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  1. What i do in these situations is remove the gas door and take it to a paint supplier to do a custom color match. Due to time and the elements, even if you had the correct code, new paint would probably not match very well. Best of luck
  2. Yes i did. I am about read to go back to a rebuilt A6. Very frustrated. Wither difference in high to low side pressures, I would think this S6 should cool quite well.
  3. My 1980 Avanti had the original A6 compressor. It was converted years ago to R-134a. It cooled well but it was leaking around the front seal. I replaced it with an S6 from Old Air products. It was supposed to be a direct replacement for the original and it did bolt right up. But now, it does not seem to cool near as well as the other regardless of the amount of 134a. It pulls the low side down to almost zero and the high side goes to around 225 PSIG. I would normally expect to see 20-30 pSIG on the low side but if i try to charge it more to achieve that, the high side may hit close to 300 PSIG. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. I believe that both used Girling but that is about all that is common, the brand
  5. Counter clockwise and it is only stupid if you already know the answer
  6. Another proof that my memory is not that good
  7. In with the good air and out with the bad air! It's like oil. It need to be changed every 3,000 miles.🤣
  8. Yep, you gotta get up pretty early in the afternoon to fool me!😉
  9. Didn't they play Up up and Away in my beautiful balloon by the 5th Dimension then ?🤣
  10. That would have been my next guess!
  11. Here we go with the 50/50/90 rule again. Gus Saros
  12. 50/50/90 rule again
  13. With the tires on them would make them expensive to ship indeed. I may be up your way later this Summer if you are not in a big hurry
  14. I agree. I have wire wheels on my 1980 which are nice but a pain to clean. Do you know what the width is of the original wire wheels? 6" or 7"?
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