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  1. R4 engines were not very streetable...radical camshaft and overcarbureted for anything but wide-open driving. While a/c may have been available for a R4 if any had been ordered...it probably wouldn't have been very a/c friendly in a practical sense. What dd they have...12:1 compression? Racing gas would have been required to keep detonation at bay and adding the load of a/c would only make it worse.
  2. Under the dash...directly under the hood latches are holes in the body...should have plastic caps in them but they could be gone after so much time. You can reach up with a long screw driver and pop open the hood latches. The rubber gas hose...if it's what I think it is...should exit to the underside of the car. It's a vent line. Depending on what year Avanti it may be for a charcoal filter for emissions reasons.
  3. From what I understand the reason is the planetary balls require a certain amount of rolling friction to roll properly. With synthetic fluid with its lack of inherent friction the planetary balls will slip and skid rather than rotate and that will create hotspots and wear spots which reduces their effectiveness and lifespan.
  4. You should be able to source one from Jon Myer of Myer’s Studebaker, Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors or Studebaker International.
  5. There was no Avanti in any James Bond movie that I'm aware of. If so...I would think Avantis would have a much higher profile in the public eye and have higher market values.
  6. Did you replace the receiver/dryer or whatever is used in its place? Anytime the system is opened up the dryer should automatically be replaced. The expansion valve should be looked at as well...if that clogs the high side hose will literally explode off the compressor...no need to ask how I know that. That being said...the GM A-6 compressor...while large and heavy...is an exceptionally good piece of cooling equipment. I've heard people say it can damn near cool a house. Replacement compressors may not cool as well even though they may be lighter and smaller.
  7. Just a guess on my part but I think it's a corner stiffener for the frame. In the mid-'70s Avanti Motors ran out of original Avanti frames and started using somewhat lighter gauge frames from standard Larks and added the X-member and stiffeners to bring them up to original specs.
  8. 4...Clark Kent was the reporter...with an assist from Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. 🤣
  9. Again...depending on your state laws and assuming they have special license plates for antique or historic cars, the car may be exempt from emissions regulations. If that's the case you can do as you like. You'll have to check with the state for that. EGR systems existed before catalytic converters so whether you keep it may have no effect otherwise...not sure of that. I used to have a '78 Corvette that I got rid of the cat and installed a true dual exhaust, got rid of the EGR and the car ran great.
  10. There's ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. I don't know anything about Glycerol...it may just be a trade name for one. There re some coolants...like GM's Dex-Cool...that are not compatible with ethylene glycol coolants at all...mixing them will create a cloudy mess that forms clogs and GM had a real issue with aluminum engines overheating and blowing due to not adequately alerting owners and non-GM dealer techs about the issue. Unless one completely flushes the system and changes hoses and anything else internal to the cooling passages mixing types is not recommended. Stick with what's appropriate for the year, make and model.
  11. The moonroofs Avanti Motors used were not designed strictly for the Avanti...they were adapted from another vehicle (Lincoln I believe)...and thus were neither fish nor fowl when it came to long term durability. They would leak after a time if the glass warped or the roof fiberglass degraded or if the seals dried out. Their drains were channeled into the hog troughs where the water would sit and cause rust. Most advanced Avanti owners avoid moonroof equipped cars. I know a guy (now passed away) who owned a body shop. He actually had the roof off his Avanti sliced off and a NOS, solid roof grafted on to get away from the problems.
  12. G13 coolant is not recommended for cars with brass or copper cooling systems and heaters. You should use a good ethylene glycol coolant for older cars. You'll have to change it more often than the long life types but its chemical makeup won't attack the cooling system components or cause clogs.
  13. If your state allows it I would do as Jim78 says...lose the cat and install a true dual exhaust with low restriction mufflers. Also...as he says...you can buy aftermarket cats and install them but only if you really want them. Installing a true dual exhaust will do wonders for performance in most cases...especially if you increase the pipe diameter from the factory pipes to 2 1/4" or 2 1/2" diameter.
  14. Harding…he told Egbert either make the Avanti out of fiberglass or forget it.
  15. There's a lot of "experts" out there spreading misinformation...even if unintentionally.
  16. I don’t believe Edelbrock calls them dashpots or throttle kickers…they call idle or a/c compensators or some such name. It’s been a while since I’ve used anything from Edelbrock…great stuff BTW…but I believe they have brackets for them as well.
  17. Check with Edelbrock…they sell a dash pot for their carburetors which are modern versions of the Carter AFB.
  18. RQB2175 was the last '74 Avanti...the gas tank was changed at RQB2155. I'm guess that RQB2175 was the last Altman Avanti with a true dual exhaust system before a catalytic converter was added and a single exhaust that split to duals after the muffler. The catalytic converter was pretty much across the board with American made cars beginning with the '75 model year.
  19. Been there...done that. I learned the hard way never to completely fill an Avanti gas tank and park it driver side with any kind of down angle...especially on a hot day.
  20. The 2001-2004 Avantis didn’t use the older Chevy small block…they used the LS-1 which is actually about 347 cubic inches. Reprogram the computer…change the mass airflow sensor…add a cold air induction kit and you’ve got a engine that acts nice and tame until you give it throttle…all without a lot of financial investment or doing anything substantive or irreversible to the engine.
  21. It was 305 but it didn’t take much to bump the power up noticeably.
  22. The term is pretty accurate. Many old time Studebaker owners will argue you down to the last penny on anything.
  23. It wasn’t the paint so much as the new body material. Blake selected a different process to be able to make the bodies in larger sections to save on the man-hours necessary to assemble it. It took far longer for the material to cure and the new paint was simply incompatible. Most any paint would likely have had adhesion problems as the body hadn’t cured long enough. If Blake has tried one or a small number of cars to test the new body/paint combination he may have been able to avoid so many problems that caused his ownership to fail. He could easily have left the bulk of production in the original way of doing things until the new process either proved out or…as we know…failed. Of course…hindsight is 20-20.
  24. The '84-'96 C4 generation of Vettes is known as "doorstops".
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