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  1. Whatever the reason (owner preferred black?) it doesn't help the value of the car. One can fairly easily change the interior color on a '63, but it would be very difficult and expensive to do so on a '64 (with solid-color interior). The seat upholstery looks like factory original, so it's a puzzle how this came about. In any event I personally would return it to original. --Dwight ('64 R2 Avanti, red with black interior [unfortunately])
  2. So, obviously, one could go in one direction with this bellhousing swap, but not the other.
  3. But the car is a 1985, not 1970 model. I don't think the Avanti factory worked on that prototype for 15 years before releasing it. --Dwight
  4. How so? Please explain.
  5. I meant the title of this ad/listing: 1963 Avanti Parts Car
  6. The year is in the title, 1963.
  7. Whereabouts on the East coast? The state would be close enough. --Dwight (in Virginia)
  8. IIRC (and I may not), the factory recommendation was Champion J-12Y, or J-10Y (a colder plug) if fouling occurs. Champion J-12Y crosses to NGK XR4. Some on the forum have recommended Autolite 437. Others have recommended Bosch 7517. --Dwight
  9. Yes, Studebaker made running changes and documented them by serial number in the Avanti Parts Catalog (a must-have for what you're doing). Notice your car's serial number; it contains no year designation, as did all other Studebakers. In fact, initially, Avantis DID include the model year in their serial number, starting with the first 1963 Avanti, 63R-1001. Somewhere in the 3 thousands they removed the year from the Avanti's SN. Those of us who have been Avanti fans since they were new generally refer to the round headlight cars as '63s, and the square headlight cars as '64s. But, that isn't exactly precise. The transition cars that had round headlights but mostly-64 interiors are considered by many to be '64s. The SNs of those cars are about what yours is. If you want to be authentic you should go by your car's SN to determine these issues in consultation with your Avanti Parts Catalog. Years ago, I did a thorough mechanical rebuild of a '63 Avanti and had my nose in my Avanti Parts Catalog many times. I also had taken many pictures of engine compartments of authentic '63 Avantis at Studebaker shows. These were of invaluable help for things like the curvature of vacuum lines, type of fittings, etc. I also had to re-create the return-line fitting as you are doing. I can't recall the details, though, and the car is inaccessible. Good luck. Any of us on the AOA website (and SDC website) will be glad to help with any further issues. --Dwight
  10. It sounds like your car's serial number is either R4833 or R4834, which IIRC is in the range of the "round-headlight '64s." To me those are the most interesting Avantis of all. Is your interior solid color and mostly like a '64? --Dwight (R5255, R5272, R5407)
  11. Mark L, which year Studebaker Avanti is your car: '63 or '64? The restrictor is at the fuel pump on '63s and up at the filter closer to the carb on '64s. That the car's problem only began after you reattached the return line is suspicious. --Dwight
  12. The job of a high-performance engine is to consume more fuel/air mixture, and extract more HP. For that reason the R1 fuel pump has a higher flow rate. It is similar in construction to a 259/289 pump, but is larger (in diameter) than a 259/289 pump. Others can quote numbers for the two fuel pumps. For comparison purposes below is a pic of an original 259/289 fuel pump. --Dwight
  13. Those of us who aren't registered on Facebook can't see anything. I am not aware that any convertible Avantis were built in 1970. I assume someone has cut the top off? --Dwight (two '64 Avantis)
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