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  1. 1nxs, kwol, thanks for the good words. @Stormy, nice survivor. @KWOL, "To Paint or Not to Paint. That is the Question" Liking your Silver Shadow. I have a '71 Corniche Coupe' that I want to paint because I dont like its gold color. Also have a '78 Bentley T2. Love the R-Rs and Bs. - Great cars with interesting automotive history. PITA to maintain though. 🙂
  2. I agree. Looks like a solid car. Before you go all out and paint it, try giving it a good polishing. My 63 (sold) sat in a garage for 35 years. Here is what it looked like before and after a wet sanding and polish. It took a 3rd place in one of the classes (forgot which one) at the LaPalma Studebaker Show in Anaheim, CA a few years back too. Amazing what some "elbow grease" and patience will produce. I enjoyed it as a driver and it had that worn original look. Keep us posted!
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