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  1. Hi All- Is it possible to fit a new cam into a Chevy engined Avanti II while it is in situ in the engine bay ? I have an 1981 305 which i believe have some 'suspect' bumpsticks. To be honest, I don't even know if mine is crook- I only ran the engine for 10 mins before tearing the car apart. The engine is in the frame but the body is off and I know I have a 'special' opportunity here. Frankly, though, I just wonder whether I really even need to do this job at all, just let it be and worry about it later- hence my original question. Steve
  2. Hi Rob- I note you have no replies on this problem. I believe you will have to swell the ranks of the intrepid and join some of us in a body /frame lift up to undertake this job with confidence 🤔. I have no idea what your car's condition is like but you can possibly look forward to doing a but of 'restoration / refreshment work into the bargain. Looking at the task from that perspective- a silver lining perhaps? Maybe the job can be done with the body raised high enough to facilitate the weld repair and bypass my previous suggestion... Steve RQB3269 (undergoing a Frame swap and partial resto)
  3. HI Jim- Sorry about the late reply but I certainly appreciate your input thus far. The temptation to remove the whole emissions setup, Catalytic converter, Computer. Carb and maybe even the distributor is palpable but I reckon I may get pinched when putting it up for initial inspection. If I can find a sympathetic Roadworthy inspector (i think I may know one that will put it over as a '64 Studebaker) I might get away with it. My import authority listed it as Studebaker rather than an Avanti Motor Corps. In the meantime I am looking at just doing it 'right'- repair and replace. Probably simpler to just fix the obvious stuff and be done with it. I don't believe that they will do an exhaust analysis- nor do we have annual inspections --yet. I have a listing for the Check valve as ACDELCO 19307616 or equivalent. so assume it will do- sames as for Jaguars.... Thanks very much for the leads on replacement parts- I have an importer that will assist me with cheap freight.
  4. Hi Jim- There are some rust holes in the casing of the valve. I'm sure that these would make the valve ineffective / inoperable.. You can see it if you zoom in within the red oval I painted in the photo. It might well explain the red 'Check engine' light that came up when I started the engine after the car arrived here. the Catalytic converter is also shot to death and I will need one of those too. Any leads on that one are also appreciated. I would love to just junk all this bloody Emissions rubbish, carb, ECU etc but the Registration authorities here deem that the car must have all this junk intact and operable- even if it enjoys special club permit )minimal use) registration.
  5. Thanks for the replies from 'StingrayHawaii' and Jim Wood, and particularly the heads up about the likelihood of difficult removal. I saw a replacement manifold air tube assembly on the Summit pages along with a recommended AIR check valve so I might try removing the parts first and order replacements if I bugger-up anything else. None of this stuff is available in Australia. I found a part code 'AU7T ' for a Chev C10 with a 305 for 1981 . I'm also learned that year saw in some changes to emissions laws and the use of ECM's . Trying to get it right... Engine is now out of the Chassis. Looking at removal of the front suspension and perhaps fuel lines next trip.
  6. Before somebody berates me for not knowing better- the car is 60 miles away so I can't go look for myself 🙁. The part is rusting out and must be replaced- it is apparently the Air Injection system check valve. As there seems to be quite a few variations (and they all look similar) can anybody id the part number for replacement purposes, please?
  7. HI Avanti83- Thanks for this-. I like the idea of heat shields and was considering something similar . I will look for a similar material for insulating the floor as you have done. The exhaust pipe wrapping seems like a good idea also.
  8. Hi Desert Driver- Yeah its a mess and I chucked it all out despite wondering exactly what the stuff is. What really concerns me is a replacement for the fibreglass/ silverpaper insulation under the body where the engine exhaust pipes run around where the Cat-converter is. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi MFG- Yep, absolutely.... Being able to just walk up, see what you are doing, and just 'place' components is huge boon. I found that because the Torque boxes are pretty much non-existent, lifting the body took careful placement of wooden 'cribbing'. Neither of us had done this before and we were afraid of busting the floor (or worse 😨). . I imagine lifting and supporting on good solid HT's would have been much more straightforward.
  10. Thanks Jack, I will look into this... Also, I do need to replace the white insulation I found under the front footwell carpet- Do you know anything about this stuff? (pictured). I'm sure this has been installed in the factory.
  11. Hi All- I have been a bit of a 'lurker' for r a while on this forum as I have been waiting for progress to occur on my 1981 Avanti II for a long while (long story, somebody else is in care of it and the backstory isn't worth knowing). At long last, some serious headway is being made !! The car is in Australia (imported from US in 2015) and has a rusted out rear chassis. It resides with my ex-neighbour, who up to 2018 ran his restoration business in Melbourne but lost his lease and decided to move his operations to his new home in rural Victoria. The project is to replace the chassis with another one. Torque boxes are shot but new ones are on hand and will be fitted soon. The rest of the car is in fantastic shape with low original miles. Defects in fibreglass will be sorted out and a repaint done. An interesting footnote is that the original chassis will be cleaned up, modified and utilised by my mate in his 1942 Chevy truck Restomod- so it isn't going to the scrappers after all. Time to get wrenching !! Steve in Melbourne
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