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  1. Its a simple repair for an experienced mechanic familiar with this type of coupler. About 1 hour labor. I did mine on a 74 in the parking lot of a storage facility so I could drive it away. Took an hour maybe a little less. NAPA had one in stock but no listing for Avanti II (of course) Just asked for a few samples of 70s Chevy rag joints and matched it up.
  2. I have a similar situation. I want to remove a car I no longer own. I asked about it years ago but couldn't get instructions to make the change.
  3. I purchased a new gasket for my car when painted and received one narrow that would not reach the outer body edge of the glass opening in certain areas leaving small gaps. The vendor said his gasket was correct and mentioned other vendors gaskets were incorrect, too wide and looked like a "truck gasket". I didn't pursue a refund becasue the vendor was "right" but I had the facts - a properly installed gasket that didn't fit. I purchased one of the "incorrect" gaskets from another vendor and it fit and looked perfect. This was 20 years ago and I'm sure any poorly molded gaskets are now long go
  4. What the wheelwrap a custom or a pre-made like Wheelskin?
  5. Below is a photo of my 74 (sold) showing another example of covering the frame ends where the CC was mounted. "Correctness" really doesn't matter much with Avanti IIs but to me, this retrofit looked correct and required virtually no modification. This was 20 years ago, but with my 74, I remember using some long bolts and pieces of narrow pipe (which I painted) that worked as a spacer between the frame end and the fog lamp allowing the lamp to mount level. The pipes were a "sleeve" around the bolt. To each their own but I was happy and it took only an hour to install. From the side v
  6. I have a few tanks here if you need one. If I remember I have both versions for Studebaker and the later Chevy engines.
  7. Paul K.


    Thanks for posting Ed. Nardi wheels are not just nice to look at but they really offer a nice "feel". My 74 Avanti II had a Nardi from the factory and I really liked it. I currently have one on my 71 Rolls Corniche, also on my 78 Bentley T2. However, I was showing the Bentley and needed to install the factory wheel to not lose points so I put it on my 72 Stutz Blackhawk which was missing its original Nardi. Nardis were so popular with the European cars and in the 60s and 70s. A great wheel.
  8. + 1 Wayne +1 Wayne. Original steel wheels from the pre-radial tire era (1960s and earlier) are not strong enough to handle the additional stress radial tires present. I've heard of wheels failing altogether or flexing and hubcaps coming off. Used Ford or Mopar from the 1970s and newer were designed for radials and will fit the Studebaker chassis Avantis. If I remember, 5 x 4.5" is the bolt pattern. If you want originality, I don't know of a steel wheel I've described as narrow as the original Avanti wheels (5"?). FWIW, Avanti Motors installed Ford steel wheels or optional Magnum 50
  9. Good news Stormy. Ultrasonic soaking is remarkable. For those that don't have access to one, I've had reasonable success cleaning fuel senders by cleaning with a penetrating oil such as WD-40 or better. I have heard a bleach soak works too but don't know first hand.
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