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  1. The last...if I remember it's a R-3 which makes it double rare....last Studebaker Avanti plus last factory R-3.
  2. Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors is your guy for this.
  3. Not sure if it's the same...in the late '70s Avanti Motors ran out of original Avanti frames. A Lark-type non-convertible frame of thinner gauge was substituted with the "X" welded in and stiffeners added. Whether the "X" was the same gauge as the original I don't know. I'll take a SWAG and say false...same design but possibly a thinner gauge.
  4. I don't have the information handy but at a certain serial number all Avantis came with black carpeting. It should be in the body and parts manual if you have it...it will give what serial number car the carpeting was black for all.
  5. Gunslinger

    "ll" !

    Lark V8 emblem.
  6. Mine were in bad need of recovering when I purchased them. The upholstery shop I used for many years had trouble finding matching leather for them. Ultimately they found what I wanted from an aircraft upholstery supplier. The shop did a superb job recovering them. I doubt if you will ever find ready to go covers but if you find matching leather you're ahead of the game.
  7. I believe it was an Avanti exclusive seat for Avanti Motors...at least that's what they told me when I purchased a used set of Recaros from a later Avanti I installed in the '70 I owned. Some parts may be more or less universal for Recaro seats but that's about it...and they were about the most comfortable and supportive auto seats I've ever sat in. Recaro does not have sliders or bases anymore. The sliders are more or less universal and go with Avanti-specific bases. If sliders and bases are what you want information on...contact Wedge Engineering. They have sliders and the Avanti-specific base design and can whip up bases in short order.
  8. Since it only does it at a specific speed I would agree with the driveshaft balance theory. Sometimes vibrations balance out after a certain point...something like exhaust would simply change tone or get worse as it strikes the frame.
  9. You could always replace the TH400 with a 5- or 6-speed Tremec. Performance and economy! It would take a while to recover the conversion costs but it would be a great swap.
  10. That's a smog era engine with a 3-speed automatic...excellent transmission it is...but that's probably about what you can expect from the combination. Without knowing the rear axle ratio you might be able to squeeze out 16mpg if the car is tuned on a computerized machine. Changing the transmission to an automatic overdrive such as a 200R4 or 700R4 will help drop the rpms and improve mileage.
  11. I "think" I have some of the Avanti disc labels but everything is in storage since we moved and I won't have access for at least a month.
  12. There's no specific Avanti center cap...the generic Magnum 500 cap was used. This is what was used... Later...aftermarket vendors had center discs made with the Avanti logo you could glue in.
  13. Avanti Motors used the stock Magnum 500 cap. Check out Summit Racing or Jegs...they list the caps. They came in several styles depending on whether it going to Ford, AMC, Chrysler or Avanti Motors which used the generic "Magnum 500" center cap.
  14. I used the Mr. Goodwrench scissors jack I purchased from Walmart as I said previously. I don't remember the handle it came with but since I used a donut emergency spare instead of a full-size spare tire I had no problems fitting the jack inside the spare tire well as well as other emergency equipment with room to spare.
  15. First thing...they should be flat top. If they're dished they're replacements.
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