toggle switch open and close the windows? Are they the same on the driver and passenger window? Push forward for up or down? Pull back for up or down? Someone that knows how they were installed from the factory, please respond. I am looking forward to the response.
  23. The springs will not affect the problem you are dealing with. Yes, snugness is adjustable. You need to adjust the latch so the trunk is snug against the opening. When you trigger the release, the trunk will lift slightly allowing you to open it.
  24. I believe the trunk seal will give enough trunk lift when the trunk release is activated if it’s adjusted properly (slightly snug) and the seal is not hard
  25. The original seatbelts mounts on the Studebaker Avanti are an eye bolt in the floor. Some owners convert them to the common bolt in the floor. You can purchase seatbelts with the original mount and the eye bolt from the Studebaker vendor of your choice.
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