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  1. If the Avanti paint can is still available I would like to purchase it.
  2. You are correct, I have owned my car since October of 1963. We have both matured over the years with our turquoise Avanti's . Stay well, Bob Caser
  3. Wow !! Beautiful car, has it been repainted ? Bob Caser
  4. Spectacular photo, thank you for posting it. I like the turquoise hue on the wall and support. As you know I have something turquoise from your family Studebaker dealership that I have kept almost a long as this photograph has been around. Bob Caser
  5. I believe false. I believe that Lionel Stone owned this car at one time in the 1980's Bob Caser
  6. I believe that these are Kelsey Hayes wheels. Bob Caser
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