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  1. I spoke to Bob just last week. Never had a problem reaching him.
  2. Steve, Thank you, I appreciate it. Robert
  3. I wonder if that is the trunk popper motor bracket?
  4. I’m in need of a pair of original side markers for a 1969 Avanti II. Please let me know what you have. Thanks Robert
  5. Here is a picture (albeit blurry) of the original Avanti side marker.
  6. AD, Yeah, I believe it was a Datsun part. I appreciate the link you attached. I had already actually looked at those and save them in my eBay watch list before my post. They look similar, with the exception of the screws in the lens. The originals on the Avanti had no screws. I may have to measure mine and see if those would work in a pinch. Thanks Robert
  7. Gunslinger, appreciate it. I’ll talk with Dan in the AM. Hoping someone else in the forum worked on Avanti and has knowledge of the parts vendors used during the 1960s. The marker assembly on my 1970 has SAE P167 FW7010 Japan R embossed across the lens.
  8. One of my 1970 Avanti side marker lens separated from the housing. I may use a good epoxy to re-attach it. I thought I would start searching for replacement for the future. I wasn’t sure how to pose the question, so I’ll pose it three ways. What front side markers were used in the Avanti? What manufacturer built the front side maker lamps for the 1970 Avanti? Where can they be purchased? Thanks Robert
  9. I’m attempting to return my 1981 Avanti II cooling system to original. It currently has two radiator caps. One is in a tee in the top radiator hose and one is on the radiator. It also has an overflow container mounted radiator support to the right of the radiator. My thought is to have a 13lb cap in the radiator and eliminate the one incorporated into the upper radiator hose assembly. Am I on the right track, or did Avanti Motors include two (2) radiator caps in the Cooling system? I also purchased a new radiator overflow kit from SI to replace the old one.
  10. The Avanti Motors Avanti II seats were completely different from the original Studebaker seats. The seats were made be Recaro. I’m not sure what years the original seats were used and when Recaro were added. Someone else will probably respond with more input.
  11. My 1981 Avanti is getting closer to handling like my 1964. I removed the bellcrank bracket with shaft and cleaned it with solvent. It was still tight and rotated smoothly. When I removed the 7/16” - 20 x 2-1/4” pinch bolt , it was only snug. I doubt it even had 25 ft lbs of torque. The threads were buggered up, so I purchased a new replacement. When I got it all put back together, new zerk fitting, greased properly and torqued to 65 ft lbs and took it out for a test drive. I put nearly 70 miles on it today and the steering feels much better. It still doesn’t seem 100%, but I’m hoping that it just needs to be aligned to clear up the steering completely. But the excessive play was pretty much eliminated with the proper torque of the Bellcrank pinchbolt.
  12. Is the headliner material still available? I wouldn’t mind updating the headliner in my 70 Avanti.
  13. Thank you for the help Zedman! I’m hoping this helps cure my scary steering
  14. Zedman, Sorry, yeah, after your post, I decided to put more effort into researching my parts manual for the answer. For Avanti with power steering I see a listing for the listing for 7/16” -20 x 2-1/4” and a washer 7/16” - 20, but I don’t see a nut for a power steering car. I also didn’t think there was a nut involved in this assembly. Have I made a wrong assumption? Thanks Robert
  15. I appreciate the quick info. I wasn’t able to locate the pinch bolt from SI, so started to look elsewhere. Thanks Robert
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