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  1. What’s old is new again…K&N air filters are essentially modern oil bath filters but many refuse to use them as they can supposedly allow debris flow through.
  2. A lot depends on the camshaft specs where the engine has its power and torque curve applied. The 400…which can be turned into a real torque monster…was basically a station wagon engine. Due to its intended use Chevy engineers gave it a more torquey camshaft design.
  3. A good local radiator shop should be able to rebuild your current radiator. They order cores by size and flow design. You can specify more cooing fins per inch and increase cooling capability without increasing dimensional size.
  4. I believe that’s the #8 Bonneville car.
  5. 1977...beginning with RQ-B2500.
  6. It wouldn't be the blower as that takes engine horsepower to create positive pressure. The only thing I can think of would be the transistor ignition as it creates a stronger, more consistent spark...particularly at higher rpm's.
  7. Five...one on each oil breather cap...two on each valve cover and one on the crankcase vent breather.
  8. Tilted the engine slightly…or so I’ve been told.
  9. The cowl vents…a vent was added to direct cooling air to the transmission so the shifter wouldn’t be so hot.
  10. Cars with power windows also received a protective cover over the wiring bundle leading from the body to the door. Originally it was just taped wires exposed to damage.
  11. Studebaker sent a directive to dealers that any unsold new ‘63 Avantis were to be titled as 1964 models when sold. That might be one reason the “63” prefix of the serial number was dropped. That’s why there are many Avantis titled as a 1964 when they’re actually a ‘63. Avanti Motors supposedly occasionally did the same…if an unsold Avanti II wasn’t sold until later they titled it as the later model year. Things like that led to the federal government mandating the 17-digit VIN beginning with the 1981 model year with a model year code in it along with other information.
  12. 1968 was the year all new car production was mandated to have side marker lights. Avanti Motors had an exemption as a small maker for some safety items which could be delayed but I believe they did start side markers for 1968. But for Jeep markers I’ll bow to pantera.
  13. Yes…all Avanti disc brakes were power assisted. I’ve never seen a ‘63 or ‘64 Avanti that didn’t come with chromed valve covers as standard. Photos of prototypes show painted valve covers but they would have been swapped to chrome before being given new serial numbers and other upgrades before being sold in 1964. The valley cover was originally chromed and changed to painted black.
  14. The Avanti was the first American car to have modern caliper disc brakes as standard…a big safety point. There had previously been cars with disc brakes but were outliers in the scheme of the industry…the Crosley Hot Shot had spot disc brakes…whatever spot discs are…but the Crosley wasn’t a good seller. A completely padded interior for safety was a great advertising point as well but probably didn’t carry the same cache as the brake advance.
  15. It was reported that for sentimental purposes some wanted the Packard name resurrected.
  16. The #9 has nothing to do with serial number…it’s the number assigned it at the Bonneville Salt Flats by the USAC or whomever was the authorities of the time trials. There was also the #8 car which was an Avanti…I believe the #5 car was a GT Hawk…and so on. #9 happened to be the car that made the record runs…#8 was supposed to but it had an overheating problem so the honors fell to #9.
  17. Some very early Avanti IIs received the chrome piece and the "pirate's buckles" on the sail panels but the Studebaker "S" is blacked out. If you look at early sales brochures they're very clearly on the cars. The small "pirate's buckle" between the rear seat cushions was there as well but covered with upholstery...at least the '70 I had was like that. I don't remember whether there were any of the buckles on the door panels early on but there may well have been. At what point the exterior emblems were dropped I don't know...it really made no sense to keep them with a blacked out "S" and made for a cleaner exterior look as well to my eye. Not using them also meant they could be inventoried and sold through the parts department.
  18. I don’t know what air cleaner Studebaker would have used for an R4 Avanti but many years ago I saw an Avanti with R4 installed. The air cleaner was similar to…if not identical…to an early Mopar 426 Hemi air cleaner. I don’t know if it was a Studebaker sourced part or a Mopar unit that was used. Unfortunately I can’t find any photos I may have taken of it.
  19. Measure the spread of the mounting holes…any quality speaker that has the spread and matching impedance (ohms) should work fine. Speakers today are probably superior to what was available back then. In the ‘70 I had I installed Boston Acoustics speakers and they were awesome. There are a number of good brands to choose from…Pioneer…Kenwood..Alpine and others.
  20. Gunslinger

    Bob Palma

    Bob Palma is a long-time well known guy in the Studebaker world though not as much with Avantis. He’s long been a technical advisor with Turning Wheels…the Studebaker Drivers Club’s magazine and regular columnist in Hemings Classic Cars. His dad was one of the last…if not the last…Packard dealers. Last year during a routine health check up Bob received the news had had cancer which had already spread. He’s been going through treatments and was just informed nothing is helping and treatments are being discontinued. He’s been given 4-6 months. I’ve known Bob for some time…one of the greatest guys you’ll ever meet and one of then most knowledgeable people on Studebaker out there…mechanically and historically. The Studebaker world will suffer a huge loss that will be difficult if not impossible to fill.
  21. It needed the ground strap or there would have been no effective ground plane for reception purposes. A metal bodied car forms its own ground plane.
  22. Condenser filter on the alternator. I’m not sure if there was an additional one on the distributor…probably not since the distributor was covered by shielding. There have been one attached to the radio itself.
  23. Prototyping for the 340cid engine?
  24. It would make sense for Studebaker to have test fitted a R4 engine into an Avanti for measurements and clearances. You don’t wait for it to be made a production option without knowing how it’s built and assembled. Without such measurements how do you produce special parts and know costs?
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