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  1. Tkx R3 Forward. Mine as a body off restoration in 73 and they apparently used a 73 Ford color that is vert similar
  2. Nicely built project. Off topic question. What color is that and is it a metallic ?
  3. I'm just finishing up a 63 r2 4speed. It was a body off in 73 with original drive train rebuilt. Parked unfinished 30 years. Next owner spent 10 years assembling with nos parts and have up. I bought it early this yr and finished it. Every part is new old stock and correct. The downside its not original color but close. It was painted in 74 Ford anniversary diamond metallic. All those years of storage .it has a bunch of chips filled in by previous owner. I have wet sanded and buffed them all. Noticeable from 3 ft I want 45k. I had the power steering valve rebuild all new hoses. Carb rebuilt. New supercharger was purchased years ago and never Installed. It is all correct I have the build sheet. Only the wheels are incorrect but they sort of resemble the Halibrands. PO bought them. Frame is painted everything is new appox 300 mi on the car since finished. I have been restoring cars and buildings all my life I'm 73 and just do it fir fun. This car was completely stripped of parts in 73 everything was painted. Runs perfect, needs nothing. Does not overheat. I recently finished the heat as it was never reinstalled. Works perfect. Even the clock runs. The valve covers are cast polished aluminum aftermarket the PO installed. There are also no leaks. Today I installed the new Avanti carpet pads I had custom made. All the glass is nos too. I have a drive on lift so pics are easy. I know the car in this condition is worth more. I'm not in business this is a hobby that why I want 45k.717 3623477 in central pa
  4. I know this thread is 4 years old but I have been able to find the high output red led's everyone spoke about? Tkx jim
  5. I have been doing this a very long time. The 63 I just finished sat over 30 + years and turned right over. You could check that as others stated but i believe its electrical. Im betting its your starter relay as other mentioned. I have done 24 willys jeeps and it was most always the starter relay and very rarely but it happened, a bad ground to the starter and sometimes the starter its self.
  6. dont need one you can see and hear the sound of the fan. The entire engine was rebuilt. Tkx
  7. Like I said the 3 folks I met did that and it's still very loud.
  8. met several Avanti owners at Hershey. all 3 at the same problem as I. one guy changed his clutch 3 times to no avail the other 2 use a 5 blade original fan and its still very loud. Went for a drive today with the windows closed. All I head is that fan. I think but not sure If I can find a different fan clutch than the ones we buy from Avanti suppliers it might turn even more freely and make less spinning noise.
  9. Yep we just discussed this 2 months ago and I went to the original blue B & M Trick-Shift fluid the original type, not the synthetic. as recommended on this forum. Be carful as you dont need much maybe 3 to 5 oz. I inserted a 1/8" plastic line connected to a large syringe i often use and sucked out what was in the and stared fress with the B+M.
  10. once I reassembled the heater today, I saw the bolts under the glove box that hold the heater control valve. Now I am waiting for the new flexible heater duct hose and angled heater hoses!. I tried to save them but they kept crumbling in my hands. At least now I know how it all fits together. Tkx
  11. My 63 R2 had everything out and I am trying to assemble the heater connections, can someone give me an under dash pic of the heater control valve location and what the hoses look like at the connection? I think I have everything else. The exploded pic in the work manual helped but I dont know where that heater control valve goes? Tkx
  12. I just checked I have the 6 blade fan. Tkx for that.
  13. Leo B Thanks for that. With mine the fan sound like its locked up. 2nd clutch, turns free always full bore. its all I hear even through the dynamatted cabin and insulated hood! jim
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