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  1. Both, I think, set records at Bonneville. --Dwight
  2. I agree with gunslinger, plus: There was a '63 Avanti with a crate R4 engine near me back in the late 1960s. I followed the car through 2 or 3 owners, probably NONE of which understood the implications of a 12:1 C.R.; i.e., necessity for using racing gas. Who is going to do that in a street-driven car? Having 12:1 compression ratio on a street-driven car is a very bad idea. Plus, the R4 is very over carbureted. The cam would have been either 276 or 288 deg. same as an R3. An R3, with its 9.75 C.R., would have been a much better choice than an R4. Simply remove the carb enclosure and install an R1 air cleaner. (also dist. advance, carb jets, etc would need to be revised, but those aren't big deals) BTW, the R4 Avanti locally ended up with two badly damaged cylinders, and most if not all broken rings. Perhaps R3 engines WERE available and an R4 wasn't. There were a hundred or so R3 engines built, but only something like 10 R4 engines. Note that R3s and R4s used the same cylinder heads (479). The difference in the comp. ratio was in the pistons, not the heads.
  3. They are steel beams attached inside the door to strengthen the car's ability to withstand a side impact, such as being T-boned by a car. --Dwight
  4. Note that the original R3 & R4 water manifolds are cast iron, not aluminum. Lionel Stone made some out of aluminum and sold them for a while. The idea here was to save weight, although the cast iron ones aren't very heavy. The original pulleys are cast iron also. Aftermarket ones have been made out of aluminum. --Dwight
  5. This has been discussed on the SDC Forum. Note that there are differing opinions. https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/tech-talk/1942098-power-steering-fluid --Dwight
  6. Dave Thibeault was at the SDC Int'l meet in early May, so that might be one reason for him not to attend the AOAI met. I don't know whether he will be there or not, just sayin'. --Dwight
  7. Would the administrator please correct the title of this section to "Avantis For Sale" --Dwight FitzSimons, Editor, Greater Virginia Chapter--SDC
  8. If I remember correctly it was Milt Antonick. --Dwight
  9. I hate sunroofs/moonroofs because they leak, and, worst of all, take up essential headroom, especially in the back seat. However, I once had a car with a moonroof that I liked, a 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT. This wasn't the elaborate apparatus that dropped and slid backward, taking up a couple inches of rear headroom. It simply tilted up (hinged at front). It could be closed, tilted up, or removed and stored in the trunk. The seal was simple and easy to replace. Of course, Fieros had a plastic (SMS?) body, so installation might not be too difficult in an Avanti for those who want a moonroof in their Avanti. --Dwight.
  10. Based on your usage of the article "an" the only possible answer would be 2) Informer. --Dwight
  11. Be sure you deal with the mold properly and safely. Mold "dust" (spores) is not something one should inhale. Also, the mold may have already caused irreversible discoloration of the vinyl - that remains to be seen. -Dwight.
  12. One more vote for your not quitting the quizzes. So, it's three yesses. --Dwight
  13. The driver inquired: "Where is the nearest bathroom?" --Dwight
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