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  1. Thank you, I wrote it wrong, it is 1/2 inch, I corrected it.
  2. I believe 1/2 inch is the correct width.
  3. Thank you, that is correct.
  4. Anyone know what the correct width of the factory Hidem Gimp/piping is for these seats? Thanks.
  5. What is a good sealant for this installation and where should the glass fit on the seal? Thanks.
  6. Thanks a bunch, I will look for something close in size and trim it. On the rubber part, I guess it is rubber might try a split hose or a couple of flat pieces glued together.
  7. Leo, is that one you made, if so what are the dimensions? Thank you.
  8. Different part number, I think.
  9. Anyone have any recommendations for seat covers for the front buckets? Thank You.
  10. What size well nuts for the mirror? The instructions say drill 3/8" hole and the screw size is 3/8", so I am confused. Thank you.
  11. Rick, thank you for your input, as far as the 20-year-old goes, I wouldn't trust one to change a tire😁.
  12. Any tips on removing these and the knobs? Thank you.
  13. Yes, I was thinking that it was banned, I will have to see what I can find down here. Thanks.
  14. Thank you for your information, I live in Texas I will see if anyone can do it locally.
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