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  1. My wife and I watched The Nice Guys on Netflix…a 2016 movie with Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. It’s an action comedy…full disclosure…it has gratuitous nudity and violence. It takes place in 1977 and part of the movie takes place at an industry auto show for the 1978 models. Lo and behold there is an Avanti at the show. There’s a gun fight and Crowe and Gosling’s characters use the Avanti for cover. While no bullets hit the Avanti a Cadillac Eldorado does get blown up. I guess the Avanti was not replaceable as the Eldorado was. It was a pretty outrageous and funny movie. Having the Avanti in it was a bonus.
  2. My best condolences to them for their loss…but they’re ok which is the important thing.
  3. Yes…early R2 Avantis came with the 140 mph speedometer. The 160 mph unit was introduced fairly soon in production.
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