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  1. I just put in those LEDs from Superbright and so far, they aren't any brighter. Maybe worse. I do like the red color though
  2. Congratulations. Post some picture when you get it home. We like pictures!😀
  3. What kodjo said is good advice only I removed the speedometer first to create my first big access hole
  4. So am I correct in assuming that the 1981 and up cars with a 305 and an th400-4R used a different drive shaft than the earlier cars with the 350 and 5400 transmissions? What does this TV cable do?
  5. I was told by another owner that the 200-4R would drop right in without and mods to the drive shaft. Anyone? TV cable??
  6. Could be that the thermostat is stuck open
  7. I have done it with the seat in and suffered for a couple of days afterwards. Advil days!🤣
  8. Well, I drove my 1980 home to Georgia from Cincinnati today. 500 miles. No issues but 3000 RPM at 70 MPH seems high. Looking to get that RPM down. Everything on the car working great except the clock.
  9. Both my old original and the new one have the float oriented toward the passenger side of the tank
  10. Thanks. Just got through installing the covers this evening
  11. Sweet. Keep posting updates
  12. It could be the tank itself and I just never noticed it. If i just put the car in reverse or drive and move a few feet, I can hear it for a few seconds. It does have a stainless steel tank that was installed by the previous owner. Made to the original specs.
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