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  1. So maybe no one ordered them with the "standard equipment"
  2. I agree. I have never seen wire wheel covers. Just Dayton wire wheels
  3. Close. It all "hinges" on the details!🤣
  4. So I guess that did not include the hub since the bolt pattern is different.
  5. Well we can't help it that your car is missing a piece!🤣😉
  6. Good because RegnalBob and I were going to have to get on you about this!!🤣
  7. So they have Avanti hinges
  8. The old 50/50/90 rule strikes again
  9. Made of what material?
  10. Both have fiberglass bodies
  11. I thought it was 4/16"
  12. pantera928

    "ll" !

    I knew that but you beat me to it
  13. There is on mine. At the bottom in the center. I have the square headlight rims used from 1964-1983
  14. Great diagram. Much better than what I have. Thanks. Went to my favorite old school alternator and starter rebuilder and I guess after 42 years, the alternator gave up
  15. Your high beam indicator should be on your speedometer. It is blue on mine
  16. While driving this evening, I noticed the small red light in the top center of the instrument panel come on. I always thought this was just a choke indicator but then I noticed that the ammeter was reading negative. Well, I got home and checked the charge circuit and sure enough, 11.8 volts. So how does this light come on when the alternator stops charging? Any ideas? Thanks
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