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  1. Any of you ever replace these, if so, do you have any installation tips? Thank you
  2. Well now that is interesting.
  3. Had a rubber plug in it, took it out. thanks, to all.
  4. Thanks, looks like someone plugged this one, for some reason.
  5. Dunkin


    Thanks, that is the size I am going to get.
  6. Isn't there supposed to be a drain hole in the bottom of the headlight compartment? Thanks
  7. Dunkin


    Did a search at Discount Tire, and they said that the 215/70R15 don't fit, but the 205/70R15's do. are you sure about the 215 size? Thanks
  8. Dunkin


    Thank you, do you happen to know what the white wall size is, is it one inch? Thanks
  9. Dunkin


    White Wall tire recommendations? What do you think, 205/75R15 or 205/70R15 on 6" wide wheels? Thank you
  10. In the parts manual the 7-blade fan was listed as special order.
  11. Parts book has two lengths 1 3/4 and 1 1/4 I hope that is correct.
  12. I just went through this on my car, I agree also. I do not know if those metal retainers are available.
  13. I had a78, the sunroof is a pain in the butt.
  14. Does anyone know the correct thickness for these, the ones I have don't fit well, and seem too thick. Thanks
  15. I got them, all fixed up. Thank you all.
  16. Any of you know what the correct hose size and routing from the floor to the washer bag is? Thank you
  17. I know you can get them from the vendors and even some parts stores. I was looking at the block off plate, thought that was a strange place to ground it the battery. Again, thank you this one has it running to the bellhousing on the left side.
  18. What is the correct length and where does it attach to the block? Thanks
  19. Any of you know what the original cover was covering the rectangle access opening at the bottom of door? Was it just tape or something else? Thank you
  20. Looking for 4 of these either NOS or used in good condition. The reproductions out there are not made correctly both holes in them are undersized, and the separator P/N 1312647 won't fit. Thank you
  21. Thank you, I am getting it back together left side is done working on the right.
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