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  1. According to theavanti.com: "Studebaker cars are the first with brakepower that keeps pace with horsepower."
  2. The NOS pair I have are marked 64 STU 3.
  3. Since I have the body off to replace hog troughs, I decided to clean up and paint frame. Of course, in order to do a proper job, everything should be removed. While I am at it, I may as well touch up the paint on the engine. .... When will it stop!
  4. Received hog troughs today from George. Look great and they are galvanized. They even have the zinc weld through coating.
  5. Re-Installing springs after changing spindles. Car is R1 with A/C. I have 2 spacers, one for each spring. I do not recall if the spacers go on the top or bottom of the spring.
  6. Looks like I need to get a set of valve covers rechromed. Last Job only lasted 10 years or so. I seem to recall that the factory flash chromed instead of triple plating. Is this correct? I do have a NOS R1 air filter and it looks like it was flashed.
  7. Since Sun was the go to tach during that era, I posit #1 - Sun.
  8. I have not received the new boxes yet. I believe George said they have a zinc coating. Will let you know when they get here.
  9. I am selling spare T10. It came from a low mileage 63 Avanti. Asking $700 plus shipping. I also have bell housing, flywheel, clutch, shifter and pedal assembly. P.M. if interested.
  10. Thanks, bookmarked those 2 pages already. As near as I can tell, need to remove rockers and open behind the rear seat area to reach the bolts to the roll bar. Is there anything in the front by the "A" pillars? George said to call when I have questions. It is quite a blessing to have knowledgeable people like George Dimitsas, Dan Booth, Dave Thibeault, Bob Ziff, etal to rely on. A special thanks to Bob Johnstone for maintaining his site.
  11. Helps a little. Looks like the first page of the instructions are missing.
  12. I had one of the Avantis on the lift and noticed that the driver's side torque box is starting to go. So, it's time to consider replacing. I have contacted George Dimitsas and ordered a set of torque boxes. I also have a pair of rockers and some bonding strips. This Avanti is due for paint, so I don't have any concerns there. In an issue of the AOAI magazine, I found a couple of articles on replacement. Additionally, there is some info on the internet. However, everything I have found relates to the multi-piece Classic Enterprises install. Can someone point me to information on Installing the one piece box?
  13. Finally got through. They had a power outage for the last several days. 865 908 6100 is a good number.
  14. Typo makes sense. With the late numbering scheme, there could be more than 1 engine with same Studebaker serial number.
  15. R3S M506 does not follow the engine numbering scheme. That would make it an engine assembled in November 1965. It that a typo? I assume that R3S 1496 follows the earlier numbering scheme (before August 63).
  16. Does any one have current contact for George Dmitsas? The number I have, 865 908 6100, doesn't work. Thanks
  17. According to trivia question on this forum, "Undercoated Avanti" on 2/17/2019, the fender wells were undercoated at the factory. Additionally, most, if not all, photos in the authenticity manual show undercoating.
  18. Service letter F-1963-9 dated April 15th 1963.
  19. Was that the day Studebaker acquired Paxton?
  20. Hoses staining paint. I can look up the service letter later tonight.
  21. According to sales letter 158 dated 5/6/63, the 813 BKV option was available with all exterior colors.
  22. Do not know about all colors. My 63 with this option is turquoise.
  23. All my Stude Avantis have undercoating. The 63 I am currently working on had primer before the undercoating. I believe the factory undercoating to protect the fiberglass from gravel and other debris being kicked up from the wheels. Of course, after all these years, the undercoating could have been added after the fact.
  24. Don't forget the 813 BKV option for late 63. This was black vinyl interior with solid black carpet.
  25. I have used Wheel Vintiques Magnum 500 15x6 with 205 75 15 tires successfully. The only caveat is that they rust very easily, you need to keep them polished.
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