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Avanti Change!


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OPINION....What would probably be the most subtle styling change between a 'round light' 1963, and a late 1964 'square light' Studebaker Avanti....a change that is rarely mentioned?

HINT!..... exterior

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2 hours ago, bob caser said:

Pirate buckle emblem on hood color changed the "S" from gold to silver.

Sorry no, that change is also widely known... (to Avanti fans anyway!)

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1 hour ago, Gunslinger said:

The cowl vents…a vent was added to direct cooling air to the transmission so the shifter wouldn’t be so hot.

Nope, that one is quite widely known also! 🥺

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8 hours ago, regnalbob said:

The Avanti nameplate on the nose panel.


8 hours ago, Nelson said:

Position of the Avanti emblem on the front.

YES!!!....You gents did not cry Uncle! ....WELL DONE!!

IMHO the 1" (?)  down placement of thr front AVANTI nameplate on the 'square lights' is hardly ever mentioned or thought of!

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