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  1. I have restored, several R3s and they were indeed a different shade of orange than the R2 units. Funny thing though.... they were NOT the engine red.
  2. Milwaukee Art Museum Reviews | U.S. News Travel (usnews.com) Don't forget the world class museum
  3. brad

    Paxton Cooler!

    I'm going to say Erb, but they were in use before that on the Bonneville R3 record cars. Using an additional oil tank located under the fender right behind the turn signal. Paxton also had the DO models in 58 which had oil coolers and used engine oil supplied by an oil line to the engine.
  4. 63 with the long narrow 3EEE battery have the support on the drivers side near the battery. 64 and up have them on the passenger side. They are not the same, as the 64 and up are much longer.
  5. Good ol' Dave Thiebault makes a chrome handle that is round and bolts on to the Hurst shifter. It looks completely stock from inside the car. To put a Hurst shifter into an Avanti you either need the complete kit FOR AVANTI or modify the console yourself. There WILL be interference if not. On the Hurst supplied kit there is a metal cover for the console where you have to cut a clearance slot for the outermost rod. Also, you will need to cut a hole for the access to put a socket on the larger mounting bolt.
  6. Yes, that one at MCACN is one I painted. It is the same formula from the code I posted earlier.
  7. Exactly, they were Non-Vented. The hose up into the sail panel and don again through the floor is the vent.
  8. Last Borg-Warner automatic? Or perhaps, the first hydro-matic?
  9. Spain. Then lost track of and disappeared.
  10. PPG Shopline 32685 Crosses over to a Ford color. This is for basecoat. you still have to get a good (expensive) clear! The shopline series is slightly less expensive, but it matches better than the more expensive DBC line of PPG paint.
  11. brad

    R3 Advantage!

    R3 and R4 engines did not have "Howards" rods. They were the same as regular R1-R2 rods with one important difference...they did not have a hole drilled in it for a pinch bolt. That's it. They were also shot peened.
  12. brad

    Avanti 63R1463!

    If you're thinking it is one of the first square headlight cars, it is not correct. There is an EX car that is a prototype for the square headlight bezels, Different because they are not flush with the body like production cars. It also has one of the first R3 A series engines.
  13. It would make the steering slower, but if you put the "quick arms" on it would be a good set-up.
  14. Studebaker considered using the Saginaw box. Some of the EX cars DO have a Saginawbox. I have seen one at the South Bend Swap about 7 years ago.
  15. brad

    Avanti Frames!

    Well, you did say "production" so mine really doesn't fit that description, being it was hand made. (Like most EX cars)
  16. Make sure the metal stays are in the pockets. Many seat covers try to get by with a rope sewn in, and it just doesn't work.
  17. I only see 4. There should be a stack of three. 4 might be too soft, and risk damaging the fragile corners of the carb when tightened down.
  18. J series plugs are the reach, or more correctly, the length of the threads that screw into the head. H series would be too long for an Avanti engine as there would be sharp threads protruding into the combustion chamber. That is a recipe for hotspots and damaging pre-ignition. Avanti engines have the pockets that the spark plug seats machined deeper for the shorter plugs. I like platinum plugs like Autolite AP85. Bosch made one but they are now discontinued. Thier number was WR9FP. If you indeed have older heads, then you want the longer H series plugs. A 10 heat range is too cold. you might go the H14y used on later non Avanti cars.
  19. Aurora offers a modern conversion circuitry for your original tuner so your original radio looks stock with upgraded internals. Includes the option of adding bluetooth. 45 watts output but you have to upgrade the speakers. I did one with JBL component speakers and a class D amp and hidden 6x9 deck speakers. I put the tweeters overhead on the side bolsters to the headliner. Sounded fantastic
  20. brad

    Avanti Frames!

    Does that include the "Midland_Ross" tagged frame on the pre-production EX cars?
  21. The stock sending unit is mounted to a plate that bolts to the head. There is a blank plate on the passenger side. There is no reason whatsoever that you couldn't put one on the passenger side also.
  22. I drilled and tapped a spot on the water manifold. There is a bleed petcock that I removed and placed it there.
  23. They make Pulse width modulating LED dimmers... a very simple hookup. I've posted it several times here before.
  24. Don't forget to fold the "French Lock" on the crankshaft bolt.
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