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  1. Most auto parts stores will match them up for you. Mike
  2. Seems as if uncured fiberglass was the problem that it would have peeled all the way, and if the primer/sealer stuck to the fiberglass, the paint would have stuck to that. Whatever the cause, what a tragedy for Blake. Mike
  3. Did the paint peel off the primer or did it peel off clear to the fiberglass? Mike
  4. The last 25 cars in 83 were his 20th anniversary model with plastic bumpers. Mike
  5. Does it have enough clearance to go over a parking curb stop or would one need to be mindful about scraping. Looks nice. Mike
  6. I have 3771 and to avoid the extreme mental anguish of the exact number I’ve just been saying that there were just over 200 made in 83. I spend more time explaining that it wasn’t built in Canada and it isn’t a replica kit car! Mike
  7. Footer


    Very interesting thread even though I don’t drive my car over 100 mph. I am, however, amazed that I can drive the Avanti down the road at 45 mph with the windows down without my wife complaining about her hair getting mussed. The buffeting in our Grand Cherokee at the speed will about rupture an eardrum! Mike
  8. I have this old jack kicking around in my stuff but no handle. Could clean it up and build a handle, but Gunslinger is right when he says they are readily available.
  9. Did Mustangs have a similar jack? A picture would be great. Mike
  10. Wear goggles if you’re going to be on your back wiping on metal etch! Anyone have any experience with Rust Doctor? Kind of a similar product to Por 15. https://rustdoctor.com
  11. Any opinions or experience on running an Avanti through a car wash with high pressure undercarriage spray? Wondering if it would help to keep the frame and hog troughs clean and shiny or if water will pool up and dissolve the undercarriage like a fizzie. Seems like it might help clean up some of the oil drips. Mike
  12. I can’t speak for the Avanti shifter but I replaced the stock shifter in my 64 Daytona R1 with a Hurst and it was a big improvement. That was back in 1973. If one of you could come up with a time machine we could go back and load up on a lot of fabulous cars and parts that we can only read about now. Let us know how the progress is going. Mike
  13. I always thought that the white corvette that Bill Bixby drove in the 1973 tv series “The Magician” looked good, and I like it on my Avanti.
  14. MFG, my first car was also a 56 Sky Hawk. Red and black, 289 4 barrel. I liked the early Hawks without the fins. Mike
  15. https://www.nostalgicmotorcars.net/store/p55/1963_Studebaker_Avanti_Serving_Tray%2C_Fiberglass%2C_NEW.html#/
  16. Seems like they were putting 300 hp 327’s in Corvettes then. What were the R1’s?
  17. At 6’ 5” I sit tall in most cars unless I can power the seat to a low position. For me, most rear view mirrors obscure my view of the road. The mirror in the low position only blocks out my view of the hood, not the road. Not sure what the original intent of the low mounted mirror was, but it did work for some of us! Mike
  18. Dan Booth’s background as an Avanti dealer and a factory authorized warranty provider make him one of most knowledgeable sources of information in the Avanti world. That plus his acquisition of the factory part inventory make him a go to guy. Dan’s relationships with former factory owners and employees are the basis of behind the scene stories that would make a great book. As a one man show selling parts and writing how-to articles in Avanti Magazine it doesn’t seem likely we will ever see a book. Too bad, but as enthusiasts we should be thankful we have Dan and all the other knowledgeable vendors and repair folks out there Mike
  19. Footer

    Avanti Jobs!

    Did they all come off the Studebaker Avanti assembly line? Mike
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