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  1. Gee thanks, way beyond my age limitations, I did a lot of cars in this shape when I was younger!!!
  2. If anyone has leads on one, let me know. Thanks, Tom
  3. Thanks, I did own the 1978 model, had to put a Hog's trough in it, what a job, plus new rotors rear drums and brake cylinders, plus rebuilding the the 350 Chevrolet engine and other stuff I can't remember. I will definitely do some research, especially underneath and the engine compartment. Thanks again, Tom
  4. Thanks for your input, not interested in 1984, don't like their looks. Dunkin
  5. Just joined and am looking at buying an Avanti again and want to know what the parts situation is these days. I had a 1978 Avanti ll for quite a few years back in the 80's through the 90's. Thanks
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