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  1. Thanks! Yes, I figure its in that insulation blob after hunting everywhere else! Thanks all. I think I can actually get at that! I hope... 🙂
  2. OR... maybe the valve is in that black glob of insulation? Both of the two AC hoses disappear into this blob, so would it make sense that the valve is there? Maybe the copper tube is for something else involving the heater.
  3. Heres another image of this little panel. I guess I'm going to take that off and see whats behind it?
  4. So, I have a LOT more junk going in and and out of there than you do. I can't see anything that looks like an expansion valve. My guess is that the thin copper tube is the capillary tube that goes from the sensor to the valve, but the part that I can follow tucks behind the big hoses into this little brass panel. So is that the sensor side or the valve side? Its so hard to see whats going on! The other side snakes deeper toward the evaporator. Two pix are attached. Advice?
  5. One other query: To replace the expansion valve only, do I have to do the intense disassembly of everything, or did you have an easier access way to get at it? I know its in the console, but I'm really new at this car, and don't really know how to disassemble the console to get at it.
  6. Hey guys, if i just wanted to replace the Expansion Valve and Evaporator thermostat, but leave the Evaporator core alone, do I still have to rip all that stuff out to get at the Exp Valve? Or is there an easier access to this? I have an 81. Advice?
  7. If you ever do a full gauge swap out, I am curious about that. I also think the illumination on my gauges suck, so I'm thinking about replacing all of them with something that looks vintage but is backlit.
  8. Did you have to cut a piece of the inside fiberglass bracing to get it to fit? That has been my primary hesitation in going with the NuRelics is I saw an install video about having to cut a segment out and it gives me a bit of pause.
  9. 4 small questions: 1) is there a typo in your expansion valve number? I found a 33076-VUI. 2) *where* is the Drier located? 3) *IF* I wanted to go ahead and replace the evaporator, did yours have any identifying size/type/model that would allow me to hunt for replacement? I can maybe save that for last and see if the current one works, but if I'm going to replace the expansion valve, maybe it could all just happen at once. 4) are you happy with the results and the parts? anything you would do different? I measured and will go for the larger 22" wide condenser (23" would be perfect but thats not an option I can see). thanks so much for all that help! I feel I am well on the way now.
  10. THANK YOU for this. Great information, and thanks so much for the parts list! exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! this helps a lot!
  11. thanks for the tip, I'll definitely start with those things then. But is the Avanti expansion valve in the center console with the evaporator? Just because honestly if I'm going through the trouble of taking this all apart, the expense of that part is the least of my issues. 🙂 Do you have any knowledge about what size/model condenser units would fit on the 81 Avanti? I've got someone checking over at Vintage Air, but they don't seem to know much about the later Avanti's.
  12. Thats exactly the one I'm thinking about for the compressor, but wondering what is a good evaporator and condenser? I hate taking things apart and then finding out I have to special order some part that will take months while the car sits in pieces. I'm thinking if I redo the AC I'll just redo the whole thing all at once.
  13. So I'm trying to figure out what radiator hose to get for my 81 with a 305. (I've already bought one wrong one, would rather stop the trial and error approach) SI sells these: Based on looks, it appears I need the "Short" one (though it looks longer to me, and is more expensive than the "long" one), but do I need the other one anywhere? I sort of thought maybe i needed both parts since the hose is two segments, but neither one is short enough for the bit between the radiator and the coupler. Some advice please on what to buy. Thanks.
  14. the link Pantera posted above is what I used to troubleshoot my window. It now works, but not super great. There is a pretty well regarded replacement option called Nu-Relics that some folks have done with success and that may be in my future someday.
  15. Thanks folks. I am pretty set on replacing most of the components, and am really just looking for anyone that has recently done this and can recommend actual parts that fit and work well, beyond the compressor, so I can source some of the stuff before tearing the car apart. I wrote to Myers to see if he has recommendations or can sell me the whole shebang of what i would need, but with the holidays and all, i havent heard back. I'll post updates as they happen.
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