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  1. So, evidently, the lower friction of the Mobil 1 ATF (synthetic) lowered the operating temperature of the supercharger, but still no slippage of the drive balls? That's great news! I'm just throwing the following out there for comment: Others have recommended B&M Trick Shift mineral ATF for Paxtons. It is blue in color, so easy to recognize. Both meet type F standards. Pictures of the mineral & synthetic are below. --Dwight
  2. You're all wrong! The "II" was derived from the VIII emblem. --Dwight
  3. It may not be relevant to this discussion but all 1963 Avantis didn't come with salt & pepper carpets. Some came with black carpets, depending on the exterior & interior color combination. For example, a '63 Avanti with gold exterior and Fawn & Elk interior came with black carpets. Source: The Avanti Color & Upholstery Selector book. --Dwight
  4. Absolutely. Both of my '64 Avantis have 215/70-R15 BF Goodrich Radial TA tires on 15x6" rims. There is no problem with that size tire rubbing anything. Discount Tire is absolutely wrong. Try Tire Rack. --Dwight
  5. If you are going to go with a 70 aspect ratio most of us use a 215/70R15 so the height is closer to the original. Also, they provide a little more tire patch on the road for a little bit better handling. --Dwight
  6. I assume you are looking for the two bolts that hold the starter onto the bellhousing? Those bolts don't have a screw slot, they have a hex head (3/4 - 13/16"). They are rather large, closer to 1/2 inch in diameter. In order to not have them your starter would have to not be on the engine. Sorry, I don't have and loose starter bolts, just thought I would pass on some info. --Dwight
  7. All R1 & R2 engines were black (block, heads, intake manifold, water manifold, water pump, oil pan, pulleys, brackets, etc). The original fan blades were orange. See picture below of a '63 Avanti R1. (It doesn't apply here, but R3 engines were red, and R4 engines were blue.) --Dwight
  8. In theory I assume a PCV system would draw some (metered) air into the rocker covers through the breather caps in order to help the engine pull crankcase fumes into the intake to be burned. But, in reality, with the loose clearances in an R3/R4 fumes might be pushed out through the breathers. --Dwight
  9. Oh, so it must be open versus closed breather caps. --Dwight
  10. At one time, some years ago, someone was reproducing them. I don't know if he still is or not. I assume you are talking about one of these? There are short ones (R1-R2) and long ones (R3-R4). The one in the pic is a long one (about 24" long) --Dwight
  11. Studebaker vendors used to have NOS 140 MPH and 160 MPH Avanti speedometer dials for sale (just the dial). I don't know if these are still available but you might try Studebaker International, Stephen Allen, Dave Thibeault, Jon & Mike Myer, etc. Maybe that dial would fit a modern aftermarket speedometer. When I added a supercharger to my R1 Avanti years ago I had a speedometer shop exchange the 140mph dial for a 160mph one. So, it's not too hard for them to do. Dave Thibeault handled the work. If you can't find an original speedometer the above might help. --Dwight
  12. All the fans were painted orange, whether AC or not. Probably the reason for the orange is that it is much more visible than black. Studebaker Corp. didn't want us to get our hands near the fan. I have always heard that Chevrolet orange engine paint (available in spray cans) is a good match for Studebaker's fan color. The same color is a good match for the superchargers. --Dwight
  13. There are two kinds of "tubes" that attach to the right side of the oil pan, one capped off with an open breather cap, the other with a male fitting (3/4"?) for a hose to attach to. That hose would feed into the intake system somewhere. --Dwight
  14. 3/62 because a PCV system was required for the first time in all 50 states. The Avanti was an early 1963 model. (required in 1961 in CA)
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