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  1. Anyone know where to get above P/N 1312875? Thank you
  2. Here is the final fix I hope, I used JB Weld 8265S recommended by them, and a FEL Pro 35562T gasket for small block Chevy. Sanded smooth and is holding up so far. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  3. Been looking at JB, there are a bunch of different ones. Thanks
  4. Leo, thank you I think I am going to try the Epoxy Metal first.
  5. Nelson, I meant to ask if you have turned one over? Thanks
  6. I took it there today, and they didn't bring the solder solution up. I have thought of what you suggested also, I might try doing it myself, also there are some epoxy metal compounds out there, that are supposed to work. I will look at turning it over also. Thank you both.
  7. I am still going to take it to the radiator shop and see what they think. I will look up your recommendation. Thank you
  8. Thanks for response, I think getting a new flange might be a problem. I will check with the radiator shop I have used and see what they can do.
  9. On the surge tank flange to the manifold is there anything you can do if the flange has a lot of deep corrosion pits in it? Thank you
  10. Thank you, I have had two CD recorders over the years and made a bunch of my own. For that reason, I would like the CD player. This will be down the road there are things I need to fix first.
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