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  1. Spectacular photo, thank you for posting it. I like the turquoise hue on the wall and support. As you know I have something turquoise from your family Studebaker dealership that I have kept almost a long as this photograph has been around. Bob Caser
  2. I believe false. I believe that Lionel Stone owned this car at one time in the 1980's Bob Caser
  3. I believe that these are Kelsey Hayes wheels. Bob Caser
  4. I have a set of the Cobra replica wheels left over from a past project. I tried the 7.5 wheels and the is an issue on the front of an Avanti. The width will not clear the outer tie rod end. I even have shorter steering arms on this car. My solution for the future is to narrow the front wheel to 6 inch in width. In the past, I have taken this style wheel and have had it widened for customers to a 13 inch wide wheel for GT 40 replicas. Bob Caser
  5. The license plate you have shown was issued in 1963 at the DMV in Santa Ana , California. The decal for San Onofre Beach is in Orange County as well and not far from Santa Ana. Bob Caser
  6. Rodgers Protofab does make a exceptional product, but it does not take the York compressor and allow conversion to a Sanden. The attached photo is the type of bracket that allows use of the existing Studebaker Avanti factory bracket and convert the York to a Sanden unit. This one is a Vintage Air unit . Bob Caser
  7. You might want to consider making a charcoal canister for the vent hose. I have had the same issue over the years with a variety of cars that vented into the open air and it resolved the issue. Bob Caser
  8. There are many suppliers that offer this bracket. Use the internet and type in " York to Sanden conversion.
  9. I do not believe that it was stated that the number was to short, California was seeking additional reference for its registration and title thus the " A" or "B" being added.
  10. I have two 64 Avantis one sold in New Jersey R 5051 and the other sold in California R 5487 B. I do know that by late 63 the California DMV was requiring the addition of a letter. If not stamped on the plate then it was added to the paper title. Bob Caser
  11. My Avanti which was bought new in New Jersey did not have the quiet exhaust, I moved to California in 1965 and proceeded to receive " exhaust too loud tickets " from the police. This is were Hot Rods were born, how could this be. Bob Caser
  12. I believe there was actually two reasons. Exhaust was to loud and then the DMV wanted an additional number or letter added to the VIN / Serial number. Bob Caser
  13. I am curious if anyone has knowledge regarding the statement made by Raymond Loewy's daughter in the attached article that was published several years ago. As claimed did Loewy carry documents in this briefcase from Palm Springs to South Bend regarding the development of the Avanti. Thanks, Bob Caser
  14. Thank you for your response, it is a different column than a 63-64. The adapter is different and will not work on a earlier car. I do use a Nardi wheel on my Avanti but have never been able to get the horn to function. I have a wood and leather Nardi and switch steering wheels off for a different look and feel . Your steering wheel modification is great. Thanks again , Bob
  15. I'm curious is the steering wheel adapter that you are using a Nardi piece or are you using a two piece adapter such as a Grant. The reason I ask is that I have never been able to use a Nardi wheel on a early Avanti steering column and also have a functioning horn. Thank you, Bob Caser
  16. That is very nice, was this a wood or leather Nardi wheel before you modified it. Is this on a early Avanti (63-64 ) or later model, I am curious because of the steering wheel adapter and functioning horn. Thanks Bob Caser
  17. I apologize for the quality of the attached photos , it is the best that I can do from my phone. Bob Caser
  18. The pictures that I posted are of a brand new kit, that is not for sale. But I am happy to take dimensions of the extrusion to see if something is available and will work. Bob Caser
  19. I purchased this kit from Jon Myer and I also believe the weatherstrip was used on a mid 1980s Monte Carlo I do not know what year. The metal rail that attaches on the roof is etched with part numbers that appear to have been done at Avanti Motors. It appears that the A pillar portion of the rubber needs to be shaped quite a bit from the stock Monte Carlo rubber. Bob Caser
  20. The kit that I posted photos of does work on a earlier Avanti. I have used it on a 1964. Bob Caser
  21. While I do believe Avanti Motors used a molded Monte Carlo weatherstrip , I think it was modified to fit. I purchased a kit years ago and it included a extrusion that fit were the original rain gutter went and the Monte Carlo Rubber slid into the extrusion and was also glued onto the A pillar. I have included some photos and it can be seen were the rubber was ground down to fit on the A pillar. Without the extrusion it could probably be made to work using screws and adhesives. Bob Caser
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