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  1. Been there...done that. I learned the hard way never to completely fill an Avanti gas tank and park it driver side with any kind of down angle...especially on a hot day.
  2. The 2001-2004 Avantis didn’t use the older Chevy small block…they used the LS-1 which is actually about 347 cubic inches. Reprogram the computer…change the mass airflow sensor…add a cold air induction kit and you’ve got a engine that acts nice and tame until you give it throttle…all without a lot of financial investment or doing anything substantive or irreversible to the engine.
  3. It was 305 but it didn’t take much to bump the power up noticeably.
  4. The term is pretty accurate. Many old time Studebaker owners will argue you down to the last penny on anything.
  5. It wasn’t the paint so much as the new body material. Blake selected a different process to be able to make the bodies in larger sections to save on the man-hours necessary to assemble it. It took far longer for the material to cure and the new paint was simply incompatible. Most any paint would likely have had adhesion problems as the body hadn’t cured long enough. If Blake has tried one or a small number of cars to test the new body/paint combination he may have been able to avoid so many problems that caused his ownership to fail. He could easily have left the bulk of production in the original way of doing things until the new process either proved out or…as we know…failed. Of course…hindsight is 20-20.
  6. The '84-'96 C4 generation of Vettes is known as "doorstops".
  7. It's not the sockets that are different...it's the length of the threaded portion of the plug and how far into the combustion chamber the electrode protrudes. They each use the same socket to install and remove the plugs.
  8. Original size is 6.70-15. The closest P-metric would be P195/75R15 which is difficult to find. It’s much easier to find P205/75R15 which still fits the rims safely. Be advised that the original rims were not rated to be used with radial tires.
  9. But it was likely the ‘93-‘04 platform used for the 2005 Avanti since it takes considerable time to adapt the Avanti body to every new chassis. That was the bane of post-Studebaker Avantis…each time the design was produced to a new platform the maker changed the platform. Avanti Motors was in a constant redesign mode for each new chassis for a limited production vehicle. That soaked up time and money and it was all but impossible to amortize production costs.
  10. Weren't there two Mustang platforms used? The 2005 was on the Fox-body platform and those that followed were the newer chassis. Semantics I know.
  11. I would say 05/63...production was hitting its stride about then...and the '63 I used to own was a May car. May could have been the highest production month. August...the production line was pretty much shut down for model year changeover and to sell down the accumulated supply of unsold cars.
  12. An ‘80 Avanti would only have the quick steering arms if a previous owner installed them. It wasn’t until Steve Blake purchased Avanti Motors in 1982 that he had the new arms made to give the Avanti back its original steering feel.
  13. Actual air pressure depends on the tires. Look at the tire's sidewall and see what the maximum cold air pressure is. Personally I like to keep tire pressures near the maximum. Some tires traditionally used a 32 psi max...some use 35 psi...some 44 psi and some even more. You may have to decide what gives you the best balance of smooth ride and handling but I still suggest 4 psi in the front over the rear for an Avanti.
  14. When Avanti Motors ran out of the original Ross steering boxes the best they could find to fit was a unit from an industrial fork lift. It did fit but was not good for the car's steering circle. After Steve Blake purchased the company he had the shorter, quick steering arms made to return the steering back to the original performance. The quick steering arms are not conducive for earlier cars with the original steering box...they make car handle different...very "darty" in my opinion...for no appreciable improvement in handling. If you have the steering box from a fork lift in your car...the switch occurred sometime in the '76-'78 time period...the quick steering arms will help some. For easier cars...don't waste your money.
  15. Small hands. Add to that...if you're changing any of the bulbs...change them all at the same time and get LED bulbs. Their brighter with more consistent light...use less power...and put out less heat. You can get them in red, white or other colors.
  16. You can experiment a bit and see what you find works best for you but I found that a 4 lb. difference front/back works best.
  17. When I had my '70 I had a speed shop fabricate a 2.5" exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers. You have to be careful as pipes that size have to be slightly flattened or squeezed when routed through the clearance openings in the X-frame so they don't strike it and rattle. When it comes to getting more sound...that's more a function of the muffler design than pipe diameter. I considered Flowmaster mufflers but previous experience with them having a loud raspy sound led to me Magnaflow as they have a more subdued burble that open up with the rpm's.
  18. The headers used by Pontiac probably weren't expected to have a long lifespan anyway.
  19. I believe it was Studebaker in ads for the Avanti.
  20. In the early '60s when Pontiac was making a big effort on the drag racing scene, they had what was referred to as "swiss-cheese" frames on their factory drag cars where the frames had many holes drilled to lighten the weight. They also used aluminum factory headers. At end of every run down the strip there would be molten aluminum that had dripped onto the pavement. It was probably not too much different with aluminum headers on an Avanti depending on how it was used.
  21. Ray Cash sold the car decades ago. I believe it went through several owners over the years but don’t know for sure.
  22. Don’t know the answer but the word “calibrated” has at best a passing relationship with the Avanti.
  23. The #8 car had sat in a shop a few miles from me for some years waiting to be rebuilt. Without going into it there was a “disagreement” between the shop owner doing the work on it and the owner. Eventually the owner wanted to sell it. I put Gary Woods and the owner together and the sale was made. It had a genuine R3 engine that had been rebuilt but it was not the R3 it had at Bonneville. The car unfortunately had a less than pampered life…the original engine was replaced by an R2…a fire which damaged the car…lots of less than desirable things occurred. It’s now been rebuilt and probably as close to its Bonneville appearance as can be.
  24. Wasn’t the bracket changed that secured it?
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