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  1. Dunkin

    Door Fit?

    Thank you for the advice.
  2. Dunkin

    Door Fit?

    Thank you, yes on the shop manual.
  3. Any of you had any experience on door fit adjustment? Thanks
  4. I had a 78, they were the same, keep track of the shims.
  5. Are all Studebaker T-10's the same except for gear ratios? Thanks
  6. Now I know. Thank you
  7. I am a little confused, the hood support is supposed to be on what side, for which year? Thanks
  8. What year did the Avanti ll start using 15x6 wheels vs the original 15x5, and what type of vehicle are they from? Thanks
  9. I drove one in Texas before I bought my 78, if I remember right, it was a small block Chevy 400. Forgot what carburetor it had, might have been a two barrel. The car was maroon, and the clutch was hard to operate.
  10. Thanks, good to know.
  11. Thanks, to both of you.
  12. Thanks, I have the DVD version on order.
  13. Anyone have a good picture of one? Thanks
  14. Thank you both, good information. Tom
  15. Another question, what is the correct fuel filter for a R2, the glass bowl? Thanks
  16. If you belong to AOA, I guy named Frank Capretti has a nice setup, I don't know what it is though.
  17. Try this from Crutchfield, might be a little extreme for you. https://www.crutchfield.com/I-rESTcVSL/learn/customcar/showroom/BillH_Avanti.html
  18. Thank you, I see the cracks in the fiberglass. I hope it won't come to that, but you never know. I think I would re-glass it also, and use Stainless, Aluminum, or Galvanized.
  19. Thank you all, I might need the repair, will be looking at a car that both sides are hard to operate, manual mechanism.
  20. Thank you, I will keep it in mind, I have a R2 4speed car I am going to look at the end of next month. Tom
  21. Thanks for the information, I guess if it is common there is a fix for it?
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