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  1. At 6’ 5” I sit tall in most cars unless I can power the seat to a low position. For me, most rear view mirrors obscure my view of the road. The mirror in the low position only blocks out my view of the hood, not the road. Not sure what the original intent of the low mounted mirror was, but it did work for some of us! Mike
  2. Dan Booth’s background as an Avanti dealer and a factory authorized warranty provider make him one of most knowledgeable sources of information in the Avanti world. That plus his acquisition of the factory part inventory make him a go to guy. Dan’s relationships with former factory owners and employees are the basis of behind the scene stories that would make a great book. As a one man show selling parts and writing how-to articles in Avanti Magazine it doesn’t seem likely we will ever see a book. Too bad, but as enthusiasts we should be thankful we have Dan and all the other knowledgeable vendors and repair folks out there Mike
  3. Footer

    Avanti Jobs!

    Did they all come off the Studebaker Avanti assembly line? Mike
  4. Nostalgic Motors advertises gauges in the Avanti Magazine. https://www.nostalgicmotorcars.net/store/c63/Speedometer_%26_Drive_Parts.html#/
  5. Dunkin The AOAI magazine has advertising from several parts vendors, has cars for sale, and has many articles on repairs and car shows. It also lists various Avanti Clubs around the country. You should do a little research before you dive into the car hobby, and definitely Avanti! Good luck, Mike
  6. Nostalgic advertises a “rag joint bolt” in the latest Avanti Magazine. Not sure if that is the one you are looking for.
  7. I put one of these in mine. Easy to stuff in between the passenger seat and console and removes in a second. Mike https://www.amazon.com/Iokone-Pocket-Console-Leather-Organizer/dp/B075FLKFJC/ref=pd_day0_2?pd_rd_w=uV3Wt&pf_rd_p=8ca997d7-1ea0-4c8f-9e14-a6d756b83e30&pf_rd_r=9FC05F028SKWZWF2HX1G&pd_rd_r=5f9a5ee2-d5e6-411d-83f2-6d77edc52428&pd_rd_wg=yHB8i&pd_rd_i=B075FLKFJC&psc=1
  8. Stuart I did the same to my 83. Didn’t use a kit, just replaced the backup bulb with an 1157 LED bulb, bought a couple LED lights for backups of the internet, and did a little rewiring. Nostalgic had the red lenses. I figure it doesn’t hurt to have the extra brake lights. Mike
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