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  1. I use leatherique conditioner and cleaning products as well as dye - will use nothing else and great company to deal with -
  2. I replaced mine with Nu-Relics - warranty is for life - I am happy with them - A83
  3. Thank you all -appreciate all the tips and will pass them on - the Engine is an ATK engine -company is in Texas - less than 8,000 miles on it. The application is a 350 Chev 96-97 LT-1 engine. It is fuel injected. Engine was new in the car when I bought it in May of 2014.
  4. Thank you. The engine is fuel injected and I was told the computer controls the idle but not confirmed. Will have the temp sensor checked. Could a short be the problem as I had an occurrence where the car just shut off after hear a snapping noise with the radio shutting off?
  5. 1983 Avanti with 350 LT engine with 5,000 miles. Idle drops and shuts off when car is warmed up. Any suggestions? My mechanic can't figure it out. I had to drive with one foot on brake and the other on the gas to keep the idle up. The car does have a computer - kind of old and clunky looking. I am admittedly mechanically challenged. Other than this car runs fine. Appreciate any help. Thanks A83
  6. Thanks , everything always helps on these cars , smile, appreciate it.
  7. Thanks appreciate that - did you have to disconnect the power booster and and like e up the steering wheel ? A83
  8. Getting a new rag joint to ensure safety of the steering mechanism on my 83 from Nostalgic motors - any idea if this will be a costly installation for a mechanic and will they even perform the work? I have the installation article from rhe recent Avanti mag and it looks a little complicated. Thanks for any help. Kevin
  9. I took my83 for a ride and was playing a CD in the radio and I hear something like a snap noise and the radio spit out the CD. Then a little while later the same thing happened and the car actually shut off. I put the car in park and it started right up. Does this sound like a short somewhere? The battery is about 2 1/2 years old and the cranking amps are 300 instead of the full 330. Of that makes a difference. Also recently the fog lights stopped working. Appreciate any advice. Hope everyone is safe and well out there. Regards, Kevin
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