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  1. The address is 929 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, Ca. The photos were taken about two years ago and the building was vacant but it great condition. Bob Caser
  2. Nelson, This is my time frame , and I do remember the car, but never saw the construction of it . I have been in the automotive aftermarket for the past 55 years and we still have issues shipping no drive-train cars. I have attached some photos that I took of Paxton Products a few years ago. The building looks the same as the 60's when Andy, Joe and Vince were there doing their Paxton and Novi magic. I do remember going there when the were dyno testing for Indianapolis and hearing the Novi engines screaming at hi RPM. Bob Caser
  3. I enjoy being proven wrong, but I doubt that this car was shipped from South Bend to Santa Monica minus an engine. Even today it is still difficult to transport a car without a drive-train by common carrier. Bob Caser
  4. Pirate buckle emblem on hood color changed the "S" from gold to silver.
  5. In my case I took delivery of a new Avanti in October of 1963. It was dealer traded between a established dealer on Long Island, New York to newly appointed dealer in New Jersey. Both being hardly rural areas. I received no seat protection , no window sticker, and no warranty documents. I still own this car and have been hoping this was perhaps a oversight and some day I might receive from Studebaker Corporation all that was missing on that delivery day in October. Bob Caser
  6. Sorry, but I did not know Gordon York Mills
  7. Thank you, Nelson for the detailed information on R 1016. In 1965 I went to see Andy's son Vince who was doing performance conversions in Santa Monica not far from the Paxton facility. He was operating from a single bay in an existing gas station. At the time he was driving a turquoise 63 with a R3 engine installed and it had Appliance chrome slotted wheels on it. Maybe this was R 1016 or R 1025. Stay well.
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