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  1. I got the 64 Avanti back together and went for a short drive to test out the brakes and handling. I had the caliper mounting bracket bolts vibrate loose on my last drive and at the stoplight the caliper rolled forward jamming into the wheel and bringing me to a quick stop. I rebuilt the caliper assembly, installed new brake pads and bled the brakes and everything is back to 100%.
  2. I just cut the connection off of the brass elbow and installed a new on prior to re-installing.The elbow is going to be plugged solid with sand and carbon from all the dirt and old fuel and should be replaced anyway. Robert
  3. I have put a lot of thought into the steering handling of my 1981 Avanti II. I have wondered if the wandering is due to a leaking power steering ram. Is it possible the the ram needs to be bled after refilling it! My 81 seems to jump left and right (wander) and I won’t drive it much until I remedy this. My 1964 and 1970 handle like a dream with no wandering. Maybe someone with history and mechanical experience will respond to my thought!
  4. The chassis can be repaired by a shop with the proper rack and measure tools. Absolutely DO NOT use heat and force to straighten the frame. I did this for a living until 1979 when the majority of cars had full frame chassis. Hopefully you insured it for it’s value and you can take the check and move forward with restoring to previous condition. Although heart breaking and extremely emotional to have an accident in your collector car, in time you can be made whole again. Good Luck!! Robert
  5. 1inxs


    Brad, That looks fantastic! I will be adding one to my 64 Avanti for sure.
  6. I recommend getting under the Avanti and access the flywheel gear. Use a dull stout flat blade screwdriver and advance the engine an inch a day for a couple of weeks until it moves freely. You should be able to turn it over using the starter, as long as the starter has been freed up. I had great success using this method on my 1964 Avanti that had sat on blocks since 1969. Good Luck! Robert
  7. It seems that this subject has been discussed many numerous times in the forum. For the life of me, I can never descramble the numerous points of view and opinion. My 1964 Studebaker Avanti R1 has and will always have the original front disc brakes. I’m contemplating switching out my stock steel wheels for A set of chrome alloy wheels. Will the 15” wheels with the following specifications work on the stock Studebaker Avanti with OEM disc brakes? Thanks Y’all in advance! Robert
  8. Maybe you just answered your own question! Did you install dynamat over the kick panels, blocking the air from coming in through the vents?
  9. Dan is always ready to walk one through the process. I would call him and ask for guidance. I posted my response without looking at you location! The instructions say to bypass the resistor It looks like anything above 1900 degrees no springs are used. Hopefully someone that has done the upgrade will respond
  10. I realize that this is an old thread! To me, it appears to be a Turner brake conversion. From what I can see, it is installed improperly. From what I think I understand, is in the turner conversion the caliper should be mounted in a rear position of the rotor. This looks to be positioned forward on the rotor. This could well be why the OP had issues withthebrakes rubbing the suspension.
  11. Dwight, They look good in the pictures. Are you able to ship them? I would like them both if we can work out a price for the wheels and shipping them. Thanks Robert
  12. I appreciate it. Let me know when you can! Thanks Again Robert
  13. Dwight, Yes, I would like to keep with all OEM Studebaker Avanti wheels. I have one the got buggered up on the inside and I would feel better if I just replaced it. I would be interested in getting one or two from you. Thanks Robert
  14. I recently had a mechanical mishap and scarred the inside of my wheel. Does someone have a lead on where I can get a replacement. Preferably OEM original. Thank you
  15. I’m have zero knowledge of the speedo and there is nothing on the web. I have 2 160 MPH and both are seized solid. I wouldn't’ know the first thing about getting them to move, short of a super large hammer. A pro would hopefully have the needed parts to get them working.
  16. Y’all have been fantastic!!!! Super quick to help with great information. It appears that this is a numbers matching 1963 Studebaker Avanti R2. All of this information gets me closer to striking a deal on the 4th Avanti for my collection. I really appreciate your help. Robert
  17. Okay, The block serial number is RS 1695 the supercharger is MS 2160
  18. I posted this question on the SDC forum because it’s for my 1963 Studebaker GT Hawk R1, but received no replies, so I thought I’d try here. The 160 MPH speedo in my GT Hawk is frozen solid. I removed it from the dash and on closer inspection the black paint around the ring under the glass is flaking off. Because of this I have decided to send it out for a complete rebuild. Somebody has surely dealt with this issue. I am seeking recommendations for how to rebuild it or where to send it for a quality job. Thanks for all you do Robert
  19. I really appreciate the pictures and information! Thank you
  20. Leo, Where is the filling hole in the original that you posted to compare, under the label? I was told the one that I posted had a tapered plug that’s in one of the boxes of parts in the car. I don’t see a fill hole in any pictures I find.
  21. The head number is 535976. I believe the engine serial number is 1557144. I look forward to yall's wisdom! Robert
  22. Does anyone know what the block number and head number should be for an Avanti R2?
  23. Trying to locate the block and head number locations. Any idea where they are located?
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