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Rick Allen

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30 minutes ago, Rick Allen said:

Where can I buy engine parts for my R2 289?  Looking for pistons, rings, bearings, etc.  so far, places I have checked, sell things like pistons that are made "off shore"; anyone know who, if anybody, sells USA made parts?,,,

Strongly recommend Dave Thibeault...he won't let you down!

978 897 3158...tell him Ed sent you🙂

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11 hours ago, Pete Rutledge said:

Jon Meyer has everything you will need, including hypereutectic pistons made in the USA.  I finished rebuilding my R2 289 this past year after getting all my engine parts from Jon.

I got frustrated trying to use Meyers website, is there a secret to using it?,,,

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Many years ago I ordered a set of pistons from Studebaker International.  They were manufactured in Taiwan, not the Republic of China, by JCP. JCP has an excellent reputation.  I do not know if S.I. still has JCP make them. 

I have also used sets of Silvolite pistons made in the good Ole USA. Both  JCP and Silvolite are holding up well.

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