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  1. From what I've read...most, if not all, new hires were experienced Studebaker people. Age and seniority were irrelevant...it was the best people available who were willing to work were hired. I'm sure pay had something to do with it...they were pretty much all out of jobs with few prospects...especially if they were older...so they probably could have been bought cheap. And Avanti Motors couldn't afford to to pay high union wages either as a new startup.
  2. The stone guard grill didn't come along until much later in production though many were retrofitted. As far as paint color goes of the inlet area it seems there has never been any definitive answer discovered. I guessed it might depend on whether Molded Fiberglass or Studebaker made and painted any particular body. MFG supplied complete, painted bodies...Studebaker did their own so it's possible each did it their own way.
  3. I have seen claims that the final R3 crate engines that were sold by the Granatellis were shipped with R2 heads as there were no more genuine R3 heads available.
  4. It could also be a gas tank full of debris...as soon as it's under load crud clogs the fuel pickup.
  5. 7" wide rims may cause rubbing in the front...especially if the coil springs have sagged at all. 6" wide rims is about the max for the front...and even then sagging springs could cause a problem. The 7" should be fine for the rear.
  6. I've read that the reason Studebaker went with the "horse collar" (open bottom) fan shroud was due to it's easier installation and less likelihood of the fan striking if if not installed correctly. I'm guess there may have been a price difference as well. I've not heard of any engineering or cooling efficiency reason.
  7. There was the Avanti LSC which was an Avanti stretched by something like 9" or so. Besides extra legroom in the rear it was equipped with a television mounted on the rear console. I don't know the numbers built but it wasn't a huge number. I happen to stop by the factory when the first LSC was being built...still in a prototype stage more or less.
  8. Edelbrock makes an electric version for their carburetors which is a near clone of the Carter AFB...pricey but available. The throttle kicker...as Jack Vines says...is pretty much universal. It's the bracket that changes depending on the application. Edelbrock a/c compensator
  9. If I remember correctly the primary purpose of the throttle kicker (or anti-stall dashpot) is for cars with a/c so it doesn't stall when the a/c is turned.
  10. Contact either Jon Myer's Studebaker or Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors. Either should be able to help you out.
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