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  1. #mfg Dave Thibeault found me a reproduction R3 box, but I think he mentioned I got the last one. Might be worth contacting him though. My offer to take the additional parts from the guy in Australia if you bought the package assumed that I would pay for my share of the parts not just help you find a home for them at no cost!
  2. FYI I live close to you in Mass.
  3. If the seller won't part it out I might be willing to take what you don't need.
  4. Tom, I'm very interested (will send an email shortly) but was wondering about the wheel width (inside bead to inside bead) as I hope to run at least slightly wider tires than the original 6.70 x 15. Everything in the world seems to be a matter of compromise and I'm looking for the widest tires I can run without interference, and the right wheel to best mount them on.
  5. I’m interested in four depending on cost. when do you expect them to be available?
  6. If you go on the BaT web site you can search for all Avanti listings for the last two years. Each listing has a ton of pictures, good description. And a complete dialog between the seller and all those that commented. It shows all the bids and the final sale price. These are actual cars that sold, or that were for sale and didn’t meet the reserve.
  7. I have my car almost totally stripped down getting ready for paint (still have to pull the windshield and rear window but everything else is off). The interior was very bad so I purchased new boards and all new interior. My question is in what order should the interior go back together?
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