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  1. Hi there!  Saw your post!  I just got an 81 with a SkyTop that I need to re-attach and re weather seal.  Do you have a source for the weather seals?  And second, the go-to bonding agent for attaching the moonroof to the roof has been JB Weld, but is that still the best thing, or is there something new thats better?  I think mechanically the roof seems to work well except for having dropped down a quarter inch.  thanks for any advice on these.  Javier@CineFont.com

  2. I was the national account manager for Skytop. I not only signed franchisees but trained them as well. I also had a shop in Norwalk, CT. We had the distinction of being the only shop able to install power moonroofs in Maserati Biturbo's. Anyway I am located north of Boston not really in the sunroof business anymore but if you have an Avanti with a Skytop there is a very good chance I can repair it and have the facilities to fabricate parts. To address an earlier comment, in the trade a moonroof is a glass panel and a sunroof is metal.
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